The Miz (whose real name is Michael Mizanin) was born on October 8, 1980 in Parma, Ohio and is currently one of the most popular and AWESOME superstars in the WWE.

The Miz on Paul Gale Network
Street Fighter IV Launch Party 2009: The Miz, Ashley, and Paul Gale

Though Miz first got noticed in TV land thanks to MTV’s reality show “The Real World”, it was entering Tough Enough that propelled him to become the eventual pro wrestling top contender he is today. I’ve seen Miz wrestle in several live events before (he made his actual wrestling debut in September, 2006), but actually met him person for the first time at Capcom’s Street Fighter IV Launch Party back in February 2009.

As part of the VIP section, it was really cool getting to meet him and talk about Street Fighter, wrestling, and quite a bit more. Since he’s an 80’s kid like me, we not surprisingly have a lot in common…in addition to be awesome. 🙂 Yes, one very charismatic wrestler and always entertaining, The Miz is just as noticeable in person as he is on TV.

One other cool thing is that I told him that the following day I’d be at the Staples Center to watch the WWE Live event so he asked where I’d be sitting so he could come up to me in the audience. Sure enough, the next night, after the Miz wrestled his match, he came up to me, taunted, flexed, stuck out his tongue, and yelled. That was great!

Thanks for being highly entertaining as always, Miz and for your kindness in person. I wish you safety out there and the best of times to come in the WWE. Keep up the awesome! Oh and if you’re a Mizfit, check out his site at

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