The following is the beginning of a small series of hints that reflect certain avenues of interest in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I’m not going beyond simply labeling the hints as they are. Will what’s shown here, right now, be at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend? Possibly…but rest assured, it will be reflected in the game, as was every other past hint I put up.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 1 on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 1 (Large)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 2 on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 2 (Large)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 3 on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 3 (Large)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 4 on Paul Gale Network
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Hint 4 (Large)

Speculate away, but I won’t be answering questions…at least probably not right off the bat.

Update 1: I’ll tell you this much, I took all 4 pictures myself.
Update 2: I won’t confirm or deny any assumptions thus far, but will say that there are things to the hints that no one has gotten yet…that to me are obvious (obviously). I’m looking forward to finally telling you all just what I’m referring to…eventually.

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  1. I am confident I solved pic # 3. Take a look at the outline around the pistol. Look familiar? If not, go to the link below and you can see it plain as day.

    Also note that it is significant there is a bayonette attached to the rifle. This is what got me here in the first place. It is significant that the pistol is outlined with bullets, but the rifle is not. The pistol is outlined for a reason.

    Now, I get the need for more female characters — and while some may discredit Bayonetta’s status as a Playstation Allstar: Keep in mind — this is the same team that selected Big Daddy for inclusion. They have said they will pick a character if it makes the game better and also have said they have included some of their staff’s favorites and they are not afraid to bring characters in out of left field.

    You have to admit, it would leave room for a nice potential of movesets and she is an interesting character.

  2. Ok, I may aswell try a guess.

    1. Orange Car, I’m going to assume that’s Crash.

    2. Yellow and Silver Cars, Ratchet and Clank.

    1 + 2. Both being centered around Cars leads me to belive that there will be a Gran Turismo stage too, also the restaurant than seems to be Western themed, could point to John Marston or a RDR stage. Also the day and night theme may refer to the Undead Nightmare DLC, possibly having a stage randomly pick between standard RDR and Zombie RDR.

    3. 2 Guns, one little and one big leads be to think of LittleBigPlanet, so Sackboy. The rifle also leads me to think of RDR again.

    4. We all know about the La Li Lu Le Lo by now, so Snake is obvious, however the ammo looks arranged quite specifically. I can’t find and country or US State shaped like that, however I think it quite closely resembles a FF characters hair, possibly Cloud Strife.

  3. I have some suggestions :

    * For the first photo:
    -Looks like a line of arrival / departure (for racing), with stakes, a flag in the middle, and the line on the ground …
    -The light at the top and between the two stakes, is green, as if to announce the start of a race.
    -To return to the flag, it looks like he is down
    -In the bottom left of the image, it says MG on the sidewalk (Metal Gear?)

    * For the Second photo:
    -Looks like a rivalry, a confrontation, a duel, etc. …
    -It can make us think about Ratchet & Clank, but also Cloud & Sephiroth (Yellow and gray hair) …

    * For the Third photo:
    -I have nothing to say except this picture I made,

    * For the Fourth photo:
    I do not learn anything to anyone:

    By-cons, I feel I have discovered a face!

    That if his can give ideas to some people …

  4. A Gran Tourismo car is an item?
    Infamous 2 stage?
    Solid Snake? Big Boss?
    Cole McGrath?
    Gran Tourismo/Playstation Home mash up stage?

    Am I hitting anything here?

  5. 1: I like the idea of the orange car and the trees and what-not being a Ape Escape mixed with Gran Turismo level. Ape Escape has already been leaked (plus the color of the car is almost identical to Spike’s hair), and the cars and day-night pictures point to gran turismo (also someone pointed out that the first pic resembles the photo mode in GT).
    2: Yellow and silver cars point to ratchet and clank, but there must be more to this one. PG said that every detail matters, and this is a big detail. I think it might be a tag-team system for them (tag team was mentioned in another post) like Ash in Brawl. It could be something else though.
    3: Something no one saw is that the rifle is actually a Mosin Nagant rifle, which The End uses in MGS 3. I think this points to a MGS 3 level featuring The End, or else a weapon that Snake uses. It could be a mashup of LBP and MGS level (another site pointed out ‘Little to Big Gun = Little Big Planet’) but I personally think that that theory is stupid.
    4: Obviously Snake is revealed in this via the hidden words, and I think the gun with the clip out points to a emphasis on CQC. However, there is more to this picture. Why is the background like it is? And what shape are the bullet shells in? Another poster said it resembles Crash Bandicoot, so it could a mash-up crash and MGS level, but it could be something else entirely.
    I apprecitate any thoughts on my theories.

  6. Copy and Pasted from my post in a thread on GameFAQS

    Maybe, it’s that there’s coal at a grill or barbecue, which is the Cole. And that the two photos, being at night and at day, may represent the good/evil split for Cole.

    The car could be symbolising the time when it is set in. The car could represent the modern day, which is when the series is set. And anyone else think that the place looks a little like it could be New Orleans? Well, the second game is set in New Marias, which is supposed to resemble New Orleans.

    So, the place, which resembles or could even be New Orleans, would represent the city that the second Infamous game is set in, New Marias.
    The car would symbolise the fact that it’s set in present-day as car is a very modern day thing that nearly everybody currently uses on a daily basis.
    The restaurant would symbolise the character Cole himself, with Barbecues and Grills sometimes using coal to cook the meet. Coal=Cole

    I know this seems looking to deep into things, but this is what Paul Gale told us to do, and it’s much more obscure than it simply being Crash, Spike or Nariko just because of the colour of the car.

  7. Ok this what I think so far:
    The first two are a Gran Turismo stage with day and night cycle and possibly a jungle mix with Uncharted or another game with jungles. The cars represent characters though the first car might be Nariko or Crash Bandicoot by their hair color, possibly Cole from infamous as it is a Dodge”Charger”. The second pic could represent Cloud facing Sephiroth or Ratchet & Clank. The third pic could be LittleBigPlanet as in Little, big gun or the The Last of Us the two guns resemble those that Ellie and Joel are carrying in the games cover. The fourth one is pretty much confirmed to be MGS related.

  8. Alright Paul. Here are my guesses

    Pic 1 + 2: I notice alot of shadows in pick one. And a lot of light. In pic two i see the yellow and silver. thats the color of Sora’s key blade. And you start a car with a key. BOOM.

    Pic 3: The RED carpet. The gun and the string = GUNSLINGER and the bullets left of the gun are pointing south west. = John Marston.

    Pic 4: Snake.

    Pic 1 and 2: Gran Turismo stage mixed with Star Hawk.

    Am i on point with ANY of this?

  9. Alright Paul. Here are my guesses

    Pic 1 + 2: I notice alot of shadows in pick one. And a lot of light. In pic two i see the yellow and silver. thats the color of Sora’s key blade. And you start a car with a key. BOOM.

    Pic 3: The RED carpet. The gun and the string = GUNSLINGER and the bullets left of the gun are pointing south west. = John Marston.

    Pic 4: Snake.

    Am i on point with ANY of this?

  10. I have no idea wut any of those clues could be. none of them pertain to jak in any way and he and ratchet are the only ones I am looking 4 rite now

  11. well after reading a few posts and seeing some ideas ive tried taking some ideas and put them in to the photos it seems like 1 and 2 are one and 3 and 4 another given that they are themed. the first set i feel like is one character with a hint of the next level which i havent figured out yet. but the second set i read someone talk about platinum games, where the handgun kinda looks like the logo, which developed beyonetta given the main charater uses guns and bayonet gives that hint but i couldnt think of y the string was there and from he second one with the La Li Lu Le Lo and seeing it looks like the shape of america makes me think patriots and metal gear and platinum games is actually developing metal gear rising, So did some research and people who are pawns (hint string in clue 3) of the patriots hear La Li Lu Le Lo instead of the patriots (clue 4) raiden is one of those pawns and given he is the main character in the new game he might be given the spot instead of snake sorry fan boys but really in my opion it be good to see him get the spot light alittle more. im still looking at the first two clues but for the the last two im sticking with raiden :).

  12. 1 and second picture:
    the trees are blocking two of the words in outdorr grill, the first one blockuing letters form: oi or io and the second one they form: (or) or ro

  13. I’ve figured out the 3rd and 4th puzzle! Its Connor from Assassins Creed 3! The big bullets next to the gun are the 13 original colonies and the small bullets are the 50 states!Plus the rifle w/bayonet are a common 18th century weapon!If you look at the shape of the 4th pic, its the shape of america!

  14. Picture 1 + 2: I’m thinking GTA, the whole GT thing makes sense but there aren’t really Icon “characters”. I’m Thinking a GTA character would be the most versatile fighter with the ability to have “Supers” since there are so many weapons and vehicle types in the game.

    Other than that if you take the hint from picture 4(where the magazine is upside down to tell you to turn the picture upside down you see the La Li Lu Le Lo), the weapons in picture 3 are pointed “UP RIGHT” or Northeast. They are also Parallel. I can’t seem to figure out a correlation to this. There are a few games that are really PS exclusives(or at least started out that way) and 3rd party games set in the northeast that have iconic characters. Parasite Eve(NYC), MGS2 (which matches the raiden theory), Max Payne, Crysis 2, Destroy All Humans; (more outlandish) CoD W2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Splinter Cell, and Syphon filter.

    I feel like the other long-shot is the third picture turned on the right side make a D around the pistol which could mean Dante and the carpet is red. The problem with red is that it covers games like Assassin’s creed and Red Dead Redemption.

  15. I don’t know if anyone else picked up on this but, if you look closely at the pistol in Hint #3 there are 13 bullets to the left and 50 bullets to the right of it. this can possibly point to the American flag because it’s has 13 stripes and 50 stars on it. it can’t be a coincidence but it may mean something else because I don’t really know how the american flag can relate to something in the game.

  16. Hey Paul, I have a question that sounds a little random but can you hear me out? Are all of the characters that you know that are going to be in the final roster for All-Stars are from games that are already out? :/

  17. Copy/pasted from forums for Dan to be revealed at Gamescom. Am I doing it?

    Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Germany is in Europe. Gamescom happens at Germany. Also, Gallowmere is said to be located in England.
    I also have some Ideas thanks to Paul Gale’s first hint from the most recent wave.
    A. The trees are blocking O and I. O and I sometimes refer to OFF and ON. Sir Dan has been both dead and alive, not only gameplay-wise, but also story-wise. In between the two of them is a green light. Green is not only the color of Zarok’s Necromantic Magic, but also the color of health, life wells, energy bottles, and life bottles in MediEvil. These all can restore health, and even return you to Life after Death, or from OFF to ON, (O to I)

    B. There are 12 letters in O U T D O O R G R I L L. 12 Letters in D A N F O R T E S Q U E

    C. The pic is at night. The game takes place during nighttime.

    D. Red (The color of the car) is sometimes considered an EVIL color. How does this apply? MediEVIL. Also, Dan’s poofy sleeves are red.

  18. Hi Paul,

    Today new characters and stages got leaked from the PSASBR Beta’s data files, namely :-

    New characters leaked:

    Raiden (Metal Gear Solid Revengeance)
    Dante (DmC – the new Dante)
    Ratchet and Clank
    Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
    Spike (Ape Escape)
    Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
    Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
    Evil Cole (InFamous 2)

    New stages leaked:

    Alden’s Tower (inFamous)
    Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal)
    Columbia (Bioshock Infinite)
    Franzea (LocoRoco)
    San Francisco (Resistance)
    Stowaways (Uncharted – Cargo Plane)
    Timestation (Ape Escape)
    Paris (Sly Cooper)
    Invasion (Killzone)

    I was following your blog for quite some time now and I remember you saying that:

    1.) there would be at least 3 female characters
    2.) there would be an RPG character

    With the info that got leaked today, we only have two females (Fat Princess and Nariko) and no RPG character whatsoever which clearly contradicts those above 2 statements of yours.

    Could you please tell us if today’s leak is real or not, as I believe more in what you tell us more than this leak since you were always spot on from Day 1?

    Also, should we expect MORE than 14+ stages and MORE than 20+ characters since with this new leak there’s a total of 14 stages and 20 characters, since almost all sites are saying 20+ characters?

    Hope to get a reply from you on this 🙂


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