Here is my first martial arts tutorial video and it’s of Shotokan Karate’s introductory kata: Heian Shodan.

Click here for a higher quality version.

What this video shows is at first, a detailed move by move breakdown of the kata, as well as “why” you perform those actions in that way. Then, I do the kata in one sequence, the way it’s intended to look like.

Since my website is intended for multiple audiences, and that a big portion of my readers come for video game news, know that Street Fighter’s own Ryu and Ken train in Shotokan Karate. If you’ve ever picked up a Street Fighter comic book from Udon, you’ll see that in Ryu and Ken’s flashback sequences, they perform moves quite like the ones you see in this video.

Thank you for watching and I hope that if you’re a karate practioner, this video will help you out. Ossu!

Shotokan Karate reverse punch
Shotokan Karate reverse punch.

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