In just over an hour, I’ll be sharing the currently tentative title for PS3’s Smash Bros.-like fighting game. Like I said before, the title is currently being used in-game, but has a chance at changing before release. In addition to the currently used name of the game, I’ll be sharing what I personally think it should be called. I have to thank my source for the image, too.

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3 thoughts on “The title (PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale) for PS3’s “Smash Bros. fighter” will be revealed November 4th, midnight PST.”
  1. If there’s another delay after this, You know as well as I do that this wont be legit anymore, correct? If it doesnt get revealed midnight PST today, Then you’re likely to be insulted over and over by many people, and bashed as a gamer worldwide.

    Here’s to hoping that doesnt happen.

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