ScrewAttack has a new Death Battle video, and this time its participants are Link from The Legend of Zelda and Cloud from Final Fantasy. This group always creates an interesting setup and this one is no different, so enjoy!

What’d you think of the fight and the outcome? Do you agree with how things went down? Awesome job, ScrewAttack…keep it up!

17 thoughts on “Check out this video of an epic battle between Link and Cloud Strife.”
  1. Yeah. I remember seeing this video a while back. I agree with Wiz and Boomstick sometimes…but this is one of the times I had to call bullcrap. I really like Link as a character…potentially more than Cloud…I mean…since he doesn’t really talk…his personality is somewhat up for the player to decide. But…you know who else I like as a character? Sly Cooper. But, I’m not gonna say that he’s going to win against Goku. That’s almost the level of physical difference that’s in play here. Cloud’s strength, speed, and durability are leagues ahead of Link’s. And then they made particular note, near the beginning of the video, that the two combatants were only bringing the items that they use in their fighting games: Dissidia and Smash. And if not adhering strictly to that rule, they were at least to only have what was most comfortable for them- their most iconic gear throughout their series. So then they gave Link end game crap…that only appeared in one of the many Zelda games…in the form of the golden gauntlets. This is particularly inappropriate when the fact of their inclusion is said to be one of the principle reasons Link won the battle. Without them, Link would not have been able to withstand Cloud’s blows. Not to mention…Cloud has sliced through freakin’ buildings made from thick metal. The Hylian shield wouldn’t have been able to withstand his abuse. I would also like to add that, while Cloud is perfectly able to dish out pure brute force, he is not the idiot that they made him out to be. They stated at the end of the video that Link was the smarter fighter…but in what capacity remains a mystery. His fighting intelligence is purely dictated by the player, the puzzles in the Zelda series are solved by children of our world, and he has often relied on the help of a partner to find the weakness of an enemy. Once again, I don’t have a problem with Link as a character…and Cloud isn’t even my favorite Final Fantasy character. I could have even supported Link’s possible victory if they would have focused on different traits…like the fact that he has the triforce piece of courage and that the Master Sword is one of the most ultimately powerful weapons. If they would have focused on that…then maybe. Otherwise, the concept is flawed.

  2. I have seen this a while back and I called it BS. The fight was pretty cool ,but there were alot of flaws in the logic. First of all, Cloud can take alot more punishment then that, I mean Sephiroth stabbed him repeatedly and and stabbed Cloud strait through the heart (or it was spine, I have to see it in blueray again.) and was still fighting like it was nothing. I am pretty sure that Cloud could have easily won. Another flaw is when Cloud summons the Meteor shower. Screw Attack made the meteors look like baseballs when they should have been the size of a semi or bigger. I have not personaly seen a meteor ,but at the weight and speed it is coming from space colud leave lake sized craters and there was 5 or 6 summoned. So Link would have been crushed flat. I am a Cloud fan ,but I am honestly looking at it through logic wise. I am hopeing Cloud is announced at TGS for Playstation AllStars Battle Royale and thank you for all you have been doing Paul.

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