Down on Luck (Large)

I just finished being a part of a new photo shoot and I had to share this one piece in particular. The picture is called “Down on Luck” and is set up with the film noir philosophy behind it. The photographer, Juan Reyna, did a great job with the angle of the shot and camera work, lighting, etc., behind it. All I had to do was pose and convey a feeling.

What might come of this is a movie, but for now, what do you take out of what you see here? After all…a picture’s worth a thousand words.

2 thoughts on ““Down on Luck” a film noir piece on Paul Gale Network.”
  1. dont worry dude everything is going to be fine (its a joke for those who didnt understand :D).
    waoooo Juan reyna???? I didnt know him but for what I can see he know a lot of taking photos great job 😀

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