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Please note that before reading any more and getting your hopes up, this is stirctly a RUMOR. It’s such a big rumor in fact, that I was even thinking of not putting it up, but my contact that brought me the MGS5 story on September 18th received this from their own source. That’s the main reason why I was hesitant to put it up, because I don’t know who that person is. If a source is my own friend, I know the info can be trusted…which is why I’m stressing once more, this is just a BIG RUMOR.

Without further delay, I’ve been told that Hideo Kojima’s current “taboo” game in the works is based off a doctor in New York City that regularly performs circumcision to boys as part of his doctoral duties, but when his wife gives birth and he performs his own son’s circumcision and it goes wrong (killing his newborn baby), he becomes a mass murderer by using the list of all newborns in NYC that he’s performed operations on, and killing them at their family’s homes while they sleep.

You are a New York City detective that is on the case to stop this doctor who’s now mad and are taken through a complete psychological thriller/action-horror game of sorts, to stop the doc. It’s supposively a pretty twisted game and it has you failing on purpose multiple times in the beginning, to really get to you and strike you deep.

You’re constantly falling short (no pun intended) of catching the mad man, but begin to get better as your character advances, by solving puzzles as to which family will be struck next, when, etc. This apparantly is the “taboo” subject that Mr. Hideo Kojima spoke about his game having and this Saw-like title certainly sounds pretty bold and daring to say the least. It’s definitely something never done before in the video game industry that I can think of, so if true…wow I’m surprised (even moreso because of a script I wrote for South Park that deals with circumcision a few months ago).

Back to the Kojima Productions game, at sometime in the story, your own wife gives birth to a baby boy and certain events happen that further escalates the tension your character and you the player gets. Does it sound believable? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s real. Consider it a RUMOR, but know that I will be contacting Kojima Productions and Konami to see if I can get anything to confirm or deny such a title in development.

This 3rd party source that has no connection with me claims to have seen the script outline and believes it to be real…but we’ll see. If this doesn’t end up being Hideo’s next big title, then perhaps it was once considered as an idea by someone on the team, but even that can’t be confirmed at this time. What do you think of such a concept for Kojima Productions? First of all, do you think it’s real of fake? Secondly, is this “fresh enough” of a concept to be coming out of Japan? Share your thoughts and hopefully soon I’ll have some kind of confirmation/denial from an official representative.

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  1. Heavy Rain has kind of touched on it, you could draw a parallel with a detective who betrays those who place trust in him/her. It sounds film-like, twisted, controversial and so on but, if true, it may end up just being a taboo just for the sake of it rather than dealing with something. Saw wasn’t just a torture flick but it had a moral edge and a villain who we later find out wasn’t just a mentalist. I hope the taboo aspect does not overshadow the important aspects of a good story / characters / gameplay.

    Heavy Rain is not without its flaws but deserves credit. It’s all about the execution, even if you adopt a traditional story, it is difficult to make a good game if the story is integral to the plot. Making it good beyond game standards is even more difficult (irrespective of whether you have a a big budget and someone like Kojima behind it).

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