Tomorrow we’ll be at 7 weeks left (exactly) until Nintendo releases Wii U in the Americas and I was just wondering where you stand at this point. Where you always planning on getting one or where skeptical at first, only to have swayed over and now intend on being there come launch day? Or perhaps, you’re against the machine altogether, in which case, makes me most curious: Why?

All responses are fair and could add to being a healthy discussion below, so thank you in advance. And by the way, regarding all of the awesome comments in yesterday’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale article that you’ve been leaving…they’ve all been read and thank you so much for your support. You’re all quite a cool community and I appreciate your friendship. I’m staying away from commenting on anything for now, but your words have reached me.

Ok then, Wii U talk time! I’m stoked for November 18th…bring it on, Nintendo!

6 thoughts on “50 Days left until Wii U launches in America. Will you be getting one?”
  1. Personally, I’m not 100% on board. I’m very curious as to what the online capabilities are for the system and as far as I know Nintendo has been keeping mum about it. I’m also not that interested in most of the launch games(Outside of Rayman Legends, and New Super Mario Bros). Not a day one purchase but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it as time goes by, what are your thoughts Paul?

  2. Looks like a cool system, but with next gen consoles probably coming out next year i feel like nintendos going to be behind games again not satisfying hardcore gamers. I see sony also doing similar things with the ps vita/ps3 that the wiiU will be doing with its controller which is the main selling point. Good nintendo exclusives is what it really comes down to for me.

  3. Pre-ordered day one, so I can grab it at midnight! For me, I’d get it for the new Mario/Zelda/etc game, even if it was as bad as another Wii, sure that system can’t do much, but those games are great, the Online and special features of the Wii-U are only bonuses in my book!

  4. Well, im getting it like in 2015 because alot of good games will out especially smash bros 4 , mario kart wiiU, another mario strikers ( i hope ) , and another exclusives that has something to do with sonic because im a sonic the hedgehog fan i watch all of seasons from sonic X , has all of the games ( except sonic cd, sonic 4 episodes 1 and 2 ) i hear rumors that the wii u might have a sonic game exclusive. DAMN! Anyway i want to see what the wiiU can do.

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