On January 29th in this article, I let you all know that I would be once again having my E3 Q/A, this time for 2012, in which I promise to answer every single one of your questions.

Well, that time is now, because E3 is here and in this very article, you can go ahead and ask me any single question you can think of and I promise that I will answer it to the best of my ability. From graphics to gameplay, booths to controllers, babes to industry friends and anything you can think of…it’s all fair game.

Thank you all in advance for allowing me to bring the show as close to you as possible. I’m looking forward to what you’ve got coming.

170 thoughts on “Official E3 2012 Q/A on Paul Gale Network. Ask me any single question and I promise to answer!”
  1. Alright paul just officially Jak already! The ps fans has leaked a lot of info!The game media are investigating! You better reveal him before they leak more stuff!

  2. No offense at all towards you, but about 90% of your answers are “Maybe”, “Wait and see”, or “_ Has as much possibility as anyone/thing else!”, and it kind of gets on my nerves. I understand you can’t just give away info, but at the least, couldn’t you give us a hint? Not like a clearly easy hint like “Appeared in a 2/3-D platformer, is orange” but something harder like “Appeared in an adventure game, had close to no weapons, and battled strange creatures”. I know were about to get 2-4 more reveals at SDCC and EVO, but really, when you taunt people like that, it gets they’re hopes up.

    1. Being respectful of not saying anything, as requested by Omar and the SuperBot team is all that I’m doing. If I were to simply continue sharing my information that my source has provided me with, it’d make for a very happy internet, but a sad development team. Sure, I’d like to share more and be the bearer of good news, but I have to remain respectful of all.

  3. hey, i know you can’t spoil too much, but these four characters i am going to list below are my top four. it would be kind if you could at least not reveal to much, but list beside each character your thoughts of the chances of the characters being in the game, even if they aren’t. or even which one you would mostly want in the game? since they are big name characters and the most wanted you probably won’t say much.

    Sora –
    Cloud –
    Spyro –
    Crash –

    thankyou, hopefully i’ll have more simple and easier questions to answer in the future!

    1. I could say that one of those characters has been considered for the game more than the other three. I’m not saying that any are in it…just hear my words and think what I’m trying to get at. 🙂

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