In 2011, DC Comics is bringing Green Lantern to the big screen and today at Comic-Con, we got to learn a little more about the project. This Martin Campbell (director of Casino Royale) film is expected to hit theaters on June 17th, 2011 and looks like it’s going to be quite a solid effort. Main actor, Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder, Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place) seems genuinely excited to take on the roll of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and definitely likes the character.

Hal Jordan is Green Lantern
Green Lantern himself is just one of four connecting posters.

In Brightest Day,
In Blackest Night.
No Evil Shall
Escape My Sight.

Hal Jordan
Carol Ferris
Hector Hammond

Here’s to more on this exciting blockbuster in the making.

3 thoughts on “New info on 2011’s Green Lantern movie.”
  1. I can’t wait for the release of this game. Sure it’s about Green Lantern and his origins, but having Ryan Reynolds as the lead only makes it better lol. I hope they have a good story, not just special effects… like some movies.

    1. I think that this Green Lantern movie will be pretty solid. If it’s as good as Superman Returns or Batman Begins, I’ll be very pleased. If it equals Batman: Dark Knight, I’ll be thrilled!

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