Happy 41st Birthday to Jason David Frank from Paul Gale Network
Happy 41st Birthday, Jason!

Happy 41st Birthday, Jason! You’re doing an awesome job with everything you do. From your continuous martial arts training to upkeep with new season of Power Rangers to all of the fan meet n’ greets to your efforts with Bat in the Sun and everything else in between and beyond…we fans appreciate it all. Keep on rocking!

Instagram Happy Birthday message.

Here’s wishing you success in all things you do, safe travels, good health, and plenty of laughter along the way. I hope you like the video! Also, I would like to send you a copy of my book, Lisek’s Great Adventure, for your birthday. If you’ve got an address for accepting things from fans, let me know!

New Jason David Frank logo from Paul Gale Network
Jason David Frank logo by Paul Gale Network.

Jason David Frank Fitness Year 2014 progression on Paul Gale Network
Jason David Frank Fitness Year 2014, Paul Gale Network progression shot.

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