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Do you remember how awesome it was when SoulCalibur 2 came out and the GameCube version had Link as its exclusive character? He was in the game’s intro, one of the stages had classic Zelda music in it, and everything about him was done well. His extra costumes were fitting, his move set right down to special attacks were pretty accurate, and all of his weapons functioned and looked awesome.

It comes to my delight then, to learn that some at Nintendo were open to the idea of allowing Link to be in the new Mortal Kombat as a Wii exclusive bonus…if the console got the game. I don’t know if Warner Bros. ever had any intention of bringing MK over to Wii or not, but it seems like a missed opportunity to get one of the most iconic and popular video game characters of all time in your game. And don’t think that MK wouldn’t sell well on Wii, because thanks in large part to Link’s inclusion in SoulCalibur II, it was the GameCube version that by far sold the most copies.

I could only imagine how cool it would have been to play as a war torn adult Link, against the likes of Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Baraka. Especially after seeing the very well done video of Kratos coming into battle, it makes me wonder what could have been if we had Link. I imagine Link’s intro into the mix going like this, “A battle between Ganon and Link is taking place in a dark tower or forrest, and when Ganon gets the upper hand, he uses magic and sends Link through a portal to another dimension and in the middle of Shang Tsung about to “Finish” Sonya Blade.” You could picture it happening, right?

Even if the graphics of this Wii version wouldn’t be as detailed as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 ones, the novelty factor of Link being in it would be so high that I’m sure it’d sell. After all, it’s not like Mature games can’t sell well on Wii (though most have a difficult time), it’s just that they need to have something really special about them or be backed by a big name. Link is a big name and a universally well liked character. I’ll leave it up to you though…would you buy a Wii version of Mortal Kombat if it had Link in it?

Jason Mahaffa and Paul Gale at E3 2009
Maybe WB never knew this? If not, perhaps they should consider making a Wii port of Mortal Kombat or even an upgraded version for Wii’s successor and hit up Jason and the rest of Nintendo and get Link in there!

4 thoughts on “Link might have been in the new Mortal Kombat had it been on Wii.”
  1. Publishers are thick they havnt got a clue about games they just think the HD systems will sell the best games so ignorant its untrue its a shame publishers are thick if i were in charge wii would have GTA/SAINTS ROW/MERCENRIES ect they would sell more than 360 or ps3 i think plus mortal kombat is just OK its not that good Nintendo should turn Smash bros into a traditional fighter like Mortal Kombat ect show them how its done

  2. why!? when he doesn’t fit the world!

    I don’t get people why they just want iconic characters in a game that doesn’t suit them. This is why they start making iconic character dress ups in games like MK A and SC4:/

  3. I dunno… just… do you really think Nintendo would allow Link to get spine ripped or cut in half? Or worse, would they allow Link to do that to someone else?

  4. meh I like Zelda and all but I wouldn’t play a mortal kombat on the wii after the horrible one they already made, and I don’t think I would want to play a mortal kombat game just to be link. I would rather have a normal mortal kombat with a normal controller, instead of flailing my arms around

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