This was shown last Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it’s kind of sad-but-true…yet funny!

Do you personally know people like those shown in the segment/could probably trick someone with your own iPhone 4S or even another make altogether? Funny…

6 thoughts on “Funny iPhone 5 segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
  1. Dear Paul,I am in the BETA and can not play the BETA with my SDTV.I get the /80028F10/ video output error message,and the game does not start.PLease,help me Paul!I really want to play this BETA.Thanks!

    I posted the problem on Superbots Facebook page too.

      1. No,but thanks for your response Paul.There are a lot of people on the official PSASBR forums having the same problem.I only hope that the full game will support SD.

  2. jajajja damn thats sad but funny as hell jajajja In my opinion I can’t understand why are some people worry to get a new version of the same phone that has almost everything that has the previous version mmm oh well jjajja

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