Yvonna Lynn is one heck of a smart woman in the video game industry that I was fortunate to meet back at E3 2005. Our first encounter was at Nintendo’s booth (specifically in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess GCN section) where she was one of Nintendo’s girls hired for the show.

Yvonna Lynn on Paul Gale Network
E3 2005: Yvonna Lynn and Paul Gale

When I was playing Zelda and doing some video work for 1up.com, she offered to record me to get the footage I needed while being in frame. My first impression was that she was a very nice rep, but quickly got the vibe that she was definitely a real gamer. Not to take anything away from any of the girls that pose as booth babes at such conventions (because they’re all quite nice), but Yvonna earned major props in my book for really knowing her stuff.

Yvonna Lynn at E3 2005 on Paul Gale Network
E3 2005: Yvonna Lynn and Paul Gale

We talked a good deal during the whole show, exchanged cards, and have ever since kept in contact at both following trade events and online/over the phone, etc.

Yvonna Lynn at E3 2006 on Paul Gale Network
E3 2006: Yvonna Lynn and Paul Gale

Yvonna’s start in the video game industry might have been as a booth babe, but her passion for the industry would take her all over the place. She’s been a voice actor, a journalist, and a motin capture model to name a few. She even began her own site, Charismaplus2.com and you can check out her own profile on it by clicking here. This site is a great place for models to get noticed and I applaud Yvonna for helping women and men get one step closer to having their dreams come true.

Yvonna Lynn on Paul Gale Network
E3 2009: Yvonna Lynn and Paul Gale

I just want to give Yvonna the shout out that she deserves and say that it’s always a pleasure meeting her at each event we attend and having a great talk about all things gaming. Here’s to her keeping up with what she loves doing and having more success in the futue. Thanks for being a good friend over the years.

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