New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer highlights four live action characters in 2 minutes.

ByPaul Gale

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Over the past several days on Paul Gale Network, you’ve been seeing three similar PlayStation videos, all reminiscent of one another, but the thoughts of just what were they building up to were all over the place. I’m happy this evening to show you what Sony has been cooking with its latest, 2 minute clip.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Full Length

As you just saw, what The Aftermath, The Arrival, and The Reload were building up to, was this very clip. The part that I couldn’t tell you was that it was going to highlight “four characters”. Knowing that everyone on the internet wants my final list of four participants to be true in SuperBot Entertainment’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, if I said that this new video was going to have “four representatives” in it, you’d all be severely disappointed when you found out it wasn’t Cloud Strife, Old Snake, Crash Bandicoot, and Wander.

Instead what you got is a cool live action take on Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Cole MacGrath, and Kratos. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? And keep in mind, this is just the beginning of Sony’s marketing for the game as we head into its November 20th release. Expect a lot more in the coming four weeks. I hope you all enjoyed the video and look forward to more on this game after I attend the iam8bit and SuperBot Entertainment hosted LA Beatdown Event, this Wednesday!

The Aftermath

The Arrival

The Reload

35 thoughts on “New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer highlights four live action characters in 2 minutes.”
  1. I love it is one of the best comercials that i’ve ever seen really and the guy with the control in his hand next to kratos was epic jajajja thanks paul 😀

      1. I only have a few question,
        The guys from the comercial, the lady and the old man cleaning the bullets and the machete of sweet tooth has something to do with playstation allstars battle royale????

  2. you know what kinda sucks paul is that the free redeemable download of psasbr for the vita isn’t transferrable for a phisical copy becuase i dont have much room left on my vita for a download so when this game gets here on the 20th im gunna have to make space on my 8 gig memory card on my vita.

    Side note: i really want this game publicized and not in any way under marketed i want this game to be the super smash bros. on playstation and then even beyond that.

      1. Now thinking about it, I havent seen too many tv commercials advertising this game..It can only go so far via youtube and internet advertisements.Ive been trying to promote this to everybody as well, letting them play the beta on my vita and so far so good.

        1. II probably saved Sony a few million bucks with all of the hype I’ve been creating for the game for the last 12 months. 🙂 But now it’s their turn and before the game launches and after, you’ll see a barrage of media marketing from them.

    1. spyro would make this game iv been saying spyro, spyro, spyro, since the begging i hope he is dlc he would make me not want any more out of this game but if kat made it too it would just be over the top.

  3. Am I really the only one thinking the lady in the trailer(s) looks like the new AC girl (Vita)?

    I bet she’s the boss! Am I right, Paulie?

    It would fit the “EVIL”, yet non-villain deal since she ‘kills’ people… however, the “PS1-known”-thing wouldn’t exactly fit, huh?

  4. “Expect more as SuperBot and Sony prepare for the next four weeks of pre game advertising hype!” expect more? by that do you mean in the style of this 1? live action?

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