The Aftermath…another new hint trailer from PlayStation. You’re putting the pieces together, right?

ByPaul Gale

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Following the last two, new hint trailers that PlayStation has put up, comes one more: The Aftermath.

The Aftermath

The Arrival

The Reload

With all three videos, after a year of the Internet working on deciphering Paul Gale Network’s hints for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale…I expect that you’re a tough bunch and probably have a good idea as to what this current trio of videos, mean. You’ll get it and soon will see it all come together!

48 thoughts on “The Aftermath…another new hint trailer from PlayStation. You’re putting the pieces together, right?”
  1. Yes, I figured out it was a PSABR campaign from the first video… But I’m not really sure what they’re hinting at. Is it just the beta that’s going to be public tomorrow? If so, then this is nothing to get excited about.

    I can’t possibly think of anything that could surprise us now that we know about all the characters in the game. My guess would be another “Michael” type of advertisement. Nothing more, nothing less…

  2. I’m pumped for these videos. If it’s a sweet live action battle trailer I don’t think I could be happier.

    I also messaged you on twitter about a workout routine. I used to do a lot of martial arts but in the last year or so I’ve had to stop do to school. I’m trying to find a good way to workout on my own but I can’t think of a good routine.
    I don’t have much workout equipment at my house aside from a punching bag, pullup bar, and some light like 50lbs max freeweights.
    I can never find a routine that lasts long enough to give me a workout nor do I know enough to make up a routine.
    If you could help me with a weekly schedule for what to do that’d be great. I’d love some actual help, I’m starting to get unhappy with my lack of working out.
    I don’t know if it helps but I’m 5’8″ 125, so a little small. Last time I tried which was about 2 months ago I could bench 150, so I’m not horribly weak at the moment.
    Any help is much appreciated!

    1. General rule: Get in a mixture of cardio with strength training, as both combined will help you loose fat and gain lean muscle. Also, try and eat 5 small meals a day instead of 2-3 large ones. Don’t ever get hungry. When you get hungry, your body HOLDS ONTO fat because it’s afraid of starving. You want to eat smaller and more regularly, because that’s the best trick to raising your body’s metabolism. Ideally, you’d get 8 hours of sleep in a day and 16 hours of awake time. In that awake time, you’d eat something small once every 3 hours and 12 minutes (that times 5 = 16 hours perfectly). Start your day off with a glass of warm water and an apple, instead of coffee or soda. The warm water will travel through your body and loosen you up. The apple has enough natural sugar that you can replace coffee with it.

      Day One:
      Get in some light cardio for 15 minutes and work out at a medium level of intensity…suggestion: jogging. Take the number 220, subtract your age from it. If you’re 25, then the maximum your heart rate should be is around 195. Then, for this cardio workout, try and have your heart rate stay at 65% of 195. That’s about 127, or double a normal, healthy, resting heart rate. This will warm you up for your workout. (You could wear a heart rate monitor, but don’t have to. Another way to find what’s “moderate cardio” is to see if you can still talk fairly clearly while jogging. If you can and it’s not interrupted too much, that’s moderate-ish).

      Get in some upper body. (Get 30-60 sec or so of rest between these numbers)
      1) Hop on the floor and do as many pushups as you can.
      2) Stand up and do 20 jumping jacks.
      3) Go down to the floor again and do as many pushups again.
      4) Stand up and do 30 alternating leg kicks, kicking forward.
      5) Go to a nearby bench and get in 20 dips. Start off with your left leg in the air for 10 and then switch.
      6) Hop on the floor and do 15 reps of narrow (military) pushups (3 sets).
      7) Between each of the sets of pushups that you do, hope up after a little break, and do 20 jumping jacks.
      8) Lie on your right side and do 15 reps of side tricep raises and then 15 reps on your left side (3 sets on both arms). How you do this move on your right side, is lie down, put your right hand across the left side of your neck, and your left hand beneath your right elbow. Now, with your left hand, push up, so that your body lifts off the floor, and you crunch up at the oblique.
      9) After each one of those sets (of both arms), stand up and do 30 alternating front kicks.
      10) Continue again with 15 minutes of light cardio exercise (no more than that 65% that we were talking about earlier) of jogging.
      Phew…what I just gave you doesn’t require any machines and is a pretty good routine that mixes up cardio with chest and triceps, in one day. If you like it, I’ll write more. I hope that helps.

      1. Thanks a ton for the help. It’s good to get some actual advice on what to do. Schools been killing me but tonight I finally get to try all of this out I’m excited!

          1. That’d be fantastic I’d love to have an actual routine that I can do weekly. Especially since i have the hardest times finding routines for my legs and core workouts.

            I was doing good on that one till I got down to the military pushups. 😛 I’m very sore today so I think it worked really well.

            Thank you very very much for all your help!

            1. Man that’s awesome to hear. 🙂 I’m glad that Day One worked out for you well. Tomorrow I’ll whip up another couple good routines, giving you a well balanced regimen to follow. Probably 4 days’ worth in total.

              1. That sounds amazing. Sorry for the slow reply.

                I was a little hesitant because it didn’t look like a big work out on paper but boy was I wrong. Thanks again for all this!

                1. Day Two: Legs (First get in 15 minutes of cardio as a warmup)
                  1) Begin by standing with your left foot forward and right back, with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and length apart (from front to back), long enough so when you drop your back knee to the floor, your front quadricep should become parallel with the floor, all the while keeping your knee behind your toes. Do 20.
                  2) Do the same exercise as above but with your right foot forward and left foot back. Do 20.
                  3) Hop on the floor in a pushup position and bring your right foot forward while your left foot is back, and hop to switch the placement of your feet. This is a quick cardio exercise and you should do 30. (Note that each time one foot is forward, that only counts for half a rep).
                  4) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees behind your toes, butt back, and back straight. Squat down to a parallel position and jump up, then land softly…15 times (just jump 4″ or so off the floor when doing these). Do that set 3 times. Each time you finish a set, get into that squat position and just hold it steady for 20 seconds.
                  5) Stand on one leg and lift the other, knee bent, as high as it’ll go. With that one knee raised up, lift it up and down (about 5″ pulses) 30 times. Do it 3 times total (that is the amount of sets). And do so with both legs.
                  7) During each little break of these sets (after doing both knee’s pulses), do 30 alternating lunges. You can just stand in place for this one, and each time bring one leg back and lunge out, and just keep trading off. (15 lunges per leg).

                  Follow all of this by more cardio (again, about 15 minutes). If your legs are done at this point and you can’t jog, you can walk.


                  I still need to give you two more days’ worth. By that point, make it your goal to complete all four workouts in every seven day period. So they don’t necessarily have to be completed four days in a row, but make sure that by the end of a week’s time, you’ve done all of them, so that when the next week begins, you can start anew, totally fresh in all parts of your body. Sorry for taking 7 days to get back to you with Part 2. For 3 and 4, it won’t be that long of a wait. Within a couple days, you’ll have a full routine you can follow, regularly. Probably by Thursday, November 1st in fact. It’ll be a perfect start!

                  1. Sorry for the long wait for a reply on my part. Im loving the workout so far. Its working me a lot harder than i thought. Im excitee for all of it thanks soooo much again.

                    1. Day 3

                      Begin with a warmup as usual for 15 minutes.

                      1) Lie down on the floor and keep your legs straight up in the air, now lift your arms up straight towards the ceiling. This is the starting position. Now for the exercise: crunch up towards the ceiling (straight up), lifting your head and shoulders off the ground. Try to get in 30, pausing at every 10 and holding for 10 seconds (that’s pausing while you’re up off the ground, flexing your abs).
                      2) Grab onto something stretched behind you, again while lying on your back, and keeping your legs straight, lift them up and down 30 times. You should be making your body a letter L, with your legs being straight up and down…think 90 degree angle.
                      3) Stand up and put both hands behind your head, now alternate your elbows to your knees, 20 times each (40 movements total).
                      4) Back on the floor, put your left ankle on your right knee and put your right hand behind your head. Cross over, bringing your elbow to your knee. As for the leg that’s being the base, you could either keep it bent so your foot is on the ground, or straight up and out (which is considerably harder since it works out your lower abs too). 30x
                      5) Do the opposite by bringing your left elbow to your right knee, once again, for 30 repetitions.
                      6) Stand up and grab a weight (if you don’t have one, get creative and fill a backpack up with some books), probably 20-50 pounds will do, but adjust accordingly. Put one hand behind your head, while the other is holding the weight as it hangs by your side. In the direction that the weight is behind held, bend to that side and come up. Now you’re working out your obliques, and you can do this 30 times.
                      7) Switch hands so you’re now holding the weight with your right hand, and bend in that direction, each time coming straight up.
                      8-14) Do the same as steps 2-7. Work out your abs hard like this and you’ll get in over 400 movements in your whole abdominal region.
                      15) Cool down with some easy cardio for 15 minutes.

                    2. Day 4:

                      Warm up for 15 minutes with some jogging.

                      1) The beauty of this four day workout program is that you don’t need any machine or equipment…for the most part. At this point however, I recommend getting a pull-up bar that you can stick in your doorway. Attempt as many pull-ups as you can. If your number is equaling less than 10, be safe, and put a chair in front of you. Place your feet (or one foot) on top of it, and try to get your total pull-up number (even if it’s assisted), past 10. Keep in mind that the farther away the chair is from you/the bar, the less help it’ll be providing. This will be an exercise that you can stick to for 3 sets total.
                      2) In between each set of pull-ups, extend out your hands to about elbow level and hop up and down, alternating knees. This is an explosive, tiring, yet very good cardiovascular exercise. Do this until your knees have slapped your hands, 40 times.
                      3) After that series of switching between your lats and cardio, grab some dumbbells (or improvise with some backpacks filled with books). Regardless of what you use, curl in with both arms each time, breathing out on the way up. If it’s with free weights, try two 20 pound dumbbells. If you’re improvising, get it close…and of course, if it’s too heavy that you can’t pull off, 15 reps of it, 3 times, lighten the weight. On the flip side, if it’s too easy that you’re blasting through it, make it heavier. 15 reps, 3 sets.
                      4) In between each of the above bicep exercises, do 20 scissor jacks. Instead of your feet moving side to middle, with these your feet alternate from left foot forward and right back, to right forward and left back. Each time your left is forward, it’s half a rep.
                      6) Now for shoulders, grab those same dumbbells and press upwards 15 times and do it for 3 sets. You want both arms out to the side and pressing up at once. Shoulders are typically weaker than biceps, so if this is tough with the same weight you used earlier, lighten up.
                      5) In between each of those sets, do 10 four way kicks. 1) left kick forward, left kick to the side, then right kick forward, and right kick to the side. That’s one. Do it 10 times.
                      6) Get in another 15 minutes of cardio via walking or a light jog, and your’e all done.

  3. mmmmmm one year with paul gale’s hints and now 3 hints for playstation… I think it could be a new comercial for the PSASBR it could be the best jajajja 😀

  4. great it;s a trailer, but does nothing to fix the awful roster that we have now, I am getting really discouraged you can not tell me superbot could not get 1 of the highly demanded characters for this game.

  5. What i’ve noticed in each video.

    Reload: Ape Escape japanese logo on the desk, Limbo City (DmC), a Scorpion vz. 61 (MGS 3 reference?), lightning (Cole MacGrath)

    The Arrival: Lady writing a return letter to Captain “Copernicus” Qwark, a white cat under a truck (Toro), a truck drives up with a license plate with precursor on it, Nathan Drake driving the truck.

    The Aftermath: Sly’s cane can be seen at the beginning, Sir Daniel Fortesque’s sword leaning against the wall, a set of keys (a Sly Cooper key and Medievil key), bullets (Radec?), ice cream and cake on the ground (Fat Princess), Sweet Tooth’s machete

  6. I’ll post this here since I didn’t get a response in the other:

    Something that I haven’t noticed anyone put.. Could Reload/The Arrival be that they’re going to add in characters for the beta open to everyone on the 23rd? Such as Nate, Ratchet, and Cole? I’m really just grasping at straws here =\

      1. I thought it was great =) My lady and I have already bought two copies of the game. We’re super excited. Though, she’s an absolutely huge fan of SotC and is desperately hoping that Wander gets in.

        Personally, I’m just happy that we’re even getting something like this. It’d be nice if your four made it in, but I’m not purchasing the game just because of it. If they get in? Great surprise. If not? It’s still going to be a fun game. Been playing the beta all week and I love it.

  7. Paul, even you can admit the game would be better with the 4 characters you mentioned.

    I’m not gonna ask if these teasers have anything to do with them. I just wanna know your guess on what happened, or if you honestly think they still have a chance. Not trying to be a spoiled fan, I’m just a guy who is missing his two favorite characters from his dream game, and looking for a little closure, or reassurance.

  8. I know it’s not “the final four” but with all the buzz this is building, Sony better have a good payoff. Personally I’m expecting a story mode reveal. Also out of curiosity: what characters do you usually plays as in All Stars?

  9. i believe yet another fantastic awsome playstation/sony campaign is being started as well as the public beta as well as the new ps3 store/ www portal

  10. Well, the full trailer just got released.
    To be honest, it was disappointing. Not even 2 minutes long. They shouldn’t have hyped it up like this, I was expecting to actually learn something about the game, not get a mediocre fight scene.

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