Here is my first custom t-shirt that I designed for Capcom. It’s of my favorite character from the Street Fighter series, Ryu. The shirt turned out pretty well for my first attempt and I even wore it to E3 2010 and showed it off to my friends at Capcom.

The front of my Ryu shirt
Here’s a look at the front of my Ryu shirt.

Everyone liked it and was encouraging me to continue making more. One possibility in the future, is for Capcom-Unity to run a contest on their website and one of the prizes will be a custom made t-shirt by me. Imagine having the Capcom logo on your shirt, with your user name, and as an even more personalized bonus, your Capcom character of choosing painted somewhere on it.

The back of my Ryu shirt
The back of my Ryu shirt is pretty much the same, but gold instead of white.

Future custom shirts that I design will be more detailed and varied, so if you’re a company or website that would like one, contact me.

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