For Halloween in 2001, I decided to make a Nintendo GameCube pumpkin, since the system itself was set to come out in less than three weeks. As you’ll see in the picture below, I carved out both the console and the controller. Looking back, I’m pretty impressed with how I managed to get in all four controller inputs, the memory card slots, and even the circle up at the top.

Nintendo GameCube launced on November 18th, so with the anticipation for the new hardware, every kid that came by my house immediately new what they were looking at. I wish you could see how this looked in the dark, because even the controller lit up and looked cool. I think I carved out 11-18-01 and the letters GCN on the back, but I’m not positive since I don’t have a picture to prove it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Click here for a larger version.

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