You know that Bridgestone commercial from the other month that had Jerry Lambert (who’s known for his PlayStation commercials, playing the character Kevin Butler) playing Mario Kart posted up that featured Sony’s Kevin Butler (Jerry Lambert) playing Mario Kart Wii at a Bridgestone factory? Well…though we might have gotten a good laugh out of it, Sony didn’t and now they’re suing both the actor and tire manufacturer. This is going to be very interesting to see how it paves out.

12 thoughts on “Sony sues Bridgestone and Jerry Lambert (of Kevin Butler fame) over the Mario Kart Wii commercial.”
    1. Dude seriosly does this article read playstation all stars not everything does has to do with all stars just wait patiently like everyone else until he gives us more info on the 10th.

  1. Anyways yah paul when i saw that they removed him from the commercial i knew sony wasnt to happy rightfully so i mean if i had someone who represented the company to sell games advertise other companys games id be pretty upset too.

  2. im not sure how to feel about this, i feel that sony is in the right becuase a sony icon does something for one of their competetors they have to feel betrayed.

    but i really really don’t wanna lose out on future kevin butler commercials.

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