This Ice Climbers artwork comes at a nice time in my opinion, with the holidays being present and all. It depicts our heroes Popo (blue) and Nana (pink) in a different way then they’re normally drawn, but looks cool nonetheless. The piece was created by “feathers public” and if you would like to see more of what the artist has done, click here.

Ice Climbers artwork on Paul Gale Network

If Nintendo ever makes a new Ice Climbers game, I wonder if they will update how Popo and Nana look like or stick to their original designs.  It seems like if there was ever a console for Nintendo to bring back some of their classics, it’s the Wii.  In addition to the usual stars like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid, Wii has brought back Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Punch-Out!!  Then again, some of last generation’s stars are still missing, including Star Fox, Wave Race, and 1080 Snowboarding, so maybe Ice Climbers isn’t really a priority right now.  Who knows, perhaps the 3DS will be like the Wii in classic revivals (I’m talking to you Kid Icarus).

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