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Smallville is approaching its final episode, which will be a 2 hour grand finale on May 13th, and many of the series’ fans of 10 years have different views on how they want it to end. Should Tom Welling, as Clark Kent, don the most popular superherro suit in the world and become Superman for the last episode? Or should Smallville (which has most recently been left behind for a new life in Metropolis for Clark and Lois) really stick to its original promise of “no flights, no tights”?

Tom Welling with Superman suit in Smallville
Just put it on already!

Furthermore, if you’re a part of the camp where you’d like to see Superman in the series finale, how do you want it to go down? Would you like to see Clark simply have a one liner with Lois and a partial glimpse of him wearing the suit underneath his work clothes? For instance, trouble could be going on in the world and Lois will turn to Clark and before she says anything, he’ll say, “this looks like a job for Superman” and pull apart his button up, to reveal the big S underneath.

Tom Welling with silhouette cape on Smallville
Yet another tease from the producers.

Then there’s full body shot, but it being quick, with something like Superman flying down to the people of Metropolis for a little speech, telling them that he will be there for all around the world, while Lois and Martha are looking on in the crowd, until Supes flies off and floats in front of Lex Luthor’s window outside his office for a quick, “I’ll be watching you, Luthor” and then fly away, way above the earth.

Finally, the longest chance of seeing the suit is probably to have Clark Kent officially put on the Superman suit towards the middle of the 2 hour finale, to engage Darkseid in a big showdown in the middle of Metropolis, interacting with Green Arrow, other members of the Justice League, Lois, Lex, etc.

Superman Returns suit in Smallville
I’m in the camp that says, “wear it for an hour!”

I’m curious what’s the percentage of fans that want which of the four options I came up with. As always, I’m very happy to hear your thoughts, so please do share…and that includes any other idea you may have for the finale. You can discuss anything though, even what you expect out of Superman: Man of Steel, and I’ll still reply back with my thoughts. For now though, I hope you enjoy these new pictures from the episode entitled, Prophecy, which airs before the finale. Here’s to you, Smallville. Thanks for 10 great years.

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