We have some unfortunate news today, and that’s that one of the most innovative CEO’s of all time, Mr. Steve Jobs, passed away. The 56 year old, founder of Apple leaves behind his wife Laurene, three children, and sister Mona.

Steve Jobs on Paul Gale Network
Steve Jobs

Steve stepped down earlier this year from his position as Apple’s CEO as his health began to wane…having battled pancreatic cancer for several years.

He certainly will be missed for he was a true visionary in the world that not only had the bold enough ambition to think he could change the way we function as a society, but the actual tenacity to see his dreams become a reality. He had a tremendous impact on the lives of millions, brought us revolutionary changes as we move forward as an ever growing tech-savvy society, and is a true entrepreneur whose inspiring ways will no doubt motivate others to follow in his footsteps.

I would like to wish his family, friends, and those closest to him my most sincere condolences during this time. Mr. Steve Jobs, thank you for all that you have done. I raise my iPhone and salute you.

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