The UFC had another exciting pay per view tonight, with a great main event between Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort and an interesting first ever flyweight championship match between Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez.

Jon defended his UFC Light Heavyweight championship in the 4th round against Vitor, with a well placed submission, after dominating for nearly 20 minutes with a barrage of elbows on the floor and kicks up top. In fact, he was only in slight jeopardy for a moment in the first round, when Belfort slapped an armbar on him. Jones admitted that it did hurt and gave him a numb feeling that he never experienced before, but that he wasn’t going to tap out to it. Hopefully the damage done to his elbow hyper-extending isn’t too threatening to the 25 year old fighter, now holding a 17-1 record in the sport. A job well done and a classy fighter in Vitor as well, showing respect towards the man that made him submit and general care for his opponent, following the fight.

A congratulations also has to be given to Demetrious Johnson, for he will forever be the man to hold the first flyweight title in UFC history. It was a decision victory against a great opponent in Joseph Benavidez and would have honestly been a surprise if the judges scored it any differently. Both men never stopped fighting, but it was clear that Johnson landed more significant punches and kicks to the body, had better octagon control, and thus, won. A respectable fight and a great way to kick of a new division by having a defining champion.

Good job to Michael Bisping, Matt Hamill, Cub Swanson, T.J. Grant, Vinny Magalhaes, Sean Pierson, Marcus Brimage, Seth Baczynski, Gagnon Choke, and Kyle Noke for also winning tonight. Thank you to all of the fighters for putting on a great performance.

Saturday was good for me: an early afternoon at the Rose Bowl, watching UCLA vs. Oregon in a 20-27 football game that was definitely interesting, the final steps finished for a new project that’ll be revealed tomorrow, and of course, ending the night with UFC 152!

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