Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima: The mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series.

My contacts in Japan are revealing that live from the Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima just stated that he might work with Konami and make Metal Gear Solid 5. This isn’t a confirmation by him or Konami, but the fact that it was mentioned means that probably more likely than not, we’ll see an official, numbered game in the franchise somewhere down the road, and that it’s a good chance that Mr. Kojima will be on board the project. If…or rather “when” this eventually becomes official, I’ll have the story. In the meantime we have Metal Gear Solid 3DS to look forward to in early 2011 and Peace Walker (which was once considered to be “5”, but no…it seems like we will eventually get a real “Part 5”).

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    1. *Benjamin Lopez, I’m sure that he loves making and perfecting them, but I remember way back after Metal Gear Solid 2 was finished, him saying that he was done. Yeah…that didn’t happen.

  1. You know what I’ve learned? It’s that responses like Sigma’s usually signify that you couldn’t get the blu-ray disc to play in your 360. This usually results in knee-jerk rage towards Kojima and MGS4…

    1. *Enigma_2099, it’s true that opinions can vary greatly on games, but there are some titles that are so well developed, that if there’s anyone out there that outright “hates” it, they’re usually outliers whose opinions don’t hold a lot of weight. Still…everyone’s individual word always reflects a certain number of people too quiet to speak up…

  2. I hope he dose work on MGS 5 & they keep it exclusive to PS3 no need to dub it down with a inferior platform that can’t do actual hd gaming.Also i hope he dose either a remake of the first snatcher game or dose a sqeuel & adds the original game on disc in a collectors edition.Also who cares what some fool says it’s their lose not ours after all cheers people!

  3. Awwww god no. Comon, man move on and let some one else at take the reins to the spin offs. 4 had great parts in it, but it was filled with all these emotional train-wrecks, pity me whores and enough stupid and pointless monologues to make you want to shoot yourself (big bosses at the end was enough to pull your hair out over “Shut the f-up and die already!”.)
    It is mostly the movie sequences that hurt this game for me, an old school gamer that has been with Metal Gear since the NES and MSX (me play you long time). Every person I have played with agrees, the game play was great the story was …er something to forget about.

    I see a lot of people always jumping up in defense of MGS4. Here are a few things you ought to think long and hard about.

    Silly Final Fantasy story telling like Raiden dying..no he’s Alive! No…he died this time….Nope He’s Alive! Weee everything’s peachy! Sunny saves the world!
    Oh wait, we got to bring Mei Ling into the story too, how about as the ship captain of the Missouri? Dude….I mean comon.

    A wedding at the end of the game? That was pretty embarrassing to watch. It was like getting caught playing dolls or something, another piece the wrapped the game up in terrible pointless and drawn out dialogue.

    Look, Koijima went with more of a movie story telling method within his game, but the movie aspects where you concentrate on the character and what they are doing may not have been the best idea. When you start using soap opera lengths or time trying to roll in story elements, you spend all your time concentrating on the characters expressions, vocal expressions posture etc. The majority of expressions and reactions of these characters was like seeing them created by people that were daydreaming as to what they were really like. Gee…I guess this is what it would be like if I had a girlfriend… Seriously it is like a 15 year old or a very lonely basement dwelling 30 year old packaged chunks of the story together.

    Since I am able to skip all the movie and codec sequences, all is good.

    I’d Rather See Kojima do something new. Maybe come back to it later.

    1. *mastershredder, very good points in your defense. There certainly are a lot of gamers out there that eat up the current formula that Metal Gear Solid games are known for, and it’s probably more than 50% of its fans…and majority usually rules. We’ll see what happens though, but I would like to see Hideo Kojima work on something original as well.

  4. I wonder if the possibility of a Metal Gear 5 exists due to pressure from Konami or Kojima’s own love for the franchise. MGS4 was an excellent game by most standards, but its commercial success was most important to Konami. I just get worried that Konami’s focus on the bottom line might derail the already-faltering integrity that the series has been known for.

    On an unrelated note, I feel I have to say something about the painfully bad punctuation and syntax in this post. Paul Gale, please stop using commas every other word. Also, work on your phrasing and preposition placement.

    1. *nerdlez, thanks for the comment regarding your thoughts on whether or not Konami and Kojima ever feel pressured to do more, and about the second half of what you wrote…I’m always trying to improve myself so thanks as well.

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  7. I don’t know people, it just seems like the mass wants more of a MGS5 game than a new IP, as seeing as that new IPs have to build up a new fanbase and have the possiblity of tanking, whereasfans would want him to make another MGS game as his new IP crashes and burns miserably. I don’t know, I can just see the future from these types of things.

  8. Metal Gear solid series has always been amazing, the thing is right, I’m concerned with the story telling. To tell you th truth, my favourite mgs game of all time has to be ‘sons of liberty’ because it had that ‘conspiracy’ feel to it. The patriots, the ai’s the bigshell incident, everything was so awesome and mysterious, and the wayy they put in raiden. (Don’t know why people complained about raiden, sine without raiden we wouldn’t have got that legendary father figure that snake was shown to be in mgs2).

    I just think after mgs2, the series kinda went downhill abit, although the rest of the games were awesome.

    I just wish kojima did what Assasins creed series is doing…like the mysterious conspiray music, feel, a huge map full of civilians…and they way they portrayed the patriots, I wish the patriots were still lethal, in a way that there were numerous agents still worldwide that snake must hunt down in mgs4…

    that would have worked well.
    Also a young snake.

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