People sure want to know what Sony’s new “The Reload” commercial means…

ByPaul Gale

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Over at Sony’s PlayStation Channel on YouTube, they’ve added a new video called, “The Reload”. A lot of you have been asking me if I’m aware of it, what it means, and so on…but all I’ll say is that as the clip itself mentions, stay tuned for October 23rd.

The Reload

And following that day’s treat, Paul Gale Network will be at the SuperBot Entertainment event for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, hosted by iam8bit in Los Angeles. Just know, everyone…that next week is going to be a great one for PlayStation fans of different varieties.

59 thoughts on “People sure want to know what Sony’s new “The Reload” commercial means…”
  1. I bet it has something to do with Playstation All-Stars! It can’t be a coincidence that it happens to match the exact day the public beta is available to everyone and not to mention the fact it is on the game’s original intended release date. I hope its character related! Although I bet 99 to 1 I am wrong…

  2. I bet it has something to do with Playstation All-Stars. It can’t be a coincidence that the date matches the day the public beta is available to everyone and not to mention the date matches the game’s original intended release date…

      1. We are expecting new characters.
        You say,that its not,what we expect.
        So,literally,we get no new characters.
        Its sad.
        I really tought Crash is in. 🙁

  3. So whats the point of this article if you are just gonna be a troll about it? Jeez i thought we were done with this paul. I thought we didnt have anymore secrets

    1. Just as other sites are putting up the video on articles of their own, so too am I. I don’t want people to get disappointed in what it’s referring to, however, so I’m simply saying to wait and see.

  4. WOOOOOTTT!!!! i have three guesses ok tell them if im on the right track.
    Guess 1: All Stars reveal for the characters you mentioned.

    Guess 2: infamous 3

    Guess 3: something new 🙂

  5. Hm, judging by your words I’m going to assume it’s not all stars related(which I’m fine with at this point) can you at least tell us if it’s related to any game at all?(I personally hope it’s not just an ad for a bigger ad as with the first one, or an ad for the store)

  6. does anyone realize that everything in this video and the next one named “arival” has to relate to playstation allstars and that the date at the end not only happens to be the date of the new playstation store release and the same day that playstation allstars battle royale’s public beta goes live.

    am i the only person to put 2 and 2 together.

    paul could ya back me or tell me im wrong, either or would be fine.

  7. I would love them forever if Oct 23 was the actual release date and we get this damn game early and Nov 20 was the release of the dlc characters et…Sense they pulled that with little big planet Vita, it only makes me hope other games do it to.

          1. I believe that u do, anyway why can you not tell us what the trailer is, I can see why you held back for the roster but the trailer should not be that secretive. Will it introduce more characters for the game?

      1. So i’m guessing you are confirming that this trailer isnt on the final four :(. Ah well thanks for sparing my disapointment paul. Better now than when i actually see the video on october 23rd

            1. tootwo got it right, I am lossing hope that these critical characters are in fact not in. without them the roster is mainly a big advertisment then rep actual history which is what pulls me toward this game.

  8. Paul…I dont know if you’ve said it yet but can you say if its ps all-stars related and will it be something we havent heard or thought of before.Or if anything, are the video’s over exaggerating the anticipation of what it actually is?

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