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Earlier today I got a look at the entire list of games set for show at the 2010 Spike TV VGA’s and was really happy with what that list entailed. Though I would never break a source’s trust, I did give a little tease…stating that there would be some other very notable games to look out for besides Uncharted 3 (and if you didn’t have a PS3). Here’s what was shown:

1] Batman: Arkham City = Simply awesome trailer that expands on what was previously shown a few days ago. It looks like the mad doctor has Bruce’s number…but surely Batman will prevail right?

2] Mortal Kombat = Great video of Scorpion and Sub Zero fighting, but before Scorpian can finish his long time foe off, Kratos does the job and brings it!

3] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim = I knew that the game coming out on 11-11-11 was reason enough to be excited for this one, and it was one of those games that I was referring to that would really excite a lot of gamers out there.

4] Thor = A multiplatform action game coming out March, 2011 for multiple consoles. We’ll have to wait and play the game to see if it’s solid, but the trailer provided some fun.

5] Mass Effect 3 = I couldn’t come out and say that there was another “Part 3” that would be shown besides Uncharted 3, but I hope people liked it and I’m sure some found it to be the best news of the night.

6] Resistance 3 = Yet one more threequel that even though previously shown, could only really be done justice with a new, awesome trailer.

7] Prototype 2 = The trailer shows off even more carnage than its predecessor and looks promising.

8] Insane = Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming horror game had a small teaser trailer and will be hitting consoles in 2013.

9] Deadliest Warrior: The Game = New characters added to the downloadable title that came out this Summer.

10] Portal 2 = I’m a really big fan of the first Portal and even though the trailer for its sequel didn’t show off any gameplay footage, it was still fun and clever enough to make me happy.

11] Forza Motorsport 4 = Watch out Gran Turismo 5, because the new trailer for Forza 4 looked pretty impressive. Also, nice choice going with a Dodge Challenger in the promo…I drive a Red Charger.

12] SSX Deadley Ascent = It was a short trailer that did not provide any in game footage, but we do know that the game will have you snowboarding in many real world locales. As a snowboarder myself, I’m looking forward to it and this season of boarding for that matter.

13] Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: All men dream, but the dreamers of day are more dangerous than the dreamers of Night. Short trailer, but really cool nonetheless. Release date 11-1-11.

Spike TV's 2010 Video Game Awards on Paul Gale Network
Prithvi Virasinghe, Paul Gale, Eugene Ho, and Dan Yang.

There you have it, those were all of the games that either received new footage shown or were completely new reveals altogether. Are you satisfied with what tonight brought? Please share your thoughts, including what was the best reveal for you. I’ve already been receiving a lot of e-mails from gamers saying that Oblivion 5 and Mass Effect 3 was BIGGER than anything else at the show. People’s favorite trailers so far have been from Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham City. Here’s to your responses to see what you thought was the best of the show!

7 thoughts on “Recap of every game reveal at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.”
    1. *F the Army, The Conduit 2 and The Last Story are definitely some cool looking Wii games on the horizon. It would have been nice to see TLS in particular…or maybe The Grinder on Wii. I had a chance to play the Xbox 360 build at E3 this past June, but really want to try out the first person shooting experience on Nintendo’s system.

      *xino, I meant to type in Bruce’s number. I was using it as an expression, like when someone has your number (not literally, but figuratively) because they’ve got you where they want you. As for Scorpion, mistakes happen. 🙂 Speaking of spelling mistakes, I think you meant Uncharted 3. 😉 Just kidding, it’s cool…but in my opinoin, The Elder Scrolls 5 and Mass Effect 3 pieces were bigger than U3. Don’t get me wrong, that trailer looked great, but 1) we already knew it was coming and 2) I know a HUGE audience out there that absolutely loves both the Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls series. It’s just an opinion really.

        TES3 Morrowind is my fave game of all time …. Oblivion had some flaws but i have faith that they will get Skyrim right.

        Thanks for bringing the news to those of us who cant stand watching that awards show =)

  1. *dano, thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you’re pumped for Elder Scrolls 5. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one. 🙂

    *Dingus, those four games looked excellent, but Forza 4 was nice in my opinion, as was the awesome Mortal Kombat trailer.

  2. I would have to pick both Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 as my top pick, both have a great story and I’ve played the previous games, so continuing the story is another reason for getting the games. Can’t wait for both. 2011 is going to be a busy year.

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