I realize that a lot of PGN’s readers out there probably weren’t born yet when the NES came out or where too young to be playing video games, but for those that have, what are some of your most fond memories of the system as a kid (or adult)?

And if you weren’t around during that era, have you ever bothered to try and hunt down an old unit on eBay or find someone with one and play it? I’m not taking about emulators or Virtual Console games either, but rather, gaming on the actual system.

To me, nothing beats a controller in your hands, for it helps you understand the age in which it came from and it gives you a greater appreciation of how far technology has come.

If you missed the article the first time around, here’s a fun look at what I wrote two years ago, which celebrated the 25th Anniversary between the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System.

Here’s to Wii U being the best Nintendo console yet! Just a little over 4 weeks now and 8th gen home market will have officially begun!

10 thoughts on “As we prepare for Wii U’s release, NES turns 27 today. What are your most fond memories of Nintendo’s first console?”
  1. Unfortunately, I missed the first few years of the NES. Didn’t play one until 1991. I do remember though spending countless hours playing Super Mario Bros. 3, which to this day is still my favorite Mario game of all time. I beat that at least 30 times. Had to find every secret and complete it 100%. Wasn’t too long after that I got a SNES. I treasure those memories dearly. I became a gamer for life after playing that game. Hopefully Nintendo can one day capture that special thrill their games used to have. Today you just can’t feel the magic….

    1. The magic during our younger days was unique, I’ll agree with that. However, some things about the Wii U are feeling pretty darn right to me…so we’ll see how the console paves out. So far so good in my opinion.

      1. I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was bashing Nintendo, I just don’t think they are currently living up to their potential. I know they can do it, because they are the BIG N! I do agree though, I have been following the Wii U closely and I see something that can become a huge success. I can’t wait until its released. Just hope it is enough to get me back on the Nintendo bandwagon. Despite what I say though, I still have an unmeasureable amount of respect for Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie, Masahiro Sakurai, and all the amazing staff at Nintendo 😀

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