The UFC put on one terrific pay per view event last night in 153: Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar. The Brazil fans were as vocal as ever and for good reason too. I think every fight was just excellent. Submissions, knockouts, all out wars, and some extremely resilient fighters.

A big congratulations to all of the winners. And to those that last, Bonnar included, you still gave it your all. Now…it’s not after every ppv that I say this, but truly, each participant that night delivered and deserves an applause, so thank you for giving us a very well worth event. Hopefully the last few of the year will be just as good!

4 thoughts on “UFC 153: Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar…what a fight, what a card.”
    1. You know, there are a lot of great fighters out there that if they fought Anderson Silva on 10 separate occasions, would probably win a couple of times. As good as Silva is, no one is undefeatable, it’s just that he really is high enough up there in skill, that upon one or two fights with an opponent, he’s more likely to win.

      What I’m getting at is if hypothetically, Stephan Bonnar and him fought at the next 9 ppv’s in a row, I don’t think it’d be 0-10. That being said, since we typically get just one fight, it’s in Anderson’s favor by a good percentage, to walk away the victor, because he is just that good.

      But to answer quit question about who would actually beat him on their first exchange? That’s just too hard to say. I think that Jon Jones does possess a great deal of skill, both being highly effective with the tried and true techniques that work (effective using jabs) and being successful in the unorthodox/harder to land moves, like spinning back thrust kicks and spinning back elbows.

      It’s where Anderson shines as well. Add to Jon’s skill, the fact that he does have height and reach on Silva, as well as strength and youth, and though Anderson has more experience in him, I think that this fight would be awfully entertaining. And again, if they fought 10 times, it probably wouldn’t be 10-0 (either way), but unlike most Anderson fights where his “out of 10” record would probably be 8 of those fights, in the case against Jon, I’d put them at 5-5…and that makes the matchup for the first and presumably only encounter, a very intriguing one.

      It doesn’t look like that fight will happen any time soon, however, but if it eventually happens and does so later rather than sooner, Jon’s chances will go up for the fact that it’ll be a guy in his late 20’s by that point, facing a guy who’s now 40.

      If its going to happen and have it still be 5-5 odds (or 1:1 as its more typically put), it has to happen now. We’ll see…

    1. Who do you think would be a good match up for Anderson? And both fighters, him and Jon, have respect for each other and seemingly do not wish to fight one another. So I don’t even know if Jones would be willing to drop weight (and a whole lot of it) to fight Silva. Then again, you “can” respect one another and still fight. Between Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar I and Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar II, the two guys became pretty good friends and they still fought. So who’s to say that it’s impossible for two guys to fight that respect/like each other. I say, fight at a catch-weight of 195 and book the super fight for July 6th, 2013…provided that both men have their last fight, EACH, in March 2013 at the same pay per view event. A double main event with each guy fighting his own fight. And hopefully, with a healthy 4 months of training, etc., before July, each fighter will have a third of a year to get ready and BOOM…pure awesome.

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