I am still waiting for two things to happen before the 10th/11th. The first of which, is an e-mail response from SuperBot, simply telling me whether or not they’d like me to run a new article with the remaining information I have.

However they respond, will be a win win situation for the fans. They don’t have to give me an explanation as to why they wouldn’t want me to run my story…just tell me not to.

By telling me not to, it can be interpreted as, “The final list of characters I have is real, as has been the case for all 20 I received previously, and thus, a reveal now would ruin their final surprise plans.” OR “20 is it, but we’d still prefer the article to not go up because all it will do is cause more chaos and end up disappointing fans, because that final list isn’t real.”

It’s a win win for SuperBot though because at least I’m giving them the most fair option I can possibly present at this point in time and that’s fully controlling what Paul Gale Network does with its proposed final list of characters remaining in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The second thing I’m waiting for is that final poster with all characters that my friend and source has received. I have not seen it yet, but personally want to quite so, so that I can be more confident in believing that my final list is in fact, 100% accurate.

You can vote here and/or on twitter for how you want me to handle the story, should SuperBot not reply.

#PaulGaleNetworkFULL will equal me uncovering all *’s, etc., in the e-mail I sent SuperBot Entertainment, all at once.

#PaulGaleNetwork3RD will equal me slowly pulling back the curtain, revealing the final characters, “approximately in 3rds”.

So then, it lies in your hands. Do you want a steady flow of fun in the coming weeks or do you want it all at once? Now I will state one last time, that IF SuperBot writes me back before the 10th/11th, asking me to drop my story, I will have to abide. Thank you.

Paul Gale Network is getting ready for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and its final character list
What’s it gonna be? Full or Segmented…

205 thoughts on “Vote here for how you want Paul Gale Network to reveal the final characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.”
    1. no he did not. ive followed everything. he was the first to reveal the game, and most of the initial roster he gave was correct (even obscure ones like parappa) every hint but the new characters has been explained and shown true, and only his current info is questionable, but he has admitted that

  1. So omar just confirmed 20 characters at launch paul might have you been given false info from your source or do you know for a fact there is more on disk characters in the game?

  2. Oh no,Paul!Please respond!
    Superbot confirmed that 20 characters is really the launch lineup of characters.Paul,whats going on?The characters you will announce here,are secret character?Or DLC?OMG,Paul!Is Crash not in? 🙁


  3. Unfortunately, it looks as though your info is false. Omar confirmed the roster is just the 20 characters and that they currently have no DLC characters planned. In the end though, at least the annoying guessing game is finished. Still gonna be a great game!

  4. Hey Paul, thought I’d give you another warning about a fan storm. Due to Omar confirmed 20 on-disc characters. Now what people don’t seem to realise is that the roster is odd. They have a Chimera mash-up but not a character? Superbot is holding characters back.

    Anywho, I say FULL reveal.

    Keep up the good work Paul!

      1. he said if the fans want dlc, theyll make dlc. and i dont think we scream “TAKE OUR MONEY” any louder. but we should at least go out and buy huge quantities of the game to garuntee we get our dlc

  5. FULL!! I’m tired of begin fooled by SuperBot with their “ove rtwenty characters!” and “no comment” “Stay Tuned”…Please Paul…I actually trust you more than SuperBot themeselves…Please,reveal ALL that you know!!

  6. Even though Black Smoke is right, I think you should reveal stuff slowly. It is critical that revealing stuff will not hurt the company SB or Sony in any way. It seems to me that SB is lying to all of us not intentionally, but to stop us from looking any further for more leaks. That is my theory. I believe if SB honestly had no other characters to reveal Omar would have said “There are no more characters to be revealed.” He didn’t so, it makes me still trust in you that you are indeed telling the truth. I think you should go through with this to stop negativity all the time about this game (especially on the PASBR community forums). So just a little at a time to keep the hype going would be nice ^^

    1. If this is truly 20, then there definitely was a point between when SuperBot and I spoke at E3 and when we met at the 25th Anniversary Street Fighter event that something internal was getting getting mixed around. I’d never just say, “Oh yeah the game has more than 20” if I didn’t have a reason to believe it, you know? Me saying those things and putting up certai hints like the jet ski one that were so obviously designed to represent a certain character was because it reflected what I was told. And aside from James Bond and the Lair stage not being in the final version (which is understandable because things change during development), my source was spot on in providing me info with all 20 characters, the game modes, rivalries which I said the title would have, stage lineup, etc.

      So when you have that much information that’s correct, how could you possibly know if these handful of remaining characters are part of some incorrect information? I don’t know what’s the 100% truth behind my remaining list and what Omar said, but the fact that they’re not matching, definitely isn’t comforting…

      1. Hey man I didn’t mean to sound mean. I totally believe what you say. Iv been here since the start and you have been always correct. Superbot is probably trying to rebuild hype for the game by saying no more characters are going to be released and then springing it on us. I didnt want to sound rude I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

      2. i feel really bad for u paul. and people keep taking ur word or superbots word as fact over the other, or taking any subtle sentance as fact of dlc or not or secret characters, etc. and i really wish there was some way i could help u deal with this chaos…

      3. if you get a response from superbot can you post the roster you possess ASAP. Im going insane in anticipation for this game. 20 characters or not, this is on the top of my most wanted list.

  7. #PaulGaleNetworkFULL
    My other comment didnt make it on here. I’m hoping this one does. Please just reveal the whole roster Paul. I was ok with waiting but with superbot claiming theres only 20, plus the mink and others who claim to have all the inside source on the whole roster your the only one who has been always accurate and I trust what you have to say. Thank you for all you have done for the fans.

  8. #PaulGaleNetworkFULL

    We’re close enough to release now that I’d rather just know everything that’s left. No more waiting.

    To those (few) saying “don’t reveal anything, it will hurt SB!” Paul has made every effort to respect Superbot’s wishes and has said over and over that he will not reveal anything if Superbot asks him not to. He’s contacted SB via both e-mail and twitter asking for a reply, it’s not like he’s trying to be secretive about this.

  9. If the remaining characters are real: Do it just a little bit at a time, this way fans can get some answers, and Superbot can still have time to keep some characters as a surprise(I say you do the character reveals once a week, this way they can still do an official reveal if they want to)

    If the remaining characters aren’t real: Just reveal the whole thing at once. I know you don’t want to disappoint the fans(as wouldn’t Superbot) but I think most of us accepted that this probably is the launch roster and are just incredibly curious at this point

  10. I’d definitely like to know what these characters are, even if they aren’t in the final game. But, there’s still some hype to build. I vote 3RD on this one. It’ll give us the information we so crave without blatantly spoiling it.

  11. So Paul;

    If I am correct you hinted strongly at Cloud, Crash, Ryu/Ken and possibly Big Boss/Snake.

    Would it be safe to say that before December 18 these characters might be released as DLC?

    There is a lot of stuff that doesn’t add up – such as the numbering of Dante on the website.
    Square Enix announcing their complete collection in August etc.

    Or the fact that if they did posters already, they couldnt release all the characters if one was not quite ready.


  12. Paul, have you asked your source what’s the deal with the “20 launch lineup of characters”? Could you ask for some clarification if the info you got about the extra characters is still valid or not?

    Also, ask about the poster so that you may have a look at it, because, come the 10th/11th and you reveal everything without some visual proof, I can bet you anything that the anti-Paul-Gale group will come bombarding here and all other forums with claims of lies, hatred and whatnot!

  13. So does your source get his/her info from SuperBot? If so, is it possible that SuperBot lied to your source on purpose? If that’s the case then I think that’s a rude action from SuperBot.

  14. Here is the thing… If you reveal the characters you know, I’ll most likely like them (taking from the hints). I have a good $60 in pocket and would be glad to go pre-order and buy it, BUT I don’t have enough reason to buy it with the roster like this… You would think a disk size like the PS3’s blue ray would have more content even with the Wii’s big disk.

    1. I don’t think it’s the size of the disc that matters, it’s the fact that SuperBot couldn’t get the permission of X Company to put in the game.

      1. also its the amount of work put into each character-a game with 60 cheap characters could take as much time effort and money as one with 10 perfect characters

      2. I’m just talking about content in general, not talking about specifically third party or anything, they just aren’t taking full advantage of the space they have and are given like Nintendo had done. SSBB had around ten gigabytes just for music! There were (if you add up people like ZSS and Sheik) 40 playable characters, over 10 bosses, 41 stages AND your own created stages, and so much more, I’m seeing half the amount that Brawl has right now.

        1. keep in mind brawl is the third game in one of nintendos most successful franchises. the success in the first 2, as well as other games the team and director worked on funded, and gathered massive funds for, brawl. ps all stars is getting a mixed response now, and it was probably similar in development stage. therefore u cant assume the funding is the same as it was for brawl, and even if it was, superbot has to pay tons for the third party IPs. brawl had 2, while ps allstars has at least 4.

  15. Lol this isnt very Paul Gale of you. Lie to our faces and when once found out high tail it out of there. I knew your creditability was shakey when the leaked picture of jin, kazuya and ryu were shown. You first acted like you knew all along and when it was proven false you completley backpeddled and claimed you never said it was true. You make me sick Gale. Spending a whole summer on the internet trolling us. Well congrats now that your big title fight project has been destroyed your site will go back to being dead. Playstation all stars was the only reason people came on here and now we know you are a liar this site will be long gone. Have a nice life you troll.

    1. You realize you have been the definition of a troll on this site? First, the jin,kazuya and ryu picture is completely debunked. Second, you bring no real evidence against him. Third, you do nothing but bring negative comments and attacks for no reason but to antagonize the community. Leave troll.

        1. when did he say jin, kazuya and ryu? hints that pointed to other charcters? comments that were misconstrued? things change during development. and i hope u know pauls not gonna let u get to him. so ur accomplishing absolutely nothing by this. anyone who reads ur comments will see everyone else supporting paul, and will most likely just ignore u .so just quit it.

  16. Omar just hinted they couldn’t afford Crash Bandicoot during an interview, that’s sad. Do you think Activision will eventually gets the price lower if they see that the game sells well and eventually Crash will become DLC?

      1. Considering Superbot has contradicted themselves more than Paul has, I would say Paul is definitely more credible over the company that is being extremely wordy so they can leave fans in the dark, but his source and info may not be as relevant if all of the info has changed. He hasn’t done anything to lie or cheat us. So leave if you’re just here to try and bash him.

      1. man I forgot that ppl can’t lie lol, also he could refer to dlc as paid dlc. The theory now is that there will be a free character pack when it comes out

    1. I thought that it was pretty much confirmed that the blurry figure to Kratos’ right was Sir Dan? I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that was figured out on various sites a while back…

  17. I have to admit something Paul, I was really excited with the game…really! but the final roster leaves me with a deep hole in my heart…. even if we get DLCs, that wasnt the idea….

    I know there is no way to please all fans, but lets be honest… Raiden( I know he looks cool -_-) over Snake? 2 Slots for Infamou´s Evil and Good Cole?… no Crash Bandicoot?! … New Dante? … No Crash?…. No Spyro/Toomba/Gex (many fans trough the forums wanted any of these characters),… No Crash…. no FF rep (yep, many fans wanted that too), … No Crash…. And Just for the record, I grew playing Crash Bandicoot and although Im not a fan, I recognize the importance of the character and the franchise for what the PS1 was.

    Anyway, Paul, you have been and still are the only one that give fans hopes…. Im still getting the game but I have to admit I dont feel the same for it 🙁

    So, I really really hope i can get something to believe in on October 10th….

  18. #PaulGaleNetworkFULL
    i have been following this network for a long time, by the way nice work buddy, and i am just tired of waiting. let us know

  19. Riddles bro them things so fun. and can you reveal if pyramid head is in the game or even mentioned. you can say no comment but if hes not in it it wouldn’t hurt to say hes excluded.

  20. I say give us everything that you know, Paul. After all, as another poster stated, if SuperBot really doesn’t want you revealing it, they’ll give you the heads up. The hype for this game is seriously in a rut right now; if these are DLC characters, well, it might make some jump ship, but it would be something, at least. Move set discussions are always fun.

    I suppose another question that might be worth answering: obviously characters would be DLC, but has SuperBot mentioned anything about stages?

    1. On second thought, based on the arguments of some others, I’m changing my vote to ‘no reveals.’ They have a point about possibly harming things for SuperBot/Sony and third parties in the future. Guess I’ll have to wait till November 20th after all!

    paul im worried that if u reveal what u know, and ur information turns out to be false, or outdated, then some fans will be pissed at you regardless of what u say. if u are willing to go through that to please those of us that stood by you, ok. but if u dont think u can handle the criticisms and insults that would come from ur information being false (some might buy the game based on what u reveal) then dont reveal. noone should blame u for that, and i certainly wont. im not saying u should care more about ur reputation, but if theres a chance u could be misleading fans, take that into consideration.

  22. Paul
    I think you should reveal everything at once if your information is confirmed to be wrong. If your info is right, then you should reveal a new character every week leading up to the release to build up the excitement or “hype” for the game.
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. You’re awesome for doing so. So many people have taken things out of context and twotoos is trolling all over. Keep up the awesome work my friend.

        1. Deffinatly not you Gale. I’m sorry but you heard about this game early on and GOT THE BIGGEST HEAD about it. You have been proven a liar and you refuse to even explain yourself. I’m disgusted with you and this whole trollscapade. I just want to know what you accomplished out of trolling the ever loving s*** out of us?

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