Hello everyone and thank you all so much for your support in these past three months. Today marks the 1/4 of a year mark for PaulGaleNetwork.com being online. In this time I’ve done my best to try and provide a steady flow of video game news, previews, and reviews, martial arts pieces, health and fitness advice, exercises to follow, stories on my friends, my Halloween pumpkin carvings and other special projects, and random fun stuff from other walks of life.

I have a long journey ahead of me, but for now am very happy with my progress. According to Alexa.com, I’m now ranked:
1,838,346th in the world for 3 month data
1,375,000th in the world for 1 month data
395,136th in the United States for 3 month data

For comparisson’s sake, I wasn’t even ranked when I started on June 14th, instead, my first day of being ranked was two months ago, on July 14th:
12,938,854th in the world for 3 month data (was only around for 1 month)
3,077,096th was the first 1 month data I had (after July 14th though)
1,022,661st was my first United States data for 3 months (though it too was around July 21st and realistically only had 5 weeks of data backing it up)

This is all very encouraging and I have plenty of more to share from here on out. More PGN Week In Reviews are on the way, more martial arts kata tutorial videos, exercise challenges, video game news, and then some. Thank you for staying with me and thanks to places like GoNintendo.com that have been very helpful in promoting my site. Here’s to the next 3 months!

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