On January 29th in this article, I let you all know that I would be once again having my E3 Q/A, this time for 2012, in which I promise to answer every single one of your questions.

Well, that time is now, because E3 is here and in this very article, you can go ahead and ask me any single question you can think of and I promise that I will answer it to the best of my ability. From graphics to gameplay, booths to controllers, babes to industry friends and anything you can think of…it’s all fair game.

Thank you all in advance for allowing me to bring the show as close to you as possible. I’m looking forward to what you’ve got coming.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I’d like to ask you some questions about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale:

    1.) How many characters in total are going to be playable in the game? Is the roster going to be more than 24 characters? Could you give us some more new reveals of who’s going to be playable?

    2.) How many stages in total are going to be in the game? Can you also give us some more new reveals of the stages featured?

    3.) Are there going to be CGI cutscenes in the story mode of the game similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary?

    4.) Could you give us the release date of when the game is going to come out?

    Thanks 😀

    1. *jfen005, 1) I spoke with Omar, Ivan, and the rest of the SuperBot Entertainment team at E3 and they said that for now, they actually don’t know how many characters the game will wind up having. Three weeks prior to the show, I received an update on new characters that will be in the game, but was told to keep it to myself as E3 was close enough anyways. One new character not previously known about to the public is Big Daddy from BioShock. As for other character reveals, Omar asked me if I could contact him first before making another reveal…so although I do have more information, I’m going to be respectful of his wishes.

      2) Like the prior answer, I have two more stages in my pocket but will be refrain from sharing them at this time.

      3) I can tell you this, yes, the game will have its own CGI cinema scenes.

      4) The official statement is “Holiday, 2012”. If you want my opinion, however, I’ll go ahead and guess: one week before Wii U’s launch.

      1. sorry to be this way Paul but im so excited for the game! Also, those sneaky little superbot tell you what characters they gonna reveal comin next?XD I want to know now!!!

      2. Hey Paul,

        Many thanks for your reply.

        One thing that has left me puzzled was that in a previous post of yours (I think it was April 1st) you have mentioned that “Nearly two dozen characters and stages are locked in.”

        By that, did you actually mean:

        (a.) “nearly two dozen characters and stages COMBINED are locked in”, or
        (b.) “nearly two dozen characters and nearly two dozen stages are locked in”

        as the statement was a bit vague :P?

        If it’s possible from your side, could you please reply as you’ll clarify a lot for many out there (me included :D)?

        Thanks 😀

          1. Similar to how Ken Levine wrote Big Daddy’s story for PSASBR, would you happen to know if Amy Henning wrote Nathan Drake’s story for PSASBR?

  2. Hey Paul, my question is about PSASBR.
    I was wondering, have you heard anything about Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon being included? (Specifically their PS1 incarnations)
    They are probably the most requested characters and I’m sure they will be included, but the sooner they are revealed, the better.

    Also, anything about other PS1 characters, like Tomba, Robbit (Jumping Flash), Dart (Legend of Dragoon), Blasto, Gex, Sir Dan, Ape Escape’s Spike or Pipo Monkey, etc. ?

    Any possible info about any of them would be amazing.

    Thank you! 😀

    1. *taoxadasa, You know, I do have a new batch of information that I was given 3 weeks before E3, but due to a few lengthy, friendly conversations that I had with some of the SuperBot folks at the show, I won’t say anything more at this time.

      However, because PGN “is” the first source for bringing news of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to fans on the internet, I will say that the blend of characters from the PlayStation Universe, both past and present will be acceptable by most. 🙂

  3. Hey there! Some questions about PlayStation All-Stars myself:

    1). Will there be more than one boss in the campaign?

    2). Will a health/percentage based system reminiscent to Super Smash be included? What about a defensive Super mechanic?

    3). Will there be one vs. one matches? How deep are the match customization features?

    4). Will ring outs be possible on certain maps? Are Supers truly the ONLY way to kill?

    5). Will there be unlockables (characters, stages, something similar to assist trophies)?

    6). Will there be a stage builder?

    7). Will there be a beta?

    Thank you!

    1. cheez0707, I have to be careful with with how I answer, so here we go.
      1) Yes.
      2) No and not in the recent build.
      3) I have the answer to the first, but can’t comment. If you thought that Brawl’s match customization features were very full, then most of what’s here to my understanding is satisfying by comparison.
      4) No, unless things change. And yes.
      5) Yes.
      6) Per Omar’s request, I won’t answer this one.
      7) I don’t know.

      You’re welcome.

  4. Can you give us any information on third-party contributions outside of the Bioshock franchise? Number of third-parties, character hints, possible items, will they have stages etc. etc. etc.?

  5. 1) How many PS1 characters do you expect to make it in the final roster? Are there any planned PS1 characters for DLC yet?

    2) Do you know if this game will be shown at Tokyo Game Show? If so do you think they will be unveiling new characters that apeal to Japan gamer such as Jrpg characters?

    3) Why did they not announce Cole and Snake as playable characters at E3? Cole’s voice actor had already tweeted that gave an obvious confirmation that he had worked with snake and Drake Voice actors.

    4)What 3rd party companies have been contacted for their IP characters?

    5) how many 3rd party characters should we expect for the final roster not including DLC.

    6) Will Gran Turismo be getting a representation? A stage possibly? What do you think the best mash up stage with GT would be?

    7) How tall are you?

    8) Do you know if the Vita will have exclusive content/features?

    9) How many stages are there as of now?

    1. *dirtypixel, another long one!
      1) Revealing that may be too much at this time in regards to part one. As for the second question, that’s not yet known internally even.
      2) I don’t know if it’ll show up at TGS but I’ll ask my source. Rest assured though, within the next couple of months, you’ll have another character reveal.
      3) Everything in time. After all, I announced Nathan Drake way back in October/November and look at how even past the official reveal, it took them until E3 to show him off.
      4) Several. 😉
      5) More than Brawl.
      6) First part of the question I won’t answer. Second part…”I” would say GT X Twisted Metal.
      7) 5’11”
      8) It’ll be playable away from your home as long as there’s wifi available, lol.
      9) Less than a dozen-ish that I know of.

  6. -continued
    10) What will the final character selection screen look like? The demo character screen was setup Horizontally, will this be the format to expect in the final release?

    11) If you can’t say exact list of characters in the final roster, how much characters from the “Michael” trailer will be in the game? not including DLC

    12) As of now this game is shaping out to be a male dominant cast, how many female characters do you think will make it into the game? What female from the PlayStation family do you hope gets in?

    13) Would you shave your head bald for charity?

    14) Who of the 3 (Sony Nintendo Microsoft) had the better E3 conference? In your opinion what was the most boring part of the Sony conference? Any specific let downs?

    15) Will there be unique characters specifically belonging to PSASBR? Last boss perhaps?

    16) Will there be a collectors edition along with special goodies?

    17) How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?


  7. Hello again, Paul 🙂

    I actually have a question relating to the game you first announced, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    1. Was that demo the same demo you had played when you experienced the game?
    2. What are your thoughts on Big Daddy?
    3. Did everything work out with James Bond or is he a no go? I haven’t heard anything on him for awhile.
    4. As with the previous post, is there an official release date?

    Thank you again, Paul. Great to hear from you 🙂

    1. *DuranLucian,
      1) The E3 demo was new to me (not one of the previous iterations I came across).
      2) I like Big Daddy as a character. I was planning on doing a reveal of him 3 weeks before E3 kicked off, but thought it might be better to just let it unfold for a change and be more of a surprise. 🙂 He’s a great addition though imo.
      3) I asked Ivan and some others at SuperBot during E3 if James Bond was making it in and their comment was “no comment”. However the day prior, Ivan kind of laughed at the thought, so there are definitely some mixed signs there. I’ll be talking to my source again soon and ask if there’s anything that can be shared.
      4) No official release date other than Holidays. I’d personally guess one week before Wii U comes out, however. You’re welcome and thanks.

  8. I paul thanks for all about, Playstation all-stars battle royale is just like i was imagine jajjaja i only have one question
    Will we have a demo on playstation network? if is so when we will download?

    Thank you again, and well i hopo that you can see this

  9. Hey paul , There something missing in Playstation allstars battle royale game, since im gonna be a game designer, theres something wrong about where they are going with this gameplay. The gameplay starts when you have to melee your opponents to get those super orbs to fill you super gauge for level 1, level 2, and level 3. The thing i don’t understand is that when you have supers to use level 1,2,and 3 that is the only way to kill your opponent to win the game. The game needs assist characters , also why not make level 1 attacks you to kill you and so as level 2 but more attacking to kill the opponent. In level 3 it can be just instant kill because since you work your behind off to get to level 3 you deserve for some payback. They also need to make melee attacks be the way kill your opponent with out just using super attacks, thats the lack of skill and a way to get the game not boring.I want this game to succeed!

    1. UH this is getting annoying for me to keep posting this comment on anyone elses comment who doesnt see how the super system will work, well this is how i see it, plus some E3 videos talk about the background characters’ attacks draining your super meter so even more strategy there.

      I too was at first unsure of the “only supers KO” idea because i couldn’t see how it wud work and also because it was the ONLY way to kill someone, but then I realised that SSBB ONLY has 1 way to KO someone too, by knocking them off the edge, and also that in this game, there are so many possible situations that can pop up in-game such as one guy using his level 2 super to demolish a person that is using a level 1 super, or dodging all the attempts of a person using his level 3 super only to counter attack with ur level 3 super on them.

      1. dude i know that , but i mean smash bros have more ways than playstation allstars, like assist characters , pokemon, melee attacks, and supers. This game show only supers to KO your opponent. ( im still getting the game though) The bad thing is i dont want this game to fail. I know for a matter a fact that the story is gonna be way longer than smash bros. In the interview this guy was sound like” taking this big chunk and this other big chunk parts of the playstation universe and put them together.” If they are going with the same formula style fighter that they doing right now? im expecting a huge roster like 35-45, to keep us satisfied

        1. No, you see when you think about it, Smash Bros only has 1 way to kill someone, knocking them off the level. All items do is knock players off the level, everything you use in the game is to knock players off the level. So technically there is only 1 way to kill some one just many ways for you to accomplish it. The same rule applies with Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, 1 way to truly kill, many ways for you to accomplish this. Plus there ARE gonna be more modes so don’t worry, it definitively won’t fail.

          1. Ok I just want to know when is Paul is gonna reveal the stages and characters on his page! He said he go them from superbot, I hope its spyro and crash!

    2. *Turbohero, good points and the game definitely has changed in some ways from when I was first introduced to it and even in the other builds I came across prior to E3. Some mechanics such as the ones you mentioned may be added…we’ll see.

  10. Hello Paul~.

    For Playstation All Stars Battle Royale are there gonna be any more japanese character representation or is it gonna be mainly Western characters? I’d love to see Toro playable.

  11. Hey Paul! I’m going to be a breath of fresh air and ask you about PSASBR. ; )

    Here’s my one question:

    Some time ago, you’d mentioned that the developer was looking at a finalized roster of +/- 20 characters, with the number looking like it’d be over 20. I’m wondering, can you give us an update on the roster size? I won’t ask you for specific character reveals or even hints, but a lot of people on PSASBR community forums and what not are starting to get upset/anxious because they’re worried that the roster size is going to be only 15 characters or so.

    If you could alleviate or address those concerns, we’d all appreciate it.

    And have fun at E3!

    1. *chzrm3, the game has a dozen-ish characters that I know of. It’ll have more than 15. Like I said in the beginning, around 20. SuperBot officially stated to me at E3 that they do not yet know the final roster size.

  12. Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Questions

    1) can characters dodge supers?

    2) are there cinematic cutscenes in the story mode (like the ones in Super Smash Bros Brawl’s story mode) and will there be voice acting for the characters in the cinematic cutscenes?

    3) what are the the level 1, 2, and 3 supers for radec, drake, big daddy, and sly cooper?

    4) can u give me the complete moveset for sweet tooth?

    5) what are the types for the attacks the 3 different attack buttons do in Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (like in Super Smash Bros Brawl where the B button pushed simultaneously with direction buttons does special attacks, while the A button pushed simultaneously with direction buttons does regular punches and kicks)?

      1. 7) if a player is KO’d when they have gained a super, do they lose it or do they only lose the energy when they are close but haven’t gained a super yet? also, if the second one is the case, does the same rule apply if they have a level 1 or 2 super where if they have a level 1 and are close to a level 2 but get KO’d, they reset back to level 1?

    1. *jdude1996a,
      1) There are ways to evade all moves in the game, but supers are amongst the more challenging ones.
      2) The game does have cinematic cut scenes, but I shouldn’t talk more on the subject past that.
      3) I don’t have my fact sheet in front of me at the moment, but I have seen them all. Some I shared before in past articles. Some are on YouTube. If I can, I’ll update you more thoroughly.
      4) I’ll try and do one better for you by getting my fact sheet out and typing them out, but in the meantime, I’ll say he’s a very cool character. Have you seen him on YouTube? Fun stuff!
      5) Similar to how Brawl works, all buttons but X do an attack. When you push a direction with the button, you create an attack.

      1. thank you for answering paul

        I know you can’t go into detail about cutscenes but are you able to tell me if there is voice acting for characters in the cinematic cutscenes for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale?

        Also, the folks at Superbot said once in a video that the story mode is a traditional arcade progression system like Street Fighter, what exactly do they mean by a traditional arcade progression system?

        1. Any additional voice acting information will have to wait. What SuperBot meant is that at the very least, there’ll be a sequential lineup of fighters to face, one match at a time, making your way through the game, through bosses, until the last opponent, see the credits, etc. There’s a reason for why at this time the wording is being used carefully.

          1. Thanks for the reply Paul, ok I’ll wait but for what you said for the story, do you mean it is similar to that of SSBB’s classic mode?

            1. I’ll stick to backing up SuperBot on what they said for now, and just go with their line of an arcade-like progression. I will say that the game does have different modes though…so leave that up to your imagination. 🙂

  13. Hey Paul, I also have a question about PSASBR, but its a single question like you asked, not 15.

    Do you know how Superbot plans to reveal information, and how often? I feel as if they should be more clear when they will update and how, to give us something to look forward to. Thanks!

    1. *Jrange378, you’ll be learning more on Paul Gale Network in the coming months and SuperBot is doing things their own way…different yet thought out. I know that people want a set schedule like the Smash Bros. Dojo, but I’ll just say that don’t worry…you won’t have to wait until the Holidays to find out more info. It’s on its way.

  14. do you know if fate from mirror edge is in psasbr other than that do you know what else is in for watch dogs, tomb raider, the last of us, Rayman legends, assassins creed 3 with the lady assassin, sly cooper, nintendoland, and also (if said) game and wario. also how often will superbots give more info on battle royale.

    1. *Vgamer, for the first part of the question, I can’t comment just yet on additional characters in PSASBR. For your second part, I don’t understand what you’re asking, but I did play those games and everything you mentioned was fun. You will learn more on Battle Royale before the Holiday Season, guaranteed.

      1. thx. BTW
        can we expect new franchise’s or future franchises to be in the game.(an example would be kat from gravity rush or Joel and Ellie from the last of us).

        do you have the full roster in your hand

  15. Hi Paul, thank you for listening us and being present to answer our questions =)

    I have a question:

    SuperBot always listen our wishes and our tips for playstation all-star battle royal ?

      1. Thank you for your reply. =)

        I would like, first of all, congratulated the team for SuperBot create such enthusiasm during E3, when the trailer has been unveiled,
        the applause of people, really moved me (I expect this game so eagerly).

        1. If you do not mind, I’ll give some tips and ideas:

          -First, if SuperBot wishes reveal the characters,
          I think the games must constantly’m eagerly awaited by the people.

          In my opinion, should SuperBot reveal 1 stage and 2 characters (at least) every month from 1 July:

          – 1st July SuperBot reveals 1 character
          – July 15 SuperBot reveals 1 character and 1 stage.

          and three months before the release of games, it would increase the pace of revelations.

          1. Then, in order that the game is very popular with people, should be 45 characters, after all, Sony has created five game consoles, and the roster can easily get to 45 characters.

            *7 From the Playstation 1

            *14 From the playstation 2

            *12 From the Playstation 3

            *4 From the PSP and PSVITA
            -Kat (gravity rush)
            -A small army of 3 or 4 patapon (like olimar in super smash bros)
            -Shinbu (Key of heaven)

            – And 8 Third-Party characters
            -Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
            -Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed)
            -Jin Kazama (Tekken)
            -Solid Snake
            -Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
            -Sonic the Hedgehog (to make jealous SSB fans) ^^

            And we easily reach the 45 all-stars.

  16. 1.from information you have do you think the game will also feature lots of japanese game character , does it have any chance to have atleast equal number of scej and sce western roster

    2. i know you can’t reveal name but from character you already know is there a single character from scej JRPG franchise? (for example some thing from the like of wild arms (6 game), wkc (3 game, , dark cloud (2 game), arc the lad (more than 3 game),roque galaxy, legaia (2 game) demon soul, folklore, popolocrois (5 game), over my dead body or legend of the dragoon or maybe alundra or patapon etc)

    3. is there any other female in the list of character you know?

    1. 1) There’ll definitely be a presence of Japanese-company characters, but as of right now, at least what’s publicly known is more westerners for sure. I know of a few other, Japanese ones…but will it be equal 50-50, no.
      2) I wish I could say, but that might be a premature hint. (Even this reply is a quasi-hint in itself).
      3) Absolutely. 1, maybe 2. 😉

  17. Hey Paul! I’ve some question for PSASBR.

    You know if the suberbot team is working on DLC characters?

    You think new characters will be revealed in June?

    Then do you think the team will have problems asking for the copyright of some characters? For example. We all know that the fans want Crash Bandicoot… If the Superbot team ask Activision for the copyright you think they’ll give it?

    Are you happy with the roster you know (even the unannounced characters) or do you think some iconic playstation characters are still missing?

    You’ve anounced Jak&Daxter and Drake some time ago before they were officially announced. So if they let you announce another character, can you announce who you want to?

    Last. How long does it takes to make a character? If now Superbot decides to make a character will it be in the game or will he be added as DLC?

    1. DLC characters are a big possibility, I’d say within the next 60 days you’ll have yourself a new character. Copyrights are negotiable as is almost anything, I’m happy with the dozen-ish roster that I know of. I sure can spill the beans on the remaining several that I know of, but I’m respecting their wishes at this time and not doing so. More characters than I know of are in the game…I know that, so I know that the majority of the game is complete. That being said, it definitely does take a couple months to fully tune the characters. Still some to go from I’ve heard. 🙂 So there’s the dozen-ish I know of, plus some that I haven’t been told yet, and a few more planned. How many that will be remains to be seen.

      1. Thanks for the answers. 🙂 2 months for a new character is really a long time, anyway I hope it will be worth the wait! 🙁 A little question about Jak I forgot, if you can’t answer no prob 🙂 ! Do you know what look will he be given? Superbot said they wanted to use original characters design (Like “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”‘s Drake), but I think Jak deserves more a Jak II or a Jak 3 design, maybe with Jak 1 and Jak X as skins…

  18. If you do not mind, I’ll give some tips and ideas:

    Thank you for your reply. =)

    I would like, first of all, congratulated the team for SuperBot create such enthusiasm during E3, when the trailer has been unveiled,
    the applause of people, really moved me (I expect this game so eagerly).

  19. Hey Paul I have another question and don’t worry is just one 🙂

    When sly cooper thieves in time comes out? I really want to play it jeje
    thanks a lot for everything 😀

  20. Howdy Paul, I have a good question. Two in fact.

    As you will have guessed, Battle Royale community is practically screaming for the following from what I’ve read (And I’ve read a ton of articles regarding characters and Battle Royale).

    Spyro and Crash (In their Original Form)

    Now I am fully aware that you can’t tell us if they are in the game yet. But that’s not what my question is. My question is this. Have Superbot acknowledged that the Battle Royale community is practically screaming for these 4 characters? I personally don’t mind if they don’t appear in the game, but it would make my day to know they have been acknowledged by Superbot. Even if they decided against adding them.

    Now for the second question. If you had to pick any character to place in Battle Royale from the Playstation’s history of franchises, who would it be and why?

    I hope you will answer my questions and have a good day (And cheers for all the information you have provided on Battle Royale so far)

    1. For the first part of your question, yes, the team does know that fans have been begging for these (and a few other top choice) characters. On to part two, can I pick from first party and second party or just PS exclusive? Thank you and you’re welcome too.

      1. Oh? Can I ask what these other top choices are?

        And as for your questions, let’s have a 1st party, a 2nd party and a PS exclusive. Let’s make it interesting.

          1. Ah good choice. For me I’m going with an odd choice. Croc from Croc 1 and 2. He wasn’t as popular as Spyro and Crash but many still love that crocodile.

            Now everyone’s pestering you about characters (I’m one to talk lol). But I’m going to take a different route and talk about stages. Now has there been any word on new stages? (Rumours, upcoming news, etc)

            Right now we only seem to have 4. I ask because characters can only take you so far with gameplay and hype before you need the stages.

              1. Oh that’s great, alot of the community were worried that there wouldn’t be that many stages.

                Are there any really bizarre game combinations (Like for example Spyro the Dragon and Final Fantasy VII). No need to tell us what they are, that would ruin the surprise. A simple yes or no is good enough.

                And there have been a ton of questions. Must be hard to keep lids on the information they want mustn’t it?

                1. One, yes there are some cool stage combinations. Two, I have to be very careful (especially after learning what I did 3 weeks prior to E3 and the conversations I had at E3) with what I say and so far I haven’t revealed any more than I can. 🙂

                  1. Actually that answer ties into another question. We all know you can’t spoil characters or stages. What I want to know is how much you have been limited to? Are you allowed to provide obscure clues (Like if you were giving a clue to Cloud Strife, you say “A 1997 character may be up for the fight”)

  21. 1. Do you think Sora from KH, Scorpion from MK, and Emmett Graves from StarHawk will make the cut?

    2. Do you think there will two Cole Mcgraths’ with different move sets?

    3. Would you prefer Nathan Hale or a Chimera to be a playable character?

    4. Do you think an EA character will be in the game?

    5. Will there be 3rd-Party inspired stages?

    6. If a match is 1-vs-3, will it be so that the person gains AP faster than all his opponents?

    7. Can you give us a hint to another stage that we haven’t seen? Have they completely removed the Bridge of Asylia stage?

    8. Would you say the graphics are about the same to SSBB, better or worse?

    9. Do you think the stories final boss will be original, or from a game already out?

    And lastly, how do you feel on the “This is a Smash Bros. Rip-Off” subject?

    1. 1] Maybe, 2] Maybe, 3] Chimera, 4] Possibly, 5] I know the answer, but can’t say, 6] The balancing act can be set apparently like in Capcom vs SNK 2 is what I’m being told (yet not exactly like in that game), 7] Sorry, not yet. And yes, Bridge of Asylia is gone…though it could be brought back. 😉 8] Higher resolution and higher polygon models, but not necessarily better in terms of art design or overall graphical approach. Better thanks to better technology, but not by leaps and bounds. 9] The final boss will be cool.

      It’s its own game, but I can see why many view it simply as a Smash Bros. rip-off, because it draws many parallels to Nintendo’s series. Sure, some then say, “but yeah, Smash Bros. ‘rips off’ Marvel vs Capcom because it’s a fighting game”, but no…this is a different case. The controls, movement similarity, environment structure, 4 player design mentality, overall feel and scope…it’s pretty damn similar. There’s no sugar coating the fact that Sony wanted this game made so that it’d be their own Smash Bros., so fans shouldn’t get all hurt when its being so closely compared to Brawl, because it’s suppose to be. Just deal with it and enjoy the game for what it is. This game is as much of a rip off as the PlayStation controller is to the Super Nintendo pad. Sony used Nintendo’s 4 face button layout and d-pad, as well as its two shoulder buttons. You didn’t see Sega do the same with the Saturn as the SNES did you? No. Maybe Sony did what they had to, because that had to emulate what was the best before it with the controller situation. They’re simply doing that again right now. The Smash Bros. series is the best at what it does and Sony needed to follow that recipe and “PlayStation it up”. It’s still going to be a good game, rip off or not. I like it. I’m getting it. If you’re a fan of Smash Bros. and like the PlayStation brand enough to enjoy its characters or are a bit curious about them, get it.

  22. Hey paul, yada yada, questions, yada yada, thanks.

    1)Possibilty of Parappa+???? Stage?

    2)Do you think Parappa’s LVL 3 is under powered?

    3)Do you think he will be underpowered in general?

    4)In his LVL 3, I can see Lammy and Masta onion. are all his friends/teachers going to be appearing in it?

    5) Have you noticed I’m a fan of Parappa?


    1. You’re welcome, now lets see what I can do here.
      1) Completely possible.
      2) Personally, I would give it more of an effect.
      3) I think he will be a more difficult character to master, but SuperBot is doing a good job with balancing, overall. In fact, Omar just asked me to give a fully analysis on all of the characters and I went deep in balancing, what I’d change, the pros and cons, etc. It’s one of the reasons why it sometimes takes a while to get back to every response, because I’m doing a lot at once. Thank you for being patient though!
      4) There will be a good representation of supporting characters from franchises, in one way or another.
      5) Yes!
      6) Anyone’s possible.

      1. Thanks, sorry if you felt I was rushing you. These are some pretty solid answers, with me sparking some thoughts. (Mainly, Parappa+? stage. *cough*bustagroove+parappapossibly?*cough*

          1. Ummm… Please send “Omar” a question. Ask him if he’s really a guy named Vaultdweller from Gfaqs. If so, you might have just given a guy all the info you know.

          2. Paul… Ask “Omar” If he’s someone from gfaqs named “Vaultdweller”. On Gamefaqs, he said he’d message you asking for updates on characters and all that. er… I hope… not… (I think)

            1. Omar isn’t Vaultdweller on GameFaqs. LOL, the funny thing is that I write what I write for a reason and I know a real e-mail from a fake one, because I do have real e-mail addresses and the one in particular from the “Fake Omar” aka Vaultdweller was not a real e-mail address. What I responded to that one was what I wanted to person to read and it worked because sure enough, it brought out who the sneaky gamer was…like I intended it doing. So then…to that community, it was a nice try and I’m glad that a few of them had a good laugh, but the real SuperBot, Omar, and my source in particular know of their little prank. No harm done though and even I admit that it was funny. But with a day of ip address backtracking, real e-mail addresses that are known, and so on…it’s not “that” easy to really pull something like this off. Fun entertaining a crowd though, lol. 🙂

  23. I have an idea on how they should reveal characters paul, every 2 weeks or so leading up to release, they can give clues on who or what the next reveal will be (from characters to levels, items or even modes) and if a person guesses correctly, they reveal it but if no one gets it, they just reveal it the next week. Can you pass this idea on to Superbot please Paul?

    1. I have already talked to SuperBot post E3 and directed them towards this very article with its Q/A as well as the official, big suggestion story (as I have before). They’ll see what you have to say.

  24. Hey Paul I have one question,
    I’m not asking for any confirmation but I’m just wondering, does superbot know we have been requesting them a lot to put in Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon?

  25. Hey Paul,

    I just want to ask. Have you guys forgotten about Dart. I think he’d be an awesome addition to the cast with his Dragoon form being incooperated in to the game. Do you think that if you get Dart in the game Cloud would be too similar? Im hoping for both. annnd GO RAZIEL

    1. Dart, Cloud, Raziel, and many more characters have all been considered. The PlayStation library of exclusive characters and its friendly third party partnerships definitely give the game a lot of possibilities. Almost anyone is fair game.

  26. A couple questions, thanks in advance if you reply.

    When making a moveset for Needles Kane, was it hard since he doesnt fight outside of Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal games?

    When using Level 2 or 3 supers, does it use that amount of meter or are they only activated when you get to it? (You get 2 meters, use Big Daddy’s rage super and use 2 meters in total?)

    When choosing Third Party characters, what do you look for? (For example lets use Big Daddy) did you add him because he had great potential in movesets, or that he would fit in well with the cast?

    Also what chances does a character like Travis Touchdown have as a third party in the game?

    1. I didn’t actually make the game. Yes, when you use a super, depending on how powerful, it determines how much of the bar is used. I wasn’t responsible for Big Daddy’s entry in the game, but I know that the characters being chosen are favorites of the team and those that they think fans would like…and companies that have an interest. Travis Touchdown is just as possible as anyone else. No comment as to how much more or less than anyone else.

    1. No one gets passed over. It’s just a matter of time before I get to everyone’s question. Not only am I doing this via comments on Paul Gale Network, but through e-mails, for Bitmob, and for 1up. Everything will be answered though. 🙂

  27. Hi Paul! I’m very excited for Playstation all stars! I’m just wondering if the team Superbot is concidering any more female characters? I would love to see Lara croft, Nariko, Lighting, etc.

    I would love it if they were in 😀

  28. Ok, I’m more interested in the characters!
    1.) Jersey Devil (PSX), is at least a possible character in the rooster?
    2.) Any Final Fantasy character?
    3.) Any Ape Escape character?
    4.) Probably any of “Driver” series, a stage? (Havana would be great)
    5.) A Soul Calibur Character?

    I think you can’t talk too much about it, but if you can responding at least one, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!

    1. 1) Possible, sure. 2) What do you think? 3) Possible. 4) Havana or someone else from Driver? Maybe. 5) I’d be happy with that. 6) Square-Enix and Sony have a strong history together, so it’s sure possible.

      1. Crono, most likley if a Chrono Trigger/Cross character is in. But, its a low chance. A bunch of people want Cloud and Sora, and they will have to strain for those two alone. I don’t think it’s OK to try and get 3 characters from the same company.

  29. This game is going to be amazing! I always wanted a game like this on the Ps3!!
    I have one question though.
    Does SuperBot have any Love for Kahu (main character from Jade Cocoon 2), or Kat(from Gravtiy rush)?
    They would be great to see in the game!!

  30. Hey there Paul, thanks for answering my previous questions! I actually have a couple of more if you don’t mind answering:

    1.) Will there be more modes beyond the confirmed timed and stock?

    2.) Will we be given an option to turn a score on/off for timed matches? What about customizing the amount of time we have in a match?

    3.) Will the story mode see “standard” enemies (like the primids in Brawl, for example)?

    Thanks again!

  31. I just want Prana Devil and Razorfane (from The Unholy War) and Scaler (from Scaler The Shapeshifting Chameleon), can you tell me the possibility of these characters making it in and if Superbot has considered these characters?

    1. The way they pick is from a giant list of potentials. There’s no way that every PS related character will make it, but hopefully the game does well and spawns sequels. Nothing specific to say on those two.

      1. Paul, for the ideas article you made awile back, I made movesets for characters I wanted in the game, but didn’t include circle and grab buttons due to the fact I didn’t know the structure for the controls. If Superbot liked my ideas and wanted to use them, how would they use it when there’s no circle or grab attacks? would they have to create the attacks themselves?

  32. would there be an Adventure mode (similar to subspace emissary)

    and if so will we be able to play it co-op local and online.(also up to how many players can play at a time?)

    Lastly, would the game’s adventure mode(if it has one) and classic mode type of mode will there be CGI cut-scene’s as well as in game cut-scene’s.

    cause i think thats a very important feature.

  33. Hi just wanted to ask a few questions:
    1 Has any character from the Tales series come up for consideration?2 Are there going to be any unique modes like target practice from super smash bros or anything similar?
    3 The description you gave for story mode sounds identical to super smash bros. Is there going to be much difference?
    4. Not really a question, but can I suggest wumpa fruit from crash bandicoot as an item. I think it would work.

    1. 1) Yes, all have been considered and the game will have more modes.
      2) This game will have its own differences from Brawl.
      3) By all means, suggest whomever you wish to suggest!

      1. Why Big Daddy and Nathan Drake, two characters that the fan community was not really talking about instead of characters like Crash, Spyro, or Cloud (assuming they can get the rights) that the community is all a buzz over?

        1. Nathan Drake was already revealed on Paul Gale Network back in November, 2011. Big Daddy was revealed because it was a good time to do so with a new BioShock on the horizon and it making an appearance at E3 as well.

  34. A single question i forgot to ask
    Are we going to see a character from an already existing fighting game??
    ( tekken,mortalkombat,streetfighter,soulcalibur or other from the genre)

          1. so Ill have to wait for now to know more … there’s the possibility of having more than 2 characters from the same game or company?? or only one per title ??
            thank you for your support paul I really appreciate it !!

  35. Hey there Paul, thanks for answering my previous questions! I have a couple of more if you don’t mind answering:

    1.) Will there be more modes aside from the already announced timed and stock modes?

    2.) Will we be given the option to turn the score on/off for timed modes? Will we also be given the option to adjust the time?

    3.) Will the story mode see standard enemies, akin to the primids in SSB? Will these enemies span across Playstation franchises?

    Thanks once again!

  36. A few questions. I’ll try not to repeat questions…

    1.) KAT from Gravity Rush ?! ( Love her) Any good news for fans of her? Please good news.

    2.)How will music work in this game? Like the mixed up stages? I’d love to see Dimitri’s nightclub mixed with something from Parappa’s universe.

    2a.) If the music is preexisting music, will it be rearranged or original?

    2b.) Will music be mixmatchable?

    3.) On a scale of 1-10 how accurate (with series representation such as the specific shown characters was the Michael commercial?)

    4.) Will SIXAXIS be used at all?

    5.) Will the characters be speaking to each other specifically in dialogue or text?

    6.) Will there be alternate outfits like we see in Dissidia Duodecim or Street Fighter or Tekken? Not colors, but colors too.

    7.)Will I be seeing ingame PS1’s, PS2’s, PS3’s, PSP’s, Vitas, Memory Cards, and Memory Sticks as reference to Playstation’s history?

    1. 1) Possible, 2) Mixed and original, 2a) Both, 2b) How so?, 3) No number, but safe to say that it has some in the game, 4) Still might be but no longer in the stage I mentioned before, 5) Dialogue and text, 6) Yes, 7) Perhaps.

  37. Hey Paul, many people on forums seemed worried that PASBR will be rushed and that Superbot won’t have enough time to include anyones suggestions, what do you have to say to make them not worried?

  38. Noticed you said anyone is possible, Just gotta know

    is paul phoenix still possible(one of my fav. chars) he was in the Micheal trailer,but it looks like are friends and namco are helping ssb4.

    You probably wont give me a yes or a no,so maybe you would say “Anyone is possible”

    but hoping you wont, i would luv a secure answer.

    on a closing note,if he doesent make the final cut could he always be a dlc?

    I know i said “On a closing note” but final question for now, Are stages a DLC possiblility?

    1. Paul Phonenix is possible, sure. The Tekken series has been with PlayStation for many years. DLC makes a whole lot more people potentially fair game. As for stages as DLC, I don’t know but would assume it could be done. Haven’t heard anything specific to confirm or deny that possibility.

  39. Hi Paul, so I really appreciate how much you care about the community, you give people these opportunities to ask you anything and you give info way before it should be out to the public, because of you i knew about this a year before everyone so thankyou. On to the questions,

    1. Why does superbot give you all of this info?

    2. From your previous responses it seems you weren’t supposed to tell people about some info, and superbot had to have a talk with you about it, what did they say and what was the info?

    3. Do you think Chell would be a good character? I couldn’t see them implementing her move set very well, since it would revolve around portals. But how awesome would that level 3 super be! She could shoot the moon and everyone would be sucked into a portal to space, or Glados could come out and just go on a killing spree!

    4. What character would you want most in this game? Besides ryu?

    5. Also does the Story mode change depending on each character?

    6. Out of the 8 characters playable at e3 which was your favorite?

    7. Also just food for thought, it might be a nice gesture to keep a list of all characters revealed by you on the front page of your website.

    Well thankyou, for letting me ask you these questions!

    1. First of all, thank you.
      1) One particular friend of mine associated in one fashion or the other with the game’s development has been my source on this title for over a year and a half. This person has told me everything, including a few new characters since our last talk which was 3 weeks before E3.
      2) I was going to reveal Big Daddy before the show but I chose not to. At E3, SuperBot said thanks for not revealing him and asked me to collaborate with them before I have future stories that reveal more characters…which is why I’m trying to be respectful of everyone’s wishes.
      3) Could be a good character, sure.
      4) Aside from Ryu, one of the characters I most want already “is” in the game but hasn’t officially been revealed yet…so I can’t say who that is.
      5) You’ll see, but though I know a bit of that answer, I couldn’t tell you everything.
      6) Kratos and Nathan Drake were a lot of fun.
      7) Good advice and perhaps I should.

  40. Without giving away what/who will be in, do they recognize the Katamari series as a possibility for anything or do they think it’s not relevant enough to Playstation?

  41. Also (sorry if this has already been asked, but I haven’t seen it), are ALL of the stages in the game going to be crossovers, or will there be some that only represent one game?

  42. Hey paul!
    I heard John King is remixing the music in this game. I gotta say he did a awesome job! Has he made the official theme music? I could give this ps one demo music that could bring a whole lot of nostalgia!

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