The following started off as a reply to PGN user Tenkay23 in my E3 2012 Pre-Q/A Article, and I just wanted to share it with more of you to get your thoughts. It’s basically just my thoughts on how I think Nintendo can be more safe and effective with their name and design choice of Wii U, by going with Wii Revolution, instead. Without changing any of the original text, here was what I wrote. And as always, your thoughts would be great.

I’m ok with Wii U, but think that Nintendo Revolution or Wii Revolution would help distinguish itself a little more.

DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL…3DS. Yes, to me and to the hardcore, we understood that “3”DS was a new system, but I believe that many thought it was just a minor upgrade. The system itself physically looks similar to its predecessors and shares a similar name (however catchy and convenient it may be).

Wii, Wii U. The fact that the new console looks so much like its 2006 brother, might make casuals think it’s just a slightly more rounded version of its old self. Likewise, where you and I “get” Nintendo’s approach by saying that it’s for “U” (all of us), the mass market might think it’s only a minor upgrade.

True, the graphics and new U-control (the name of the tablet-like controller as donned by me) should be a dead giveaway that it’s a new system, but that might not be enough.

Nintendo, Super Nintendo (that Super was distinct, plus the look of the system was very different), Nintendo 64 (once again, the 64 was distinct and the look was modernized and sleek), Nintendo GameCube (building on the Nintendo name, changing the look of the console to match the GameCube part of the system, but possibly making a few mistakes along the way that didn’t help out in the long run), Wii (such a drastic name change and departure of what Nintendo use to do that it worked).

Wii U from just a name and console design standpoint could very well work. Things that have buzz behind the name could work well or could be misinterpreted. Things that look like their predecessor could be confused for being the same or could feel like a safe buy because it’s comfortably familiar.

There’s really so much that goes into the thought of a console name and the design of it. Taking a break from Nintendo for a moment, did you know that Microsoft considered naming Xbox 360, Xbox 2? They didn’t because they didn’t want the general public to think Xbox 2 was inferior to PlayStation 3. Interesting, right?

My opinion on Nintendo:

Go with “Wii Revolution”. It still builds on the old Wii name that’s popular and owned by almost 95 million people around the world, Revolution is a nod to the hardcore gaming crowd that already liked and supported the name for Nintendo’s predecessor, and it’s both familiar yet boldly making a point, “Wii are Nintendo and we’re bringing you another Revolution to the video game industry.”

For the console design, as much as I like the white, sleek look of it, I think it needs some more nooks and crannies. Like take the look of Dodge’s Charger up to 2010 and then modify it to a 2011 and beyond Charger. The doors have a design change, as does the hood, and the tail lights.

Wii U or “Wii Revolution” can look similar to the Wii, but should be distinctly different either by color or plastic design modification beyond what we saw in E3 2011’s design.

I think I’ll make this reply a story…

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