Greetings gamers! E3 2012 is still a little over four months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin preparing some questions for me right now. This will be my 11th year attending the Electronic Entertainment Exposition since I began going in 2000 and will be my 9th time doing an Official Q/A for all of you online.

This is my specialty that comes around once a year, where I commit to answering every single one of your questions pertaining to anything E3 related. Do you want to know how Title Fight’s near final build feels like? I’ll give you all the details you can hope for. Are you curious what Wii U’s U-control feels like and how well can you pull off certain moves with it? Rest assured, you’ll get it. Even if you’re just interested in the booth babes and which company had the best showing…I’ll have an answer for you.

There’s no limit to what you can ask me in this article, which will be updated on June 5th when E3 officially comes around. I will answer each of you in the comments section below, one at a time, and do so at the end of each show day. It doesn’t matter how many people participate either, for all will be answered.

It’s a daunting task, but I’m proud to do it. Thank you for your time and here’s to E3!

27 thoughts on “As E3 2012 approaches, prepare now for Paul Gale Network’s Official Q/A.”
  1. Hi Paul,

    I’d like to ask you about Title Fight as it really got my interest since the day you announced it:

    1.) How many playable characters in total are going to be in the final roster? Could you give us some more new reveals of who’s going to be playable?

    2.) How many stages are going to be in the game? Can you also give us some more new reveals of the stages featured?

    3.) Is there going to be a plot or story mode with cutscenes in the game similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary?

    4.) Could you give us the release date? Will we be able to buy/play this year?

    5.) Is any DLC planned for it? Will it consist of more playable characters and/or stages?

    6.) Will there be online multiplayer feature in the game?

    Thanks 😀

    1. Given the progression of Title Fight’s development according to my source, I’d say it’s close to 100% certain that it will be playable at the show. As for a teaser trailer prior to E3…I wouldn’t hold my breath, but it’s possible.

    1. This article is more geared towards E3 discussion, but I’ll give it a crack. For anything in February on Title Fight, I don’t have anything currently planned. When will you see the “big reveal”? My best guess at this time is E3.

    1. E3 has been around for almost two decades and this one in particular will be my 11th one attending. Why am I going? I love this industry and wouldn’t miss the greatest show on earth for anything!

  2. Hi Paul,

    You said you would have some Wii U news for the end of the month and it’s the 31st 🙂

    Also, do you have any news about the Wii U such as specs, games, online infrastructure, etc.?

    In regards to E3, do you think Nintendo will rebrand the Wii U name into something else?

    1. That Wii U/3DS title will have to wait as I’m under an oath of silence on the subject right now.

      Regarding Wii U’s specs, I’ll say what I’ve heard from third parties before and it’s that “Nintendo’s next console will be the PS2 of the next generation”. This is going off of power comparisons to the opposition which to me says it should be a pretty capable machine that will be able to hold its own and not be totally embarrassed in the graphics compartment by Sony’s and Microsoft’s next consoles.

      Regarding games and the Nintendo Network, I just have to go back to that first answer I gave you, which is not being able to say much right now.

      Now about the Wii U name being changed, right at E3…in fact, just after the Nintendo Pre-E3 show finished while still in the Nokia Center, I spoke with one of my friends at NOA and talked about how shocking-yet-clever the Wii U name was. I said, “What about calling it Nintendo Revolution or Wii Revolution”?

      He said that Nintendo has been down that road with Wii as a code name and that they’re set on Wii U (though he did like my “Wii Revolution” idea). That “was” almost 8 months ago, however and there certainly have been rumors going around suggesting a name change.

      Heh, if Wii U ends up being Wii Revolution, I’ll gladly take credit. 😉

      1. Paul is scared of the Nintendo Assassins haha. Thanks for the reply! Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like the Wii U name, the hardcore will associate it as being casual again and it will be abandoned by third parties again.

        1. I’m ok with Wii U, but think that Nintendo Revolution or Wii Revolution would help distinguish itself a little more.

          DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL…3DS. Yes, to me and to the hardcore, we understood that “3”DS was a new system, but I believe that many thought it was just a minor upgrade. The system itself physically looks similar to its predecessors and shares a similar name (however catchy and convenient it may be).

          Wii, Wii U. The fact that the new console looks so much like its 2006 brother, might make casuals think it’s just a slightly more rounded version of its old self. Likewise, where you and I “get” Nintendo’s approach by saying that it’s for “U” (all of us), the mass market might think it’s only a minor upgrade.

          True, the graphics and new U-control (the name of the tablet-like controller as donned by me) should be a dead giveaway that it’s a new system, but that might not be enough.

          Nintendo, Super Nintendo (that Super was distinct, plus the look of the system was very different), Nintendo 64 (once again, the 64 was distinct and the look was modernized and sleek), Nintendo GameCube (building on the Nintendo name, changing the look of the console to match the GameCube part of the system, but possibly making a few mistakes along the way that didn’t help out in the long run), Wii (such a drastic name change and departure of what Nintendo use to do that it worked).

          Wii U from just a name and console design standpoint could very well work. Things that have buzz behind the name could work well or could be misinterpreted. Things that look like their predecessor could be confused for being the same or could feel like a safe buy because it’s comfortably familiar.

          There’s really so much that goes into the thought of a console name and the design of it. Taking a break from Nintendo for a moment, did you know that Microsoft considered naming Xbox 360, Xbox 2? They didn’t because they didn’t want the general public to think Xbox 2 was inferior to PlayStation 3. Interesting, right?

          My opinion on Nintendo:

          Go with “Wii Revolution”. It still builds on the old Wii name that’s popular and owned by almost 95 million people around the world, Revolution is a nod to the hardcore gaming crowd that already liked and supported the name for Nintendo’s predecessor, and it’s both familiar yet boldly making a point, “Wii are Nintendo and we’re bringing you another Revolution to the video game industry.”

          For the console design, as much as I like the white, sleek look of it, I think it needs some more nooks and crannies. Like take the look of Dodge’s Charger up to 2010 and then modify it to a 2011 and beyond Charger. The doors have a design change, as does the hood, and the tail lights.

          Wii U or “Wii Revolution” can look similar to the Wii, but should be distinctly different either by color or plastic design modification beyond what we saw in E3 2011’s design.

          I think I’ll make this reply a story…

    1. You know, back at E3 2012 I talked with Koji Igarashi about the 3DS and he seemed interested in the thought of Castlevania on the system. He didn’t come out and say he was making it, but I almost got the vibe that it was in the pipeline.

      Then, funny enough, about 6 months later, one source from Japan said that work has already begun on a Castlevania game from just the initial art and concept standpoint, for 3DS.

      I do in fact believe that a game is in the making and wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see it at E3. That being said, I haven’t seen it myself so I can’t confirm it to appear at the show.

  3. One other question I’d like to ask about Title Fight is this:

    Are there going to be any 3rd party (not Sony exclusive) playable characters, such as Rayman, Lara Croft, Ezio etc.? If so, could you please name some?


    1. You know, the only 3rd party character that I even heard being considered was James Bond. It’s in my understanding that the game will be overwhelmingly 1st party, if not entirely. Still, a couple 3rd party characters seem at least possible…I certainly hope for a few.

  4. In your opinion (not trying start any rumors or claim hard facts), but do you think there’s a chance they will give us a window as to when Pikmin 3’s release date could be announced? Since they’ve already stated that they do plan to put it out on the WiiU.

    On another note, do you believe they’ll release some “official” Legend of Zelda material. As I’m sure you know seeing as how you’ve been to the past 11 E3s, they had shown a “Princess Peach’s Castle” tech demo for the GameCube; much like we’re seeing now with a TwilightPrincess-style Link’s journey as a tech demo on WiiU.

    I’m not too worried about the 3DS, I have one; I know what is planned for release this year. That’s all good. The PSVita isn’t even in my interest, honestly, and I’m sure we’ll get Title Fight information when the time is right.

    So, yeah. And again, I’m not trying to spam with a bunch of rumors. I just want to know what your thoughts are on what we might see/what you, yourself, would like to see. You know, what have you; whether it may be some ridiculously good trailers for Assassin’s Creed 3 or Grand Theft Auto V.. What do we have a possibilty of seeing this time around, in general.

    1. Just my opinions:

      – I think that by E3, we’ll definitely get to “see” Pikmin 3 and along with it, learn of its release.

      – Regarding Zelda for Wii U, I’m expecting Nintendo to pull out some pretty heavy artillery for their show and do expect to see a gameplay/story trailer…if not even a playable demo as well.

      – I have to be careful saying what I’d like to see, because there’s one crossover project that I can’t talk about just yet. That being said, I’m really stoked to see Wii U’s jaw droppingly good visuals back up Nintendo’s amazing art direction with updates to many of its classic games.

      There are also some high profile games like Batman: Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden 3, that I’m looking forward to seeing just how much of an improvement they’ll be getting.

      And of course, I believe that some of the best we’re going to see will come from the 3rd parties that are developing games for Wii U, ground up. Those will be the titles that truly differentiate the power between Wii U and Xbox 360/PlayStation 3.

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