On November 10th I went to the Elevate Lounge and had a total blast, so naturally, I had some expectations going into last night. And I’m happy to say that it delivered once again.

Paul Gale Network at Elevate Lounge
Paul Gale Network at Elevate Lounge

Before I get into the night, I have to extend my thanks to both Meaghan and Gabriel for helping make sure that things went smoothly. And that’s a perfect segue because the whole night was just that…smooth. The club was packed, the people just kept flowing in, the music didn’t stop once, and the fun just kept on going.

I was impressed with how many people were able to fit in the place and see things still be managed as well as they were. This is something important for clubs to get down right, because the more people also means longer lines for beverages and less dancing space. However, with Elevate Lounge last night, it never got to the point where you couldn’t have a good time and that’s why my impression walking away is so positive.

So I’ll reiterate…if you like music, dancing, and want to have some fun on a Friday or Saturday night, check this place out. It’s hot! Oh and it never actually gets musty because the open windows on the awesome 21st floor with an epic view, keep the place well ventilated and always fresh. Yup, I’ll be back as often as I can.

One final shout out goes to everyone that showed up andmade #PGNelevate a real event. Awesome. Here’s to next time!

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