Kevin Cassidy is the founder of the very popular and extremely well kept up website, He began this site in September, 2005 and I’m happy to say that I’ve been a fan of it since the start. If you ever visit his site, you’ll be in for something new at almost every time of the day. This guy works all around the clock, constantly updating GoNintendo with anything Nintendo related across the web.

Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E for All 2007.
Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E for All 2007.

I admire Kevin’s devotion to his site by providing content to its many users every day of the week. He’s also got something about him that I respect, which I found out when we met up at E for All 2007, for this first time. This quality is that he’s a good person who really appreciates where he’s at and makes a solid attempt to show his thanks by keeping in good contact with his site’s followers. That’s one of the things that I’ve always done, too. I’ve put myself out there in the past; taking up the task of answering every single question that anyone could ask me from E3/E for All, since 2002. I’m glad that another fellow journalist out there respects his readers in the same way I do and that he’s generally just a nice guy.

Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E3 2009.
Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E3 2009.

Whenever we’ve met up in the past, it’s always fun to talk about what games we’re playing, what our thoughts are on upcoming titles, share opinions on news stories that just broke, etc. We also keep in contact throughout the year and Kevin has even hosted some of my works in the past, from my Video Game Themed Pumpkin Carvings and funny videos from 2006, to more recently, my reviews of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Sin and Punishment: Star Successor.

Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E3 2010's Nintendo Pre-E3 event.
Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E3 2010’s Nintendo Pre-E3 event.

At E3 this year, we talked about one of my upcoming projects, the Nintendo 3DS, all of the titles on the show floor, and just had a fun time chatting as usual. One more thing I’ll say is that Kevin has journalistic integrity. We both agree that there are rules to the game and though some things can be exploited, keeping secrets and honoring NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) with companies, is series stuff. Oh and in case you haven’t noticed…Kevin has a massive beard! Thanks Kevin for being a good contributor in this amazing industry.

Kevin Cassidy at E3 2011 on Paul Gale Network
Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E3 2011’s Nintendo Pre-E3 event.

Keeping the tradition alive, Kevin, and having a lot of fun playing Wii U together. See you around my friend.

9 thoughts on “Kevin Cassidy”
  1. Definitely the only game journalist I currently have any respect for. I used to have a lot of respect for IGN but it has been getting more and more delusional and it feels like each section of the site just going in a different direction than the other.

    I kind of like Adam Sessler but not when he’s actually on TV.

    Kevin is basically an honest, dedicated, good guy, who really cares about Nintendo and it’s fans. I don’t think there could possibly be anyone more suited to running Gonintendo.

    1. Kevin is a really cool guy and I’m friends with Adam Sessler too; he’s also a good person in the video game industry in my opinion. As for another great gaming journalist, my friend Dan “Shoe” Hsu at has been around for many years and does an awesome job all around. Thanks for your feedback.

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