This trailer for Resident Evil 6 from the Tokyo Game Show is full of awesome…so I recommend giving it a watch.

Capcom’s latest survival horror offering is also one of October’s biggest games. Who’s looking forward to this one?

14 thoughts on “New Resident Evil 6 trailer from the Tokyo Game Show.”
  1. Hey Paul, im sorry if this is late but be careful about the Playstation All-Stars commenters. There was some surprising news that rattled them up so they will be asking you for answers and they will be rather rude about it also.

  2. Hey Paul, another good blog writing. I tried Resident Evil 6 at Eurogamer. Not my cup of tea but a decent game nonetheless.

    Also, there’s the possibility for more controversy towards you and Superbot on the way. A guy who works at Sony yet not at Superbot states that they announced the Launch Line-Up of characters (The 20 characters). Just thought I’d give the heads up before the posts arrive. You know, us Game folks have to stick together!

    Also, feel free to read my review on the Eurogamer. As alot of americans couldn’t make Eurogamer.

    Keep things going Paul!

  3. Yo Mr. Paul Gale! So I’m pretty sure you’re now aware I tweeted Sid Shuman about the roster count of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and he responded with “We have revealed the full launch lineup of characters”
    So is 20 really the final count? Or is he simply saying that 20 characters will be unlocked from the start? You’ve already mentioned 22+, so will there be 2+ characters to unlock? What gives? I think you should shed some light and reassure the fans, if Sid Shuman can spill a few beans then I think you can spill a couple more. What do you say?

  4. Paul this got me thinking about how cool it would be to see a Resident Evil rep in the game…but I can’t help but notice that major gaming sites (e.x. IGN) are reporting that there will be no more characters in Sony All-Stars upon release and it will only be the current 20 that have been anounced. Can you shed some light on this situation Paul, since you know of other charcaters?? Why is Sony/Superbot stating there will be no more launch characters?

  5. Paul…What do you say to the PR rep who says on Twitter that 20 characters is the final roster? Why would you tell us 22+ and mess with us like that if there isn’t any more characters?

    I’m tired of all this BS. I think you should just go ahead and say what you know, they are doing an absolutely awful job marketing the game, and you revealing anything will not hurt you’re reputation at all, seeing as how they are totally incompetent. You would be doing them a favor.

  6. At least give us something. I don’t wanna be rude but if people are feeding us lies and you know the truth shouldn’t u tell us. Plus as a journalist isn’t it in your best interest to get the most people viewing your work. At least give us some answers hints or anything. Thanks paul

  7. I had a feeling people were gonna flip out like this. cut paul some slack. he doesn’t work for superbot. he can’t possibly know everything about the game and what they’re doing with it. go complain to sony/superbot

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