Wii U launches in Europe and Australia on November 30th on Paul Gale Network
Wii U hitting Europe and Australia on November 30th

– Basic Pack
– Premium Pack (with NintendoLand)
– Premium Pack (with ZombiU, ZombiU Pro Controller, and ZombiU console skin)

– Australian prices:
Basic: $349.95 (about $370 US)
Premium: $429.95 (about $450 US)

– European prices:
To be determined by retailers.

Wow, if it wasn’t enough to already learn that Wii U will be hitting North America on November 18th and Japan on December 8th, we now know that Europe and Australia will get the console right in the middle, on November 30th. That means that within a 20 day period of time, Nintendo will have launched Wii U on a global level.

And things keep getting better, as Satoru Iwata confirmed to us that Monolith Soft (the developers behind the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles) are hard at work at a brand new, big game for Wii U, that’s not tied to any existing property of theirs.

This game, whatever Retro Studios is working on (not Star Fox – Metroid: Fusion Saga), Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. 4, and the 3D Mario title in development, all suggest one thing: Wii U is looking to have an extremely strong first year. And by doing so, it will no doubt be a console worth owning as we head into this next generation. Before Xbox 3 and PlayStation 4 come out, in the 1/1.5/2 years that Wii U will be available, it will achieve such a solid balance between the casuals and hardcore, making it a system that developers simply will not be able to pass up on, and thus be highly relevant for its whole 5 or so year lifespan.

Paul Gale Network is calling it now: Wii U will be Nintendo’s most critically acclaimed system ever for overall quality and quantity in its software lineup.

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