Related article with Tom Welling actually in the Superman suit: Congratulations on an epic Series Finale, Smallville.

A couple of weeks ago in this article, I raised the question where you the fans stand on what should be done with the Superman suit in the season finale of Smallville on May 13th. I voiced my opinion on what I’d like to see as well as posed a few possibilities that I thought were fairly likely and now I learned of one scene in particular.

Superman in Smallville

Are you ready for it? Up next are some spoilers…

– “Tom Welling in one scene during the second part of the two hour finale is definitely wearing the Superman suit beneath his work shirt. He pulls his shirt apart and you can clearly see the S.”
– Furthermore, the Smallville team put some big bucks towards the finale (which will be revealed at a later date), which is one of the reasons for the smaller amount of special effects throughout Season 10.
– It will be Jonathan Kent inside Clark’s Fortress of Solitude that hands his son the Superman suit telling him that he’s ready.
– One other scene includes Chloe and a young boy (you’ll have to wait and see who it is) reading a comic book called Smallville, together.

The excitement is at an all-time high right now. Here’s to this Friday!

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