Last night was a lot of fun at the event in Los Angeles put on by Iam8bit and Capcom, to celebrate Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary with a great art exhibit. In addition to a great setup with lots to look at, there were many fans of PGN that shouted out, took pictures with, and had a good time. Amongst these people were also several of the exhibit’s artist and we too shared some laughs…not to mention me being flattered that they were supportive of my new book.

Lisek's Great Adventure the new hit children's book by Paul Gale Network
Street Fighter artists knew about Lisek’s Great Adventure? Awesome!

But it was getting called out by another group present that was a surprise: SuperBot Entertainment. We spoke on a few separate occasions and had quite a bit of fun.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer: SuperBot Entertainment is cool with Paul Gale Network
SuperBot Entertainment and Paul Gale Network are cool.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer: SuperBot Entertainment is talking with Paul Gale Network
SuperBot talking with me about my hints.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer: SuperBot Entertainment having fun with Paul Gale Network
SuperBot getting carried away with me.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer: SuperBot Entertainment in a big group photo with Paul Gale Network
Big group photo of SuperBot and me.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer: SuperBot Entertainment's own Clockwork with Paul Gale Network
SuperBot’s own Daniel Maniago (ClockwOrk) and Paul Gale.

What exactly did we talk about throughout the night? Some of it was regarding my hints and their appreciation that I handled them the way I did, by purposely making the latest batch a bit more difficult to decipher. They also were kind enough to thank me for not revealing Big Daddy right before E3 and gave me props for wanting their studio to have a surprise like that. We then spoke about the recent leaks and I assured them that I wasn’t responsible for that happening. I even told SuperBot straight out that just a couple of days before those leaks hit, I met with my own source and received all of that same information…and then some, which is why I said in my Q/A that it was highly ironic that the leak came out when it did. I assured Daniel Maniago, Dean Rymer, and the rest of the gang that regarding DLC characters and other final specifics, they will be kept close to my chest.

And with that, I told them the same thing I told Omar and that group of SuperBot that were at E3, “I respect you all greatly as a development studio and that’s why I never let all of the details out of the bag throughout all of this. I have three parties in mind when I put up news. The first is to the fans that want it. I try to give to them something that they won’t get anywhere else. The second is to my source, because it’s for the friendship we have, that enables me to even share the news in the first place. And finally, as a man, I have to respect your group, because you work hard at what you do. There’s money involved, stocks involved, other parties/investors, and so on, in which lives I do not wish to hurt. It’s not about getting more hits, because I certainly could. After a while, it’s finding a balance in making fans happy, making the source happy by revealing what I’m told I can, and making you happy by building hype at the same time as not spoiling too much.”

It’s what I said to them, almost word for word, and they really respected me for it. And almost every member that night told me that I was a big part in this game’s hype train, that a lot more attention came their way than it probably would have, otherwise, and that everything turned out for the best when I revealed things last October and ever since…despite how unexpected it might have been in the beginning. So yes, we’re totally cool. They’re an excellent group of men and women that have a lot of passion for what they do, they’re really nice people, and I’m happy we’re all friends.

I even joked with them about me possibly being in the game, based off of some of your own suggestions and they thought it was pretty funny. Maybe not as a character, lol, but it looks like the possibility of being mentioned in the credits in some capacity, exists. Either way, this whole thing has been a blast and Paul Gale Network will continue to cover PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale until the game comes out and well after. I wish the crew the best of success with this and all of their future endeavors.

The chapter isn’t fully closed on this game, but now is as good of a time as any to officially state that I’ve got a huge Xbox 360 exclusive as well. It’s still far too early to reveal anything (let alone a hint), but know that it’s of the same caliber as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was. And as far as I know, I’m the only person outside of those directly involved with the project, that has the information…so it should be yet one more PGN first. But that’s all that I’ll say for now.

41 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale update and pictures with SuperBot Entertainment. Plus, Paul Gale Network has a new Xbox 360 exclusive.”
  1. So the Xbox exclusive is Microsoft All-stars?

    The only things they could put in are The Arbiter, Marcus Fenix, Fable Hero, a Fordza car and like 20 Master Chief’s /Spartans. LOL 😛

    1. hm, made my own roster a while back:

      1st Party (owned by microsoft)
      John-117 – Halo: Combat Evolved
      Sgt Johnson – Halo: Combat Evolved
      Arbiter (Ripa ‘Moramee) – Halo Wars
      Jack of Blades – Fable
      Reaver – Fable II
      Baldur – Too Human
      Alicia Claus – Bullet Witch
      Banjo – Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
      Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark Zero
      Conker – Conker: Live & Reloaded
      Kameo – Kameo: Elements of Power
      Professor Pester – Viva Pinata
      The Agent – Crackdown
      Shu – Blue Dragon
      Kaim – Lost Odyssey
      Brutus – Brute Force
      Azurik – Azurik: Rise of Perathia
      Edgar – Phanton Dust
      Dub – Fuzion Frenzy
      Blinx – Blinx: The Time Sweeper
      Vince – Voodoo Vince
      Captain Smiley – Comic Jumper
      Splosion Man – Splosion Man
      Crom – Bloodforge
      Moonshade – Crimson Alliance
      Trials Rider – Trials HD
      The Maw – The Maw
      Dust – Dust: An Elysian Tail
      Gunstringer – The Gunstringer
      Ellen – Kingdom Under Fire
      Inphyy – Ninety-Nine Nights
      Avatar – Xbox Live Avatars

      3rd Party (exclusive xbox games)
      Marcus Fenix – Gears of War
      Skorge – Gears of War 2
      Alan Wake – Alan Wake
      Jason Flemming – Shadow Complex
      Steve – Minecraft
      Bullseye – Monday Night Combat
      The Dishwasher – The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
      Ernst – Rise of Nightmares
      Capell – Infinite Undiscovery
      Edward Kyle – Operation Darkness

      3rd Party
      Zoey – Left 4 Dead
      Commander Shepard – Mass Effect
      Dovahkiin – Skyrim
      Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell
      Ryu Hayabusa – Ninja Gaiden
      Raz – Psychonauts
      The Kid – Bastion
      Shank – Shank
      Vault Boy – Fallout 3

      so, still think they’re Halo related? Xbox could most definitely have their own All-Stars

      1. Well, there are 3rd party xbox exclusives you missed, like Banjo/Kazzoie, Conker, a mecha from Steel Batallion and someone from The Last Remnant. Just sayin’.

  2. waoooooo it would be cool that you have a cameo in Playstation allstars battle royale or maybe as a playable character jajja 😉 really and an special exclusive for the xbox-360 it would be an smash bros with the exclusives characters of microsoft maybe???? well thanks paul and is good to know that superbot and you are cool 😀
    see ya

      1. Well what about that your normal moves are from differents martial arts
        Level 1: Paul do flying kick
        Level 2: Paul throw some gym weights
        Level 3: On the screen appers Ryu from street fighter and help paul to kill the others charactes (both use a shinkuu hadouken)
        well what do you think about this moves???? personally it made me laugh jajjaja 😀

  3. What was the point of this article? You literally said nothing, why should we care about pics of you and Superbot? Save that shit for Facebook or something

    1. hey men don’t be a jerk paul is doing everything to give us information about the game and also some of us want to hear about the jokes with superbot so relax because the information is on the way 😉

  4. What do you mean by same caliber as PSASBR? They’re not making their own Microsoft All Stars are they? Cuz I’m pretty sure one of their guys said they’re not making one.

    1. Haha, that was quite a funny pic. I was joking with them that we should stage a photo of them choking me out or me laying on the ground with them kicking me, lol. We’re all friends though and it was great to talk and laugh together. They definitely have my full respect.

  5. Fantastic article, cool to see you’re still Choppin’ and Kickin’ with the Superbot and that you still believe :=)
    good luck with your book and that xbox exclusive.

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  7. Paul Level 3 Super: Paul takes off a photo whith a hint on who will be the next character revealed the opponents starts speculating and then explode for thinking too much… Hope you know I’m just kiddin’! 😛 I really appreciate the work you’re doing and I think you deserve a space at least in the credits of the game…

  8. Hey Paul! It’s nice to see that you and SuperBot are good friends!
    By the way, could you give us some hints for the character reveals at Gamescom? hahah
    Please, we would be so glad!

  9. paul will you kindly answer some of these questions :p

    1) when you said there is more characters to be revealed other then the characters that were leaked was that not taking into account dlc characters or is that it for the disk.

    2) what your opinion on the crash and spyro hype can you say anything about them, I understand if you can not

  10. How about he summons Lisek as part of his moveset somewhere? Or a Paul Gale gym-like scenario as a good training stage? The list can go on forever… Stil trying to figure out who a good rival would be for him though (unless we see Kevin Butler in the fray)… xD I’m excited for PSASBR and if you were in it, I know I’d probably play as you 100% of the time.

    1. Those are some more fine additions, lol…thank you! And being a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would definitely compete well against my appearance in Street Fighter IV as a guest in the European Cruise Ship Stage. If that happened…wow.

  11. well you have been ignoring my questions so I am prob getting on your nerves but this is an urgent matter as you may know for two min an updated psas site was up and people that were on got some things from it they will effect how many people view the game?
    link 1excert from site:

    link2 showing characters :
    1) is there really going to be 3 tekken reps?
    2) also ryu was found in the banner as well
    3) is clank a seperate character from ratchet like it showed in the pic

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