Nintendo has traditionally been the last of the big three to have their press conference and that hasn’t changed in 2012. To watch their Wii U and 3DS fun unfold in front of a live Nokia audience, visit or watch the following stream.

Nintendo’s entire press conference.

Part 1 through my eyes.

Having been to Nintendo’s special event for now 3 times out of the 11 E3’s I’ve attended, I can honestly say that in my opinion, they did quite a good job in making it clear by the software on hand, that Wii U is very much intended to be a hardcore gamer’s game machine and one that perfectly suits the casual market. We also got a small, but good look at some exclusive 3DS software (with a whole other event to follow, tomorrow).

What made me really happy at the event was NintendoLand. Just as my source said with the Star Fox – Metriod: Fusion Saga rumor, Nintendo has been experimenting with ideas of bringing their existing franchises closer together in a more unified universe. And though the game that I first broke the story on ended up being just a proposed title and not the one that Retro Studios is actually developing, NintendoLand proves that Paul Gale Network was on the right path. Did I personally expect this game out of Nintendo? No. Is this Retro Studios’ game? No. But does it look like it will really cater to the hardcore and casual audience alike? Most definitely.

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One thought on “E3 2012: Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Show Conference.”
  1. the major issue I had is they focused toomuch on Nintendoland. on top of that, they had nomention of the final Wii games which couldhave shown they had some support for that console. and while Nintendo land was shown,they said there were to be 3 IPs made for Wii-U, and we only got one shown.

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