The following data represents the most downloaded games from each respective system on BitTorrent up until December 26th, 2010. The numbers were put together, whom gather reports from several sources, including stat updates from all public BitTorrent trackers. Although it is unfortunate to see that games are being downloaded and played illegally, it is interesting to see what games are people most interested in playing.

Below you’ll see the data for PC, Wii, and Xbox 360. The month at the end of each line indicates when each title came out.

1) Call of Duty: Black Ops (4,270,000) (Nov. 2010)
2) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (3,960,000) (Mar. 2010)
3) Mafia 2 (3,550,000) (Aug. 2010)
4) Mass Effect 2 (3,240,000) (Jan. 2010)
5) Starcraft II (3,120,000) (Jul. 2010)

1) Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1,470,000) (May. 2010)
2) Wii Party (1,220,000) (Oct. 2010)
3) Donkey Kong Country Returns (920,000) (Nov. 2010)
4) Kirbys Epic Yarn (880,000) (Oct. 2010)
5) Red Steel 2 (850,000) (Mar. 2010)

Xbox 360
1) Dante’s Inferno (1,280,000) (Feb. 2010)
2) Alan Wake (1,140,000) (May. 2010)
3) Red Dead Redemption (1.060,000) (May. 2010)
4) Halo Reach (990,000) (Sept. 2010)
5) Call of Duty: Black Ops (930,000) (Nov. 2010)

I’m proud to say that I’ve played all of those games the legit way and own almost all of them in their proper, tangible forms.

7 thoughts on “Platform breakdown of the most pirated games of 2010.”
  1. wow..I can’t believe Dante’s Inferno was pirated like hell!

    Seriously the game sold about 1million+ copies on all system combined.

    It shows people are interested in Christian them.

    Companies do really lose a lot of money from piracy and I can’t believe they said Used Games is worst than PiracyO_o

  2. Great article man! really glad you came around and started a website where i can get great game news. Its all about what’s happening now and thats what paul gale delivers.

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