Seth Killian at the LA Beatdown on Paul Gale Network celebrating PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Seth Killian and Paul Gale

The LA Beatdown event that iam8bit hosted for the upcoming release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was excellent. I had the great opportunity of talking to dozens of the game’s fans, the development team, and many of you online that gave me a shout out. The art gallery of props from SuperBot Entertainment’s new baby was cool, the music was nonstop, there was a cool photo section (similar to that of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary one), a food truck, and matches galore.

I tweeted, touted, and updated Paul Gale Network as much as I could throughout the night and rest assured, this article will have a lot more in it, tomorrow, but for now, I don’t want to keep you in any further anticipation, so I’ll get to what you really want to know: Final 4 Talk.

Without saying who told me what and what were our exact conversations (because these were confidential and there was “other” information I gathered that was not necessarily pertaining to my Final 4 question) about, I can tell you that I spoke with the entire team that night and simply did not get a complete confirmation or denial on my remaining characters.

Their exact words aren’t important and if you really want to know just what they said to see if you can decipher them further, I’m sorry, but I won’t be sharing those conversations, because everyone there has been really great to me throughout this whole thing and I don’t want to tarnish anything we’ve built together.

Just know this…IF the game doesn’t have Cloud, Snake, Crash, and Wander, don’t let it bother you. There’s always room for their additions and others, in the future. Whether it’s DLC, sequels, or something else, it’s possible. IF those four are in this game, immediately…somehow as either secret unlockables on the disc itself, as day one free downloadable content, or once again, “something else”, great. Don’t let either end result detract you from this great game. It’s going to be one of Sony’s biggest titles ever for PlayStation 3 and if you’re a fan in any capacity of the PS brand or fighting games, you should at the very least, check this game out.

I’ve played the final build and though not in depth enough to write a review, I can say that it’s most definitely worth a buy in my opinion. Once again, thanks to all of you at SuperBot for being so cool to me tonight and whenever we’ve met. I really do appreciate the friendship, understanding, and respect. Know that it’s completely mutual.

And to all of you online reading, including those that I met tonight, thanks for your support as well. It’s been great chatting on the web and even more-so in person. This article will be updated more, on Thursday. Here’s to you, SuperBot!

127 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale LA Beatdown event is rocking! How do you like your Polygons?”
  1. Polygon! Yes! I knew he was going to be the final boss right from the start! 🙂

    I also have a few questions i’d like to ask.
    1: Did you get any info on the four characters yet?

    2: Some of us over at pastadium and playstation forums noticed that there were MORE than just 14 stages. (because we saw that it said page 2). Is it true that there are more than 14?

    and finally 3: When most of us saw the new character select screen something immediately caught are eye. There were two blue boxes with question marks in them. Are those just two random select boxes or are they for dlc/unlockable characters?

    1. i think we all know the final four didn’t make the cut, and probably won’t be dlc either. Omar already said they weren’t going to get a deal with Activision and he said getting Wander or an Ico rep wasn’t going to happen due to the company. what you see right now is what you get. Omar also said Paul’s source was a guy in the focus testing group and said to not encourage this final four rumor.

        1. was Omar right about your source being in the focus testing group? and he did say that the final four was only a rumor and to not pay attention to it

          1. Only thing right is that he apparently did say that the final four were just a rumor. To me, personally, he did confirm nor deny their existence last night, but we did have a nice conversation simply about the game’s well being.

    2. Did you like, not even read this post….lol…He said he asked and nobody gave him a straight answer but just incase they weren’t in the game not to cry because it is possible that they could come in the form of Dlc, un-lockables or a sequel etc….All you need to know is that if you want you fav characters to be in this game you should buy the game anyways because your support will let them know to support it more etc…WHen I talked To Omar he said they have been listening to all of the fans since the beginning but its been a huge process thus far…

          1. its not like they gave us a bunch of whack characters…About the only character I suck at in this game thus far is sly cooper.He really requires a bit of skill and thinking.After playing with characters like Cole & Sackboy, I am 100% positive all of you will still like this game regardless.

  2. Funny thing is i still dont even know who polygonman is. I know hes the old mascot but he wasnt for uk. Same with KB, i only knew about him from this game because people wanted him so i checked him up on youtube. Ive tried to do the same for polygonman and nothing. Even when you try to google it it just says what ive already been told “is the old playstation mascot”. He must hav e been unpopular or something back then if there is nothing about him.

    1. heres what ive gathered on him: he only appeared in magazine ads, fir a period of a couple months. he insulted gamers saying playstation was better than god (or something like that)…and thats pretty much it….u wont find him on youtube cuz he was only in the magazine….so try image search and regular search

  3. honestly if the game does not have those in then it will be pretty poor imo, the 20 we got now does not scream playstation to me and it is missing to much of the key ingredients to make this a triple a title that I know it could have been. are you still going to try to contact your source ?

  4. So in general, know you know as much as we do?
    Couse ur articel basically means than no one awnserd you, and they all avoided ur questions, like they did with the other guys askin stuff. . . .

      1. In that case, thanks for the fast reply.
        Would you mind sharing the other topics in the future? I would appreciate it, even if its nothing big to talk about.

    1. You guys need to play the game..You will eat your words I guarantee you…Trust me, Crash and other characters are wanted but after you play the game in its near complete form like we did you wont care as much.

  5. Yea you do realise that superbot confirmed your source to not know everything. All he was was a person who tested out title fight. Thats how you leaked it. Mystery solved. Sorry Paul i know you meant well but apparantly your source liked to lie a lot.

  6. Paul,

    Two people from the PS Community Forums who went to the LA Beatdown event spoke to Omar and other at Superbot and this is what they said regarding you:

    I was told, “Please don’t encourage Paul Gale, he was friends with a guy was in a focus testing group and that’s how he knew stuff.” — MachoMoustachio

    Now I know paul wasn’t out on a mission to ruin this game.And in fact, I think he only meant well. But in the process it was sad to hear that Omar wasn’t his biggest fan. “Paul Gale is a phony” Omar said. ” I met the guy like 1 time.” “And His supposed source was only with us once in a focus testing group which was when the game was still in it’s title fight days.” “What Paul’s doing is he is going around giving out false info to the fans and then we take the heat for it when it turns out to be untrue.” “I dont know who he is. I have no personal ties to him.” — KiLLeRgotti187

    What have you got to say about this Paul?

    It doesn’t sound too encouraging for the final unrevealed 4 you mentioned might be in the game 🙁

    Very sad indeed if what you’ve been told wasn’t true as we got hyped for nothing over and over again it seems 🙁

    1. It’s true that prior to last night, I only met Omar once, and that it was at E3, but I’ve always said that. In regards to last night, I did speak with him for a moment and congratulated him and SuperBot on a successful event, as well as giving them my best wishes in the success of the game. Finally, I told him that regardless of whether or not the final four alleged characters in the game are, that my source provided me with is true or not, what they have here is a great game and that I hope people like it/seems like most do. At E3 they first asked who at SuperBot “knew me” because internally, none of them said they did, so to alleviate any concerns, I just said that it wasn’t one of their own people…rather an individual within affiliation with their company. I’m not a phony, however, and I’ll own up to the fact that, if my information is incorrect, then regardless of whether or not it was faulty info given to me by friend, at the end of the day, I put it up and therefore I’m responsible for bringing it to the public. We’ll see what happens, but let’s just say it’s 20 and that’s it for now. Be happy. No roster can equal perfection, but these folks did an amazing job for their first project. And here’s to much from them!

      1. Yea the only reason you were right about it is because your friend was one of the testers for title fight. Look paul i know you arent a phoney but i think your source is. You mean well

  7. I cant wait for the final game almost all my wish list is there and thats a good reason to buy the game (I’ve preorder since 2 or three months ago) hey paul thanks for the information and do you think that we can play an online match someday it would be awesome jajajja 😀

  8. Well…I’m still going to get the game to support Superbot and Sony because they worked really hard on the game. And out of the “Final Four” I really just want to see Crash Bandicoot, honestly he’s the ENTIRE reason why I stuck to this game so long because I thought that he was going to be in from the beginning. But if they make him a DLC that’s fine too, as long as I get to see the “Orange Marsupial” in action against the many mascots of Playstation. Also to Paul Gale I heard that we were going to hear about Crash and the other four characters very soon…And if Crash Bandicoot just so happens to be confirmed first, PLEASE let me know! I swear the suspense is driving me absolutely crazy!!!

  9. at first u were saying there are more and ur friend isnt lying after u speaked with superbot u say now roster is 20 all the time that means probably we have to wait a sequel

    1. There will be dlc characters…Thats all you need to know…The real question is when we will get them.They know we want more characters & levels and such and as so I talked to Chan,Omar & Seth and told them all how important it was to have dlc characters & even levels and weapons maybe.They all replied with no straight answers but positive remarks that left me hopeful.For instance, I asked Omar would Pyramid Head or was Pyramid head ever considered and he replied with a simple” Pyramid head’s a good character.I also told him that they should look into implementing sackboy’s dlc costume program that eat sleep play as with the LBP series and he seemed to like the idea.Point is we now know they know we want more and why wouldn’t you give us more ya know.You have to also remember that again, it takes 2 to tango and its not Superbots fault certain characters aren’t in the game.People need to also stop comparing roster counts between Superbots first and Nintendo’s third game.I mean the first smash bros only had 12 characters so be happy with the first twenty. No one shouldn’t by this game just because your fav character isnt in it yet…It will be your loss while all of us real fans are enjoying a wonderful great game while your playing whatever it is you play when your bored..

    1. you know im starting to lose hype for the game. i dont have a ps3 so without crash bandicoot im likely not going to get it. and trust me this game would get more sales if crash was in. im sorry im just losing hope so super bot better reveal a new character or 2.

      you’re a good guy paul!

        1. Exactly….All of these guys shouldve came to the Labeatdown Event..I was sold before I went and when I left wanted to buy 100 copies..As a matter of fact..hmm Paul I got an idea…I will hit you in your email in a sec..

    1. You do know that dlc can also be free.What is it with people thinking Dlc is always paid.To be more correct, I think Omar said crash would never be paid DLC.If he didn’t specifically say the word “paid I know thats most likely what he meant.

  10. Maybe you werent wrong paul. Maybe these 4 were planned to be in but needed more time so were moved to dlc. This maybe me just being hopeful. Plus that claim what Omar said about you doesnt sound true. Its a very unproffesional and petty thing to say.

    1. Perhaps they will be the first to come to dlc, if there is any dlc. And if Omar said that we only met once before, well, that’s true. I never said otherwise. But I don’t think he said the word “phony”, because we even spoke last night and all was well. Perhaps I didn’t have as ironclad of a source within company affiliation with SuperBot as I thought for the last few years, but I can’t blame that individual. I got everything from my source and the person being 20/24 is pretty great in my book. I just never intended to get people’s hopes up in the event that 1/6 my info was wrong.

          1. I should have asked Omar about that when I talked to him….dam it, the next time I go to one of these things I am going prepared with a gigantic list of forgot to ask him more about the rivals,minions,options etc…

  11. I think superbot dropped the ball with this, they had 3 years to get the key characters in this game and defintly should have been in way before there where any other third party. No one really asked for heiachi, raiden, big daddy( though I am a fan), or dino dante( though I am not a dino hater). Also if the mink is right then the next third party we get is ryu which again no one asked for. Where are the third that WE want instead of just the ones they want.

    The first party that are in are the ones they had no choice to include( sony I am sure will make them include kratos, ratchet, cole ect) but the characters that they did choose to go after where characters no one was hyping for. Either way you see it the roster as it is now flopped

    1. Actually everybody who’s in the game right now is someone I would have wanted minus fat princess but she made sense.Big Daddy is someone who I would have thought would have been dlc from the start and I am actually glad they chose Raiden first over snake simply because its one less comparison to smash bros brawl which is what everybody is still doing.In my opinion, for a first game, the roster hasn’t flopped at all besides maybe needing more female characters, ps1 & psp/vita reps etc but all that can be fixed via dlc etc. Think about it, even with the 20 we have now if we got all the characters we wanted this game would have about 100 characters. I am still rooting for-

      Pyramid Head
      A Chimera
      Crash Spyro
      Laura Croft
      and many many more.

      I will tell you one thing though.It never crossed my mind to add Ryu or Chung-lee for that matter but would you really be mad if he was added.Im curious to see if he would be able to use his button combinations from street fighter etc.The good thing is that having someone like Ryu might open the door to other fighting franchises later on like Mortal Kombat etc.At the end of the day though its kind of been about who the fans accept as 1st & 3rd party characters in a game titled Playstation All-Stars.

  12. I wish every1 would just chill about the final 4. So paul said the game would have 24 characters. Just cuz these guys may not be in it, that wont stop the game from being cool. If they arent in, theres always dlc or a sequel. Maybe there were some things superbot just couldnt get around 2. no one really knows exactly how the games development is going. I dont know about any1 else but I have been hyped 4 this since I read the article on saying there was a rumor that a playstation game with a smash bros concept was in development back in 11th grade, and that hype has only been increasing ever since

    1. Yup I have been following every bit of news about this game sense the rumors & Paul Gale etc.I actually started up my blog again almost just because of this game.Any positive views we can have about this game the better.Im almost positive you wont see any bad reviews when the game releases.The folks at Ign have been just as excited about the game and they usually give the games I end up liking bad reviews so yea…

  13. waoooo for some reason I didn’t found the earlier message that I send before maybe I just forgot to send it XD and Im very hyped for the game I really cant wait for play the final result jajaja 😀

  14. so a while ago u said sony franchises that werent characters would still be franchises. Can u comment on this? did u mean like items and stages? Or some sort of trophy system like brawl, perhaps?

    1. If some random guy just got Omar’s email he would change it in a gotta think, you are 1 out of a million people that want to give direct feedback to anyone at superbot but the only way to really do it is to talk to him in person or at an event like I did…I was able to throw in a few ideas regarding Sackboy’s costume program, Pyramid Head being a possible character & kind of just reiterate that we (the fans) really want more dlc etc.Dont ask me why the only character I asked about was Pyramid…I honestly just didnt want to bug him about the Final 4 at all

      1. Well… i just want to tell him that activision wont give crash for this game cuz there no “upcoming” crash game, so if SuperBot asked for both crash AND the fucking ugly skylander, there might be a possibility for crash to join “ALL-STARS” cuz activision want to sell skylanders giant more than “spyros adventure” and this game will make skylanders sell better ( im not a skylander fan, i hate it, i like old spyro but, we have to tribute one for the other :D)

        1. I like the spyro’s look in skylanders the game looks cool and I hope that he is in it besides spyro and crash can have an old school alternative costume lml

  15. you know paul (and viewers viewing this comment) at first when i heard 20 was it and there was such a gap of characters that “are” and characters that there “should be” i lost all hype and motavation for the game and when it was confirmed that 20 was all and there was a classic arcade style story mode i got very angry with the game, superbot, and omar,

    BUT then the new version of the beta came out and when you super some one and they turn into a upward spin of X, O, square, and triangle, the words celebration did come to mind immediately. it not only felt better as far a mechanics but i felt more entitled for the loyale long lasting playstation fan.

    this game is gunna be great my hope was restored with the beta and new trailers along with my hype i can’t to see dlc talk and new levels and wepons, also modes

  16. Hey paul, I just have 1 thing 2 ask, about alternate costumes, how many are there 4 each character cuz Im seeing things like 4 for each, or 1 alternate on disc and the preorder with a total of 3 costumes including the default. Just how many costumes will each character have and more importantly, will jak have his jak 2 attire and nathan drake his uncharted 3 attire cuz those r musts. I mean what other costumes could they have 4 those 2 characters besides the ones named?

  17. Paul in the Link i Posted in my Last Comment Omar Says there is One More Live Action Trailer Do you Know Anything About the Release Date for this Trailer and is there Any Chance your Final Four will be in this Trailer Hope Fully Crash Bandicoot

      1. Im gonna make a song titled “The Final 4, and im gonna get you on it Paul..I was also thinking of making a shirt with Omar’s Face saying “Stay Tuned….lol…

  18. Paul you do realise the only way to get the truth out is to get that famous poster you keep referring to. Seriously how have you not got it yet? I’m starting to think it doesnt exist

  19. Paul is there a Chance we will See this Final Poster with all Charecters on it Before nov 20 and do you Know any of Crashs Supers if he is in this Game or any Supers Resolving the Final 4

  20. yes but do you think Paul you will get the Final Poster Before Nov 20th and you said in a Early Comment Crash Looked Oldschool Have you Seen the Final Poster with Crash On or did your Source tell you What Crash Looked like

          1. Paul,we really need to see that poster.
            That poster would finally end all speculation.
            Please get it before release.Just contact your friend.
            I really hope,that the poster exists.

  21. Hey Paul! Quick question.

    (I’m Thirty3Three btw, from he PS forums, aka DevinRobertson on your blog here)

    It seemed pretty legitimate when you told us that the 4 ‘final’ characters would be announced at certain events, and gave the reasons as to why. I’m just wondering, what you believe.

    Since it was on the poster, do you, personally, believe we’ll be seeing Crash, Wander, Cloud and Snake at least as Downloadable Content?

    SuperBot have said many things in the past that really conflict with their “20-characters-only” statement, so maybe they just pushed them into DLC instead of putting them on-disk?

    I mean, I don’t agree, by any means, that Activision is “Greedy”. I think people are just grouping them into that little box, due to something they’ve seen. (It’s generalizing, in a way; it’s like saying “every person of Asian decent is good at math).
    They’re really not greedy at all.

    I’m guessing, that SuperBot had gotten the rights for Crash, Cloud, Wander and Snake (I don’t see why the companies wouldn’t lend them to SuperBot, as it would be a win-win to let them use them in their game. – They already let SuperBot use Raiden, so why not Snake?).

    I just feel as if they’re hiding something. I mean, if you really think about it, Paulie, (I like giving nicknames, don’t read too much into it, “Hey, why is he calling me that?”. Haha.)…. AS I was saying, if you really think about it, no “very big/requested” characters have been included (as of yet) – namely Crash, Cloud, Wander and Snake (among others).

    They’re definitely hiding something in my opinion. I’m thinking they’re definitely lowering hype to raise it up big-time once the character’s are announced.

    Maybe they’ll ‘come with the game’ – not on-disk, but as a voucher, as day-1 dlc, so-to-speak.

    I thouroughly believe that the final 4, (at least Crash and Cloud) are in the game in some form (on-disk surprise, dlc, etc.) As stated above, there are far too many statements they’ve made that conflict with their “20-characters-only” statement. And to go into specifics as to ‘when’ (and which event) they’ll be revealed at, makes me really believe they’re in the game.

    What do you think, sir?

    PS. I’m psyched for the game, nevertheless; I preordered and I’m grabbing it day-1. Even if the “20-only” thing is true, I’m still so very psyched to grab the game, itself!

    I’d like to hear your input on what I’ve mentioned here, in this post, if you have the time.

    Thanks, dude!


    1. Well thought out comments, for sure. You know, I really don’t want to add any more false-hype in the event that my source was flat out wrong, but if you want my opinion…I think that one SuperBot artist might have created a “wishful thinking” poster of 24 characters that he or she envisioned, perhaps based off of the top four remaining most requested characters, and it was as simple as that. Maybe those four were in talks, maybe they were a part of the “master list” and was that person’s particular favorite final choices, or maybe in fact, it was a poster that wasn’t suppose to be seen or released for a few months…”after” those characters actually got added in via DLC. Something about one of those possibilities seems most plausible to me. In which case, my friend saw it in some capacity and reported back to me. Is that what happened? I don’t know, but like I said…just an opinion and frankly, one of a few that I’ve come up with. We’ll see. Sorry for no definite solution here.

  22. Really trying to help you out here:

    but it seems as if there are far too many ignorant people on the official forums.

    I believe that the 4 characters will make it in, let it be dlc or secret on-disk characters.

    not gonna lie, the whole “Activision is Greedy” thing is really ticking me off. They’re not.

  23. I Wish the final four, well in this case… the first four DLC would be:
    Crash and Spyro (Activision Pack), then Cloud and Sora (SquareEnix Pack)
    i dont see why SuperBot will put snake since they have raiden already, plus nintendo stole him already, but still… if snake end up being a DLC then we should have Old Dante DLC character (not costume), think about it snake/raiden , cole/evil, donte/dante 🙂
    about wander, omar said ico team didnt want it to be in a fighting game, i dont care for him/her anyway

  24. Paul, as credible as your source may seem, you have done nothing to explain how your source works. Why is it that you can’t contact your source ever so often? As much as everyone else finds nagging at you an easy option, by what means can your source be affiliated enough to get a hold of a poster only what seems to be HE knows about??? It seems very fishy.. in the least.. You need to get on good terms with him before giving people the chance to make false interpretations. But, if you can, please answer my question:
    How does your source get connection into Superbots projects. I understand that there things meant to be hidden but I just want some sort of detail that can help me make my own interpretations..

    1. The person doesn’t work for SuperBot, but has employment affiliation with. This is what I copied and pasted from a previous article I wrote, “You can think of all of the credits you see in a game, including the motion capture people, artists, sound engineers, marketing campaign folks, voice actors, investors, building rent managers, security guards, one single SuperBot employee, one single Sony employee, a character licensing agent from a 3rd party company that’s permitting Sony and SuperBot Entertainment to use their character, an individual composing music for the game, an actor for a trailer or commercial, and so many other possibilities…” I told SuperBot at E3 who it was not and at a later time told them from what company my source was from. This is also the first time that I’m making the following information public and that’s the fact that like with most things I hear in the industry, I try to get more than one person on board with the story and with this game, I actually have developed two sources along the way. One is primary, one is secondary, but it was with the help of both that I’ve received the information that I have for around two and a half years. Perhaps the last bit was false, but all it will take is a good look by myself at this poster and judge if the thing was doctored or in fact real. And should I see it, I will share it.

  25. What i find funny is that you have suddenly lost all contact with your source. I know you said you cant talk to him whenever but its been a month. Surely he couldve found some time in his busy schedule

  26. I just read this post from someone who posted on a forum I frequent:

    “And a surprise quote from Omar Kendall regarding Paul Gate, aka Mr. Rumor.

    ::”Paul Gale is a phony” Omar said. ” I met the guy like 1 time.” “And His supposed source was only with us once in a focus testing group which was when the game was still in it’s title fight days.” “What Paul’s doing is he is going around giving out false info to the fans and then we take the heat for it when it turns out to be untrue.” “I dont know who he is. I have no personal ties to him.””::

    I’d love to relay a message from you to him, this guy is one of those over critical, talk trash types and I love to make examples of over critical people. 😛

    PS: Approve this in the comments section only if you intend to reply, please. I sure hope you do reply with something clever. 😛

    1. I did meet Omar just once prior to the other Wednesday, and that was at E3. However, we did speak at the LA Beatdown event and had nothing but mutual well wishes towards one another. After all, though this year of hype building on my part has been unorthodox and unplanned on SuperBot’s part, I did what was necessary to build up the game as much as possible.

      And I doubt that Omar would say something like that because he is a professional, represents a company, and wouldn’t risk jeopardizing his or SuperBot’s image by slandering me for no reason. If I had to guess, he probably said that SuperBot and I didn’t have a joint effort and that my Final 4 are just rumors. To think that he’d say something as disrespectful like that, does not sound like him at all and is the last thing I think he’d say.

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