Creativity For Sale by Jason SurfrApp with Lisek's Great Adventure on Paul Gale Network
Creativity For Sale…alongside Lisek’s Great Adventure

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you my friend Jason SurfrApp’s new book called “Creativity For Sale”. It’s an awesome book that shares a lot of insight to Jason’s life, including his creative mind, where he’s been, fun stories of his experiences while in the IWearYourShirt business, last name changes, and more. I first began talking with Jason several years ago when he first launched his I Wear Your Shirt business. What drew me towards his creativity then, was the fact that I had an idea of wearing different video game company’s t-shirts and promoting them online and here was Jason advertising a whole different company every day. We spoke about me possibly expanding his established business in California (as he was in Florida) or even me taking his structure and adding “IWearYourUnderwear” to the company, but although neither of those things happened, he’s still been a great friend this whole time and one that’s always been positive, motivating, and generally awesome to talk with online.

It wasn’t before long that Jason did something new that caught my eye and that was auctioning off his last name at (the $50,000 winner turned his new name into Jason HeadsetsDotCom). If you’re wondering what his last name was originally, by the way, it was Jason Sadler, but now…once again, he has auctioned off his last name and that winner would change it to the current, Jason SurfrApp.

Then came what might be the most intriguing concept yet that I’ve witnessed this very intelligent, forward thinking/bold entrepreneur come up with, and that was the idea for his book, CreativityForSale at In keeping up with our regular conversations online through Facebook for several years now, I knew that this next idea of his would become a hit and as both a friend and intrigued investor, I was more than happy to support Jason by purchasing a sponsor page in his book. So on page 102, I got the following line at the bottom: wrote children’s book, “Lisek’s Great Adventure”.
Martial Arts/Personal Trainer – Video Game News – Indie Game Financier

With 200+ sponsors that Jason got, each one with their own little blurb at the bottom of their own page (it’s a 200 page book), everyone involved is a winner. Jason got financial support in his project and all of us got some unique advertisement space in a book that’s truly a first of its kind. I really do recommend to anyone who is an entrepreneur or would like to be one, start their own business, or even just have a handy book with around 200 unique sponsors’ websites to visit, to check Creativity For Sale, out.

Jason, congratulations my friend on a successful launch thus far and I wish you well with everything you set out to do in the future. But in the here and now…here’s to your book being a hit!

You could learn more about Jason by visiting either his website, or checking out his Facebook page, right here. You can buy Creativy For Sale at Amazon

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