Kevin Cassidy from and Paul Gale from
Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale at E for All 2007.

If you’re a Nintendo fan, chances are you’ve been to video game website, and if you’ve been there once, it’s likely become a site that you frequent pretty regularly, as Kevin Cassidy updates it constantly with a ton of Nintendo news. And today is his birthday, so in PGN fashion…just to be a little bit different, here ya go pal:

Well looky there, what do you see?
It’s GoNintendo’s own Kevin Cassidy!
The man who brings gamers so much joy…
Yes it’s him, Mr. RawMeat Cowboy!
He’s a man with a beard that flows like the sea…
A true fan of Nintendo and the WWE!
It’s a fact that if ever needed, I could count on him to twerk…
So Happy 32nd Birthday, buddy, from Paul Gale Network!

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