I was proud to be a VIP guest of Capcom’s at their Street Fighter Party in Los Angeles and being a part of the event I got a great chance to speak with many of the cast from the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li movie (as well as plenty of other interesting people from Capcom, WWE, and more).

Neal McDonough and Paul Gale at Capcom Street Fighter IV Launch Party on Paul Gale Network

One person I got to meet was Neal McDonough who played M. Bison in the film. In addition to being one really cool guy who at the time was doing a great job on ABC’s Desperate Housewives, he told me something interesting when we starting talking about Street Fighter. I specifically asked him if Capcom ever dared make a new live action Street Fighter game, would he be a part of it. He said that if such an opportunity was presented (and under the right circumstances), he would do it.

These right circumstances included a change to M. Bison’s (game version) current wardrobe that he’d wear and for his hair to remain as it is in the film…without dying it black like the character is most known for. This led to asking him why in “Legend of Chun Li” there weren’t any costumes from the game and he said that they didn’t translate too well or look to be taken seriously in the real world. “A dictator with a beret? Yeah, not so intimidating”, said Neal.

Michael Clarke Duncan and Paul Gale at Capcom Street Fighter IV Launch Party on Paul Gale Network

Another person I was happy that showed up was Michael Clarke Duncan. Although it wasn’t the first time meeting him (we’ve spoken at several events before and even at quite a few movie debuts), it was the first time we talked about Street Fighter. I asked him if he’d ever lace up the boots and gloves to do a live action Street Fighter game and like McDonough, Michael was on board. The difference here was that Mr. Duncan was fine with the blue tanktop and shorts. “That part where Balrog wins and he flexes so hard his shirt pops off…yeah that’d be fun”, said Michael.

It certainly was a very fun event and I’d just like to thank Capcom for the invitation and to Michael Clarke Duncan, Neal McDonough, and everyone else who took the time to talk, take pictures, and share some priceless laughs. That being said, I hope that Capcom continues to only make hand drawn/computer generated Street Fighter games in the future!

Enjoy the video and share your thoughts on IF Capcom ever made another live action Street Fighter game…which by the way, according to Taki Enomoto who is a friend of mine at Capcom, Japan (that is in charge of their character licensing), that will never happen again.

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