Paul Gale Network has been getting a lot of questions regarding PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, ever since it was first revealed here, back in October, 2011…but things have escalated to a new high more recently. As the person who broke the story and promoted the game throughout its whole pre-official reveal, the source that continued to create hype with a “different take on hints” following E3, and the site that up until this very day has been correct on all things related to the game…why would I jeopardize all that I worked on if I didn’t have something to show for it?

Paul Gale Network has only had hints come true in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Paul Gale Network has only had hints come true.

It’s come to my attention that the final roster is being called “20”. Why then have I told you all that there are 22+ characters? I’ve said so, because that’s what my source told me. The individual at hand has not been wrong in the last 2+ years since knowing about the project and all information given to me has been proven true.

Paul Gale Network is not a troll for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Paul Gale Network is not a troll site.

Do you really think then, that I’d be a fool to just make stuff up and dig a trench that I can’t get out of? Not a chance. I’m not a troll and have only put up accurate information on this title. That being said, I’ve discussed things with my friend and have a rather interesting development. According to the person with the inside information, the remaining characters are legit, the poster is real, and that there is more to come. However, something interesting has been brewing in the past few weeks according to my rep and that’s the possibility of SuperBot Entertainment purposely giving various affiliated contacts, each, a separate batch of news about the game, character information, final number of playable characters, DLC facts, etc., for the sole purpose of finding out who is in communication with me.

Paul Gale Network
Paul Gale Network is choosing to play it safe and protect its source.

It’s why I’ve thought long and hard about how to act, what to say, what not to say, and why I’ve become increasingly more vague as time has gone on with this whole ordeal. If in fact true, that SuperBot wants to know who the leak within its affiliated network is, and has been giving out fake information to various sources, in which, what I have is actually fake, then if I officially reveal said information precisely as I’ve been given, it will be a surefire way to out my source, get the individual fired/sued, and regain full control of the future outcome of their game.

Paul Gale Network is stronger than you think when dealing with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Paul Gale Network is stronger than you think.

The other side to the coin is that there are people out there that plain and simple, are trying to light a fire beneath me, saying whatever they can, throwing as much hate as possible, to get me to crack…for if everything is an elaborate hoax and I prematurely reveal all of the information I have and it IS correct, the people out there that tried so hard to break me, will have won. I’m stronger than that though, and quite simply, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take to just “win people over”.

So where does that leave us now? I’ll tell you what. Here’s a promise to you all. Regardless of whether or not my source’s final batch of information that I’ve been provided with is correct or not, IF I can be assured that the info I have, once posted, can in no way be linked back to my friend (in which I’ll get the thumbs up if the person says they’re in the clear), then I will contact SuperBot Entertainment one more time, with the remaining characters that I have left, and tell them that I plan to put up the story.

If SuperBot asks me not to, then I won’t. If however, they do not respond, I will. That’s my promise. I’ve really, truly, sincerely with the utmost respect, tried to please and protect everyone.

1) To all of you, I tried, with the information that I’ve had all this time, to make the wait more bearable and in fact, a whole lot more engaging and fun, all the while never intentionally giving you false information. When I found out that James Bond didn’t make the cut, I told you. When I learned that Colonel Mael Raedec was in the game and not Rico, I told you. When I learned that the Lair stage concept had been scrapped, I told you. It’s not like I’ve ever been flat out wrong, but in cases when the information provided was slightly off, you knew about as soon as I did. Plus, with the exception of a few minor errors, I have otherwise been spot on with every single last detail about the game. I even shared with you my pitch to SuperBot of “your PlayStation Home character being in the game as a playable character”, that was personal, yet something that didn’t make the cut.

Paul Gale Network has always tried to protect SuperBot Entertainment and only do good for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Paul Gale Network has always tried to protect SuperBot Entertainment and only do good for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

2) To SuperBot, I have respected them by not revealing anything about “Title Fight” when I could have as early as Summer, 2010. From then on, even though I was responsible for the initial reveal on the internet, I handled things as delicately as I could, never giving out everything, yet still trying to build hype in some fashion. After meeting some members of the team at E3, I agreed to be extra cautious with what I shared online. And following that talk, meeting yet again with a different group from the company at Capcom’s 25th Anniversary Street Fighter event, I once more said that I would not be responsible for anything major coming out. I’ve taken a lot of flack from certain people on the internet to protect this company and I don’t regret it in the slightest, because I made them a promise.

3) To my source, I have always been truly grateful of our friendship and for providing me with one amazing scoop a little over two years ago. It was asked that I be the “man behind the game”, to “be there for the public”, and to “do your thing, PGN style”. Well, I did. I used what was given to me, appreciated it, and did so because I was given the opportunity. Based on my real life martial arts experience and life long love of fighting games, in addition to having an interesting, “indie site”, I was chosen to handle PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale even before Title Fight and though it took time to nurture the story, my friend has been pleased. At this time though, it’s come to a mutual agreement, that things need to be cleared out before I reveal any more.

Paul Gale Network will continue to update you on all things related to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as soon as possible
Paul Gale Network will continue to update you on all things related to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as soon as possible.

Most people don’t think of this, but what is the one party that I did NOT try to please and protect? Me, Paul Gale. I might not have been the person that people wanted me to be in the fullest, but I was who I had to be. Could I have gotten even more credibility if I put up the picture I took of myself in boxers, covering my junk, in a hallway, mimicking Raiden’s scene from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, mid-June and thus giving the internet a much better hint than a bunch of bullets? Yeah, I could have. Could I have put up the picture I took of myself urinating on a wall, while wearing jeans and a jacket, towards the end of May, simultaneously completely ruining SuperBot’s E3 reveal of Big Daddy? Yeah, I could have. Would the internet have had a good laugh at figuring out my Sackboy hint which involved me in a burlap fishing sack, jumping mid-air at the park? I think so. The fact is, however, I didn’t. Part of it was my own choosing of wanting SuperBot to be able to do their own thing and the other part was after our first official talk at E3, giving them my word. I took the harsh words, the criticism, and all else to try and please the other three parties. The last person I cared about, was myself. But I knew that I’d have to do that going into this and stuck with my guns the whole time…never regretting a thing.

To the people that have continued to support me, thank you. To those that aren’t believers, I understand where you’re coming from. To everyone, bare with me for little longer until I can confirm that things will be cool on all ends and if I can guarantee that my friend doesn’t get hurt and SuperBot ends up not responding back to my pitch of an article that reveals all remaining characters, you will have your answers before the game comes out. That’s a promise. Thank you.

Update: By the way, any allegations of me ever taking a bribe from Sony, SuperBot, or anyone else for that matter are completely false…as is the idea that I was responsible for anyone getting fired. Both are completely untrue…more-so in fact than last week’s article saying that I was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and took over a real pirate ship. At least that’s something more believable than whatever bull this latest person came up with.

61 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans…we need to talk…and a promise from Paul Gale Network.”
  1. “F I can be assured that the info I have, once posted, can in no way be linked back to my friend (in which I’ll get the thumbs up if the person says they’re in the clear), then I will contact SuperBot Entertainment one more time, with the remaining characters that I have left, and tell them that I plan to put up the story.”

    How long do you think that will take? Also by this point Paul, the way they’re willing to withhold information from the fans to play this game to out your source, you should just post this information without asking Superbot. It’s childish and a great disrespect to us.

  2. thank you paul for posting this, and i feel the need to say sorry for everyone out there (not me, you’re awesome) that has tried to put you down. Most of us truly appreciate you and everything you do 🙂

  3. Oh SNAP! I believe in Paul Gale!

    What’s the deadline for SuperBot to respond to your email? And did they ever respond to your other email prior to the upcoming weeks of TGS?

  4. Thanks for clearing things up Paul, I will continue to support you and your website. Not only do you bring us news in gaming you also help us with health and fitness. I appreciate what you do and I believe many people do as well.

  5. I have the utmost respect for you Paul, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I really hope you aren’t a troll because you seem like a nice genuine guy and I am really holding out for more than 20 characters!

  6. Thanks for the update Paul. I’m glad somebody was willing to tell us just what the heck has been going on. So Superbot has been spreading misinformation to find out your source eh? Well that explains the blogger’s tweet then. He must have been given false info. Well thanks again Paul, glad to see you’re taking all this negativity so well.

  7. Obviously the priority here should be your friend. Do whatever is necessary to make sure your friend doesn’t lose his/her job. No need to reveal anything further if that’s what it comes down to.

  8. well paul I hope you are telling the truth, and if you do get no responce maybe doing something like smash bros did a reveal a little at a time every day to help pass time. For example mon: a detailed review on a stage, tues: mode, wends: item thurs: ranodm friday : character or something like that. also REPLY TO MY PM NOW WOULD YOU KINDLY – COOKIE( oatmeal) IF YOUR GUESS THE REFERENCE LOL

  9. IF in fact you do get the go ahead to reveal the remaining info you have whether they’re true or not, I think you should reveal them progressively rather than all at once. For example, let’s say you know 4 characters left, then you should reveal 1 character per week or something like that to keep building hype.

    Another thing, I definitely don’t want to see your source get in trouble so I would rather have him keep his job than getting new info which would jeopardize his job.

  10. Thankyou paul gale for taking your time to give us this article and clear things up but one question i had was is there a deadline as to when you superbot can reply to you and you said you said if they didnt you would post remaining characters or the story in the game?once again thankyoucfor your time.

  11. I think more than likely Superbot will be holding off on reveals to pursue this strategy of weeding out your source. This is most likely the reason there were no reveals at the Tokyo Game Show. Hopefully that wasn’t one of the traps…Though I suppose that would only narrow the contacts by half at best…

  12. Dang Paul. Thanks so so so much for all your hard work. I know you wouldnt do anything to harm superbot or your source even if the fans BEGGED you for it. Thats pretty damn brave! Thanks again, best of luck!

  13. It’s great that you address the problem from TGS and the problem I warned you about last night! I am personally very happy with the roster, having played as all 20 characters at Eurogamer multiple times. But the main thing is there has to be at least 1 more character, it goes in the nature of fighting games!

    Guilty Gear = 13 Characters
    Dead or Alive = 11 Characters
    Street Fighter = 2 Characters
    Soul Calibur = 19 Characters
    Tekken = 18 Characters
    Marvel v Capcom 2 = 56 Characters
    King of Fighters 94 = 24 Characters
    Power Stone = 2 Characters? (Unsure)
    Persona 4 = 9 Characters

    As you can see, they for the most path end with multiples that aren’t 5 or 10.

    Though what I could suggest Paul is giving us the gender ratio of say, the next n characters. By doing this, you give us hints to what to expect but it’s so vague that there’s no way we can accurately guess. But that’s my two cents on it.

    Btw, there was a Ryu figure at Eurogamer, was going to take a photo as thanks for doing the blog…but someone bought it when I returned for the picture! 🙁

  14. Selamat Malam Paul! I apologize in advantage of my non-native english to tell you that I just register to say that I admire the way you’re handling this situation, I know that it may be hard to tell something that you know without hurting others or put them at risk.

    I’m a video game fan, I understand how the industry operates and how the bad revealed or the bogus information can hurt the fan base and the producing studio. So naturally I understand why you don’t want to tell everyone what you know in one post, but this lack of communication from SuperBot and the lack of reveals is heating every “fan” of the game that simply aren’t patient enough to wait for a game.

    I remember the days that every reveal was made in the gaming magazines even before when the internet wasn’t so popular as today, so the only way to get information were to wait. But sadly the internet were transforming the people in impatient people that want everything now, and that ruins the fun for all, like the one that hacked the files on the ßeta files just to show something that just don’t needed to be revealed at that time.

    I want to buy this game, I want to support the people that is bringing us a game that a lot of people wanted from long ago, so I’m helping them by buying the game and to don’t thrust everything that I read from the internet. Paul, I believe in you, you are being honest and I appreciate that you want to share the little you know about the industry with us.

    And besides, if SuperBot don’t want to talk, I understand them, I want surprises in the games like the old times.

    Thanks for your time and dedication Paul, best of luck.

    Buenas noches. (´・ω・`)

  15. Hey what’s up man? First thing I wanna say is. Whatever the outcome of the reveals or information to come. You have my respect when you try to keep your source from being known because you can easily reveal info and screw him or her over. So in that be proud of that because you came into this with principles and making promises that you’ve kept and I respect that.

    I rarely ever post anything on boards or anything but its just been crazy how people been reacting to everything concerning this game. Some of it is childish in not getting there own way if info is not given when they want it. I just hope it doesn’t get you down hearing all the venom and negativity thrown your way. Just keep your head up man because there are some who appreciate the info you do provide the fans.

  16. Thanks for the updates Paul. There’s quite a buzz regarding the current events for sure. Not only have you’ve been covering info but there are additional things such as the Prima Game Guide for PSASBR to consider. I’m sure that people are familiar with game guides that cover whats on the disc even when walking into a GameStop store.

    Also it would be a great idea for SuperBot to announce news in the actual game when it comes out. That way we can know about announcements, DLC and future plans for the game right from the menu.

  17. So can you or will you eventually confirm that Sid Shuman’s twitter post was misinterpreted? And what he really meant was that there will be 20 characters unlocked from the beginning and that there will be more to unlock?

  18. Good lord! Its like the mafia is behind this game! What with all this mixed information, Superbot being so secretive on things that are usually revealed near the beginning, and all the conspiracy theories XD !!!! I don’t know who or what to believe anymore…Whatever happened to enjoying and waiting on a game to be releases with no bullcrap tied to it? Man…Paul thanks for keeping us all informed….but this game is no longer interesting or thrilling to follow(not due to Superbot’s developing), but because of all the freaking leaks, peoples’ constant bitching, all the lies and photoshopped bullcrap, and all the mixed signals about the stinking roster number and other details. None of it is funny in any shape or form. Im not directing this to you at all, I just think its rediculous about the crap the surrounds this game. I was psyched at first when this was revealed and was a big supporter of this game and Superbot. But not anymore, everything has gotten way out of hand. For God sakes, its just a video game! Some people act like its life or death if they don’t get character reveals or if there aren’t anymore. Grow the hell up people! Anyway, Im done…Im taking a step back and exiting all this nonsense that has to do with this game and everything that surrounds it. Not interested in it any longer. But thanks for all you have done Paul! You kept the fans informed and hyped. You succeeded in areas where Superbot failed miserably. Hopefully this game does well and things calm down. And things can go back to the time when the fans were excited about a game that has existed in Playstation fans’ hearts for years. But for right now, who wants to be involved in something that consists of obnoxious jerks who act like spoiled 5 year olds because they can’t have their way. Boo hoo…Well thanks for the hints and info Paul. Never forget you will always have supporters who will stand behind you 😉

  19. Im sorry, but everything that surrounds this game is rediculous and has gotten way out of hand. The thrill and excitement are gone, it isn’t even worth following anymore. Heck with all the crap going on, you’d think the mafia is involved…what with all the mixed information and conspiracy theories. Whatever happened to being excited for a game? The fanbase for this game are obnoxious jerks who act like spoiled 5 year olds because they don’t get their way. Paul thanks for all the hints and info, but I think im done with this game. The whole thing has just gotten way out of hand.. I mean its just a game….

  20. There is no way SuperBot would relay false information to SCEA (their employees) and the fans and, thereby, destroying any hype that this game had just to find a leak. As it stands right now, 20 characters at launch is all we’re getting.

    1. Nobody said who they did it to, sony could’ve told the PR guys to say theres only 20 characters to create a lockdown. Plus we already know not everybody working at Superbot knows everything about the game, it could be that they were all told to tell their friends something different *paul’s source may not work at superbut but may be a close friend of an employee that does work there* the old i heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend:P

  21. You and Deadpool need to go out and get some chimichangas together , i only have question/favor. can you ask your source why the whole 20 characters on launch came up, or what does it mean? thnks hope to see more of you soon.

  22. Paul, you have my gratitude and my respect for all you’ve done regarding All-Stars. I think I speak for most of the community that we appreciate everything you’ve told us. As for your plans on the future, I personally would be a-okay with you not saying a word about any new characters until they are officially revealed. However, there are a multitude of skeptics when it comes to this game and I think your information would be a lot of help to both calm them and relieve them.

    Its ultimately your decision, Paul. You said it yourself, you haven’t pleased yourself all that much. So if you don’t feel completely comfortable with spilling the beans, essentially, on the rest of the game’s hidden details, then don’t. But I will also understand and back you up on any other decision you make here on out too.

    Again, thank you Paul Gale. Your awesome! 😀

  23. Hi Paul,

    How long should we wait until you are going to post something new again on what course of action you decided to take whether or not to spill the beans on the remaining stuff you know?

    Could you give us some sort of deadline of when we should expect an answer from you? Within a week’s time from today or much longer?

    Superbot don’t seem to care much on the situation so far as they haven’t yet officially responded on the matter, and you are pretty much the only source that I believe in other than SuperBot.

    Please don’t keep up too much on tenterhooks much longer as the wait is killing us all!!

    May I suggest if you decide to reveal all the remaining things you know, start by telling us how much the final roster count and the final stage count will be, then gradually reveal the characters and stages we don’t know of on a weekly basis until the release date. Like that it will keep the hype train for this game steadily on its tracks till the end 😉

    Thanks and keep up the work you’ve done so far 😀

  24. You tell ’em Paul! Man, I just wish that more people would understand your situation and believe in you. Your just a guy trying to help out the fans, then the whole internet flipps out over one guys tweet. I belived ya from the beginning, and I still do. Stay strong Paul.

  25. Well said indeed, I really think Superbot needs to hire a community manager, other companies do that stay in touch with fans all the time, slowly giving info as the days go bay and answering questions, Superbot has been to distant. This is a modern age of online connectivity, communication is key.

  26. Paul, I have to admit, before, I was confused and didn’t know who to trust anymore, but after this post, I know to believe you now…I hope Superbot doesn’t respond so you can post the characters because if that thing is true about them giving false info so they can out your source, then thats just wrong and you SHOULD post it

    1. no offense to paul 🙂 but itd be like if you had a business, would you want someone from inside your business leaking all the information of your next project to another company or the public before its finished or before you get a word in (again no offense to paul) im just saying i see it how both sides see it:P

  27. Never doubted you Paul. Why would I u have only told the truth. Anywase however your email goes we would definetly like to know some small things such as are there more characters. Even if they say don’t reveal any more. Thanks man and good luck. Hope to see a reveal this week 🙂

  28. Hey Paul, I doubt you’ll see this but I just wanted to thank you for all the information and fun little clues you’ve given us throughout the year. I’m sorry that after one tweet everyone starts to turn their back on you and make up stories….Hopefully Superbot will understand your side of all this and let you say when you need to say soon.(Or maybe Omar Kendall can come out and clear all this? The whole team has been strangely quite recently, and with Seth K recently saying to look forward to more PS1 representation this whole thing doesn’t make any sense) Either way just let the angry fanboys rage and know that your real fans will be sticking by you from now till even after the game launches!

  29. Whatever happens, Paul, I never doubted you for a minute. Ever since clockw0rk said you weren’t affiliated with them (y’know, a fact you made perfectly clear in your very first damn article about this game), they’ve been finding every excuse to think you’re a fraud, to the point of straight up deluding themselves.

    To be honest, while I like the suspense from conventions, I hope you just tell us. I really just want those damn doubters to shut up, even if they don’t believe it until when and if SuperBot does another public reveal.

  30. paul, ive been following you since title fight, never doubting u, i had no reason to believe, but i did, and my belief was paid back in full . u gave us the chance to give info to sony, i took it, and was rewarded when the game was shown to be real, meaning my post got there. i didnt even doubt when i saw the recent ign post of 20 characters (which other sites besides urs have dismissed : so i want to thank u, truly. i have no reson to doubt u or ur source, but im starting to doubt a company that would rather be secret than please fans….but that doesnt change wheather i would get this game or not. thanks again paul

  31. Hey Paul, I come from the infamous gamefaqs board. I want to start off with apologizing for all the hate thats been spewed out about you from so many. I think you you must realize that this comes with the job, you know? Kinda like that quote from batman “you’ve lived long enough as the hero to see yourself become the villain”? But I think me and everyone would like some information on whether if there are actually more than 20 characters or not. I don’t really need anything else to keep my hype up, even though id love to see cloud be confirmed to the game. Oh well either way im going to gamestop tomarrow to preorder my copy of PlayStation all stars. Thank you for keeping up the hype and trying to understand us, the fans.

      1. Paul replied in his “50 Days left until Wii U launches in America. Will you be getting one?” article. He would rather reply to us as a group rather than individuals…were all saying such nice things i cant blame him.

  32. the photo and the “Paul Gale Network is not a troll site” made me laugh jajajjja and I want to thank you for everything that you are doing really dude thanks for this I’ve been following you since the tittle fight notice and I know that you would never tell us a fake story ;D so I never doubting you 😀

  33. Very amazing article, i made an account just to say this. I wish you the best, i hope your source isnt caught and that you can provide us with information soon. People seem to be losing hope because their character didnt make it in and they think the roster is too small for a ps3 games. Makes me wonder if they are doing all of this (pretending theres only 20 characters) in order to catch you *conspiracy*.

  34. All the best Paul, I’ve respected you in everything you’ve been able to tell us about this game, and not once have I doubted you or your information and it has been a joy coming to your site to see what hints you have next for us, and has really helped become more and more excited for this game. I wish you all the best and thank you for all you’ve done!

  35. As much flak as I’m sure you’re getting right now, you should just know that there are plenty of us out there that know you wouldn’t ever intentionally mislead us. I’ve personally seen more people in forums defending you than bashing you. And that whole “Paul Gale was bribed by the Illuminati to bring down the great Asian devil that is Sony from within” theory is completely bonkers, are people really that bored?

    Anyways, keep doing what you do man. We’re all going crazy for more info, but I understand the position you’re in and I for one would feel pretty terrible if your source got outed and fired (or worse) just because the fan base is a little impatient right now. Not ruining your source’s life is more important than trying to appease a bunch of people that probably still wouldn’t believe what you told them anyways.

  36. Well Paul, all I can say is thxs for all your hard work and we will be waiting for any information (whether positive or not) that you get form Superbot and your source 🙂

  37. I can’t help but search your article for hints. Quick random notes and questions. The flexing picture looks like you are holding a little flag on your shoulder. Where is that fountain picture taken at? Back to topic on hand. Can you update us day by day to let us know where the situation stands? (Ex: Still waiting for the ok from source) Keep up the awesome work Paul!

      1. Are these pictures hints? If so, Then the fountain picture from Italy could be Ezio Auditore. Also thank you for the article Paul and we all really appreciate everything you have done for the community.

      2. A response! You always seem to be doing the craziest things at such amazing places. You must have a pretty awesome life to live. Thanks Paul, it is always nice seeing that you can be you and live the life you want to live. It’s inspirational. Times, as of late, seem to always make me feel like I’ll never be at that stage. Live the dream I suppose? Thanks again

  38. Paul, thank you for all your hard work with this situation. Superbot has been handling this game terribly and you are generating more hype then they are. I also believe that the tweet was a misinformed tweet and you are just hinting at the other characters you know about, but that’s besides the point. I trust you Paul, and I hope the best news on characters for the game has yet to come.

  39. I can’t wait until crash is announced so i can kick Jak and Drakes butt and show them who the real Naughty Dog Champ is. Of corse that is after i save up my money, buy a ps3, save up my money again, and buy the game.

  40. Hey paul since you sent the email to superbot on friday and its been 4 days has superbot replyed back and is there a like a deadline as to when they can contact you back?

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