Tomorrow is my 29th birthday, so I thought that on the last full day that I’ll be 28 years old, why not record myself for a little bit while at the gym working out. Here’s a sample of what I did today.

This was filmed today, one day before my 29th birthday. My goal before July 7th this year was to bench press 340 pounds, while weighing in at 154 pounds, so I can achieve my goal of benching over 220% of my body weight. I warmed up with a few sets prior to the recording of this video (of progressively heavier weights) and then got in 5 presses with a smaller range of motion with my target of 340 pounds. After a few minutes of rest, I got one final parallel bench press with the same amount of weight.

After I completed my bench press max, I wanted to see what I can do with decent dumbbell weight, so I bicep curled 60lbs per arm, and did 12 alternating reps. Following that, I did 4 reps of trap lifts, at 120 pounds.

In this video, after I finished my bicep and trap routine, I went ahead and demonstrated a part of my core workout and some of the dips that I do to work out my triceps.

After I finished up my core and dip routine, I hopped on the pec fly machine and worked out with the maximum amount of weight that the machine has: 305 pounds, 8 reps. This isn’t a full video of my pec fly workout, but rather just one set.

Following my pec fly workout, I loaded up the lat pulldown machine with the maximum weight of 305 pounds that it goes up to and put on another 45, totaling 350 pounds. I have done 400 pounds on this very machine before, by sticking on another 45lb plate and a 5lb bar up top, but it wrecked the machine. Here are the 8 reps that I did get in, this time with this weight.

Thank you for your time and feedback in advance. I hope you all have a good weekend!

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