New PlayStation trailer: “The Arrival” and a small hint to you from Paul Gale Network…

ByPaul Gale

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The other day, Paul Gale Network shared with you Sony’s new “The Reload” trailer and with today comes one more piece to the puzzle: “The Arrival”.

The Arrival

Nicolaus Copernicus PlayStation hint on Paul Gale Network
Copernicus on Paul Gale Network

“Dear Copernicus we have received your letter and regret to inform you captain…”

October 23rd, folks…stay tuned for it and for the 24th if you’re a PlayStation gamer; for on the latter of the two, I’ll be at SuperBot Entertainment’s and iam8bit’s LA Beatdown event in celebration of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Next week will have some pleasant surprises.

50 thoughts on “New PlayStation trailer: “The Arrival” and a small hint to you from Paul Gale Network…”
  1. is the pic a hint? is you know what the ad is how can you disappoint, it be more disappointing if we expect more characters which most do and find out it’s nothing.

  2. Isnt Copernicus Captain Qwark from Ratchet & Clank…This could either mean he will be a playable character or he wanted to be playable in the game but they rejected him and sending him a letter…lol

  3. oh man, you’re such a tease paul 🙁 could you at least tell us if the 10/23 video will have anything to do with revealing totally new characters (your final unrevealed 4, maybe?) and/or totally new stages we do not know about as yet?

    please reply as I don’t want to be in for another disappointment!

  4. THe Arrival: the final 4

    The reload: playstation store

    something tells me there might be more to this then were thinking like we have to think outside of the box

  5. Paul, in the photo of yours it looks like your holding something that has been blacked out. Is it the final cover art, the poster your source had with all 24 characters or something else?

  6. I assume I should also do some research on Copernicus. But is there any reason you chose this peculiar angle? The reflection on the statue is at the perfect angle that makes it look like a continuation of the building behind it.

    Maybe Sony is trying to do a different sort of mash-up game? Maybe a FPS mash-up? It’d be something new, having various Sony characters shooting at each other. It would show off how Sony caters to both family games and hardcore games.

  7. why so secretive on this trailer? If you know what it is why not just say so people wont be disappointing. Is there a reason u can not say it wont be including the final four?

        1. if you know for sure that it don’t have anything to do with adding characters in the game then how come when someone said hope there something on the final 4 you said you hope so to. Not accusing just confused

      1. Ok. Let’s get this straight – so if the videos don’t pertain to your final 4, what does it actually pertain to? Other new characters? New stages we don’t know about? Nothing at all to do with PSASBR??? I really don’t want to be in another disappointment… AGAIN 🙁

  8. Something that I haven’t noticed anyone put.. Could Reload/The Arrival be that they’re going to add in characters for the beta open to everyone on the 23rd? Such as Nate, Ratchet, and Cole? I’m really just grasping at straws here =\

      1. that don’t really work since without the final 4 the roster is a joke and is in no way a representation of ps history. Sony did not only to fail to get one character that was highly demanded they missed them all.

  9. I have a few ideas of what it could be.

    2.Collectors addition
    3.New release date
    4.Rival Reveals
    5.More features added
    hmmmm what else..

  10. So lets see…. This a hint to a character??? She writes in Lombax language…and copernicus is Qwakrs first name (Copernicus Leslie Qwakr) I’m confused…

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