Most Nintendo 3DS games sell for $39.99, but with the case of Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations, up until now it was going to be $49.99. The reason being, so much time, money, and resources were put into making this game truly a console-worthy experience…so much in fact that it would ship on an extra large 4gb card.

This compares to the standard 2gb card that many other games on the system come on (and oftentimes not even fill up). It came as a pleasant surprise then, when Capcom updated us just a few hours ago with this new price. It means that if you wanted to get the Circle Pad Pro but were iffy on spending $20 for the accessory, well now you can look at it as only costing $10, because Revelations itself is cheaper.

Nice one, Capcom…way to look out for the fans!

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