Zelda: The Lost Oracle on Wii U by Joel Furtado and Cameron Wiest on Paul Gale Network
Joel Furtado and Cameron Wiest’s terrific interpretation of Zelda on Wii U in Zelda: The Lost Oracle.

This right here has got to be one of the very best fan made trailers for a fictional video game, ever. This piece was created by Joel Furtado from Vancouver, Canada and one excellent animator and concept artist. The music behind the video was done by one Cameron Wiest, an equally talented sound designer and music composer. Watch the video below and see what their vision is for Nintendo’s next Zelda title on Wii U. The call it, “Zelda: The Lost Oracle”. I call it, “awesome”.

Please let Joel and Cameron know what you think by visiting their sites: JoelFurtado.com and CameronWiest.com.

Check out Joel’s YouTube page with the above original video as well as his other efforts by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Incredible fan made trailer for Zelda: The Lost Oracle on Wii U by Joel Furtado and Cameron Wiest.”
    1. The Wii U/3DS story is taking longer than I hoped, because I want to have something to show and not just tell. Also, right now I’m still under secrecy with the information…so nothing for a while longer.

      And regarding Retro’s new game, I have a small update which isn’t anything considerable, but I’ll share what it is within the week.

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